Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Journal: News of the Churches of God Issue 195 Is Now Online

The latest issue of The Journal: News of the Churches of God is now online.

This issue continues to reminisce about the "glory days" of the church/college when everything was superfantabulous and everyone lived and loved in harmony, though the wall was starting to fall down at this point.  It starts off with an article that talks about the 1997 Graduation of the Ambassador University in Big Sandy, Texas, the last graduation the college would ever see.

There is an article discussing Rod Meredith and his "influence" upon the Church of God.  Of all "evangelists" the church has ever had, Meredith has left a trail of destruction, tears, and death in his wake.  It is disconcerting to many to see this man held up on a lofty pedestal as what a "true Christian" looks like.

There is also an article discussing Meredith's "Last Straw's" that caused him to apostatize and leave the WCG and start his own church--two of them in fact.  Meredith is portrayed as being justified, as usual, in forming his own personality cults.

There are several other tributes to Meredith by other people, including a whitewash story by Larry Salyer concerning the start of Global Church of God and how he and Meredith justified their actions.

Then there is this from Geoffery Neilson, God's OFFICIAL South African Prophet:

Remembering Dr. Meredith
Here is a poem in memory of Roderick C. Meredith (21 June 1930–18 May 2017): 
As in the days of David, Israel’s King, 
Who was greatly aided by Mighty Men 
When attacked by arrows and slings 
Springing from enemies the devil sent. 
So in this age men mighty in God’s Word 
Worldwide have used that sharp Sword. 
Taught what they from God’s Apostle heard: 
The end-time descendant of David, sent by the Lord. 
Of those men mighty in Bible truth, 
Roderick C. Meredith was notable, 
Irrevocable in zeal from his youth. 
His length of service unapproachable. 
The Golden Gloves champ stayed in the ring 
Until his fight against God’s adversary was won. 
Surely that’s what the angels in heaven sing. 
May we likewise hold fast, over-come, 
Reach the promised immortal rung 
And live forever with God and His
Eternal Son. 
Geoffrey R. Neilson First full-time employee in the Radio Church of God office 18 April 1963 in Johannesburg, South Africa 
So there you have it!  The official proof that Mr. Golden Gloves fought the good fight and defeated the adversary.  Woo Hoo!

There is the usual nonsense from Alton Billingsley. This time it is the death of America. Apparently, the only cure America has is to read Mystery of the Ages.  I am sure Gerald Flurry will appreciate that.  This will give  him the opportunity to mail out his edited version to gullible people that proves he is an end time prophet (HWA said in the MOA that there were no prophets alive in these "last" days.)  Oops, How could HWA have been SOOOOOOOOO wrong????

There is an ad by Ray Daly on why COG members should not be tithing to support ministers and that the ministers and church leaders should be getting their hands dirty by working in a real job.  Can you imagine delicate Thiel getting his hands dirty?

Of course, today’s ministers would say that they are not of the Pharisee pattern. If they’re right, then from whence do they come up with their having the right to receive a tithe from their assemblies?

They do not get it from Paul. Yet he was the “leading minister” in the pathway established by Jesus Christ. Paul clearly tells those elders who today’s ministers claim were the ministers of the true church that they, like the Pharisees, “ought to work with your own hands.” 
In other words, unless independently wealthy, they were to get their hands dirty. In reality, they were told to not expect the assemblies to support them. 
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Byker Bob said...

Quite predictable that this issue of the Journal would be a fawning slobberfest for Uncle Roddie!

Personally, I was more deeply affected by the death of Gregg Allman. His concerts were much more soothing to the soul than RCM's Bible Classes!

Those illiterate ads! The level of hyperbole negates whatever point the "writers" think that they are making!


Anonymous said...

Hi all, this is Herb.
Satan has allowed me access to the internet on condition that I spread discord among the brethren. RCM has joined me in hell, and we are great buddies. We blow on each other to keep cool, and we beat out each others burning cloths. Did you folks work out that I insisted that the auditorium be finished in 1974, just prior to my made up 1975 second coming date. I figured that after the date was shown wrong, the enthusiastic building offerings would cease, making the funding uncertain. Wasn't I smart. And to the folks who sold their houses and gave the money to the church on account of 1975, you were suckers. Deserves you right for being so stupid and gullible. Ha ha ha ha, (that's my evil laugh). I aint in hell for no reason. Gotta go. Bye everyone.
PS keep writing articles telling everyone how great I was.

nck said...

Hi 4:50,

You must be a counterfeit spirit.
Those from "a world held captive" insisted on a 20 year lease on the auditorium.
The last installment was due in 1994.
The exact moment that Joseph Tkach sr pulled the plug.
Now there for your change of perspective.

Bye Now.

The true revelator of all things (other)worldly.


Anonymous said...

No, I am Herb the Apostle. Right now I'm in purgatory getting my truck-sized ego purged. (altho I claimed that had been done in the 1020's.) As for RCM, since a year in Hawaii didn't tame him, I have decided to invite him to be the 2nd Witness (as in everything, I'm the first!) In the meantime, these occasional flames in purgatory are sure getting hot!)

Anonymous said...

Well, Nick, there were a lot of fear and misunderstandings resulting from the illiteracy and ignorance in Armstrongism. I mean it's like the old story about the poor dyslexic kid that can't spell, who writes a note to his parents that he's gone boweling with the guys. When he gets home that night, he finds his parents crying because they think he's gone gay. Problem is, in Armstrongism, the educated ones weren't allowed to speak up and straighten out the misconceptions and superstitions.

Connie Schmidt said...

In defense of Thiel, (who I usually slam)), he does not take money from his cult as salary and does have a job for income, (albeit being selling herbs and "naturopathy") .

Anonymous said...

While he may not get a "salary" yiu can bet he pays for his video recordings, equipment, travel expensss, hotels, from the hard earned money of those he has hoodwinked into following his cult. Theil is not honest in how his money is used from his tithe payers. He had a history of lying when I knew him in LCG. I doubt if anything has changed.

Anonymous said...

I started writing some other comment but decided to just say good riddance. He was a mean, nasty , pathetic old geezer even when he was young. Hopefully, he'll meet his maker and get the pompous wind kicked out of his sails.

nck said...


That is a clever generic comment in the sense that it is a "size fits all" for some it can be copied and pasted some 700 times.


Connie Schmidt said...

Anon at 10:52 - I agree with you about the "miscellaneous" expense area. Just wanted to keep the BANNED record straight in regards to accurate reporting , to maintain legitimacy and accuracy. Thiel does not draw a direct salary.

Anonymous said...

I thought 11.49 AMs comment kind. There's every indication that he was a psychopath. And a unrepentant one at that, so bye bye eternal life.
His friends and family should brace themselves accordingly.
I don't mean to be a bastard, but that's the way it is.

DCJ said...

Somebody (Gary?) said The Journal would rather people pay for a subscription. I didn't say that and the link provided doesn't say that. I don't care if people pay for their subscriptions. I happily send free copies to anybody who requests them. I don't care if people read The Journal. I do not take religion, even my own (if I have a religion), as seriously as do the people on this forum. I do not worry about Rod Meredith's salvation. We all need our hobbies, and some people's hobby is religion or their anti-religion. I do appreciate Gary mentioning the current issue and the current link. Thanks, Gary. --Dixon Cartwright