Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Restored Church of God: Dale Schurter Back In The Fold Ready To Minister To Surging RCG Membership

From the Church of God News:

Dale Schurter was sidelined 18 months ago, but he has now been restored to the fold. David Pack began part 82 of his latest sermon series by announcing that: 
“Mr. Dale Schurter is actively serving in the ministry again; doing much better and that’s wonderful - at the young age of 80, about two weeks ago today ... So he’s serving as the Associate Pastor with Mr. McElroy in Dayton, Ohio.” 
Both Dale Schurter and Larry McElroy moved to RCG from the United Church of God.
COGNews continues with this bit from Dave on the almost ready to surge membership of the RCG.
Pack then talked once more about the surge of people who will be wanting to join RCG ... “it should be obvious if you think this through, that it becomes exponential. The people who are excited enough to get others to come and who come, are therefore, going to react, logically, the same way that the excited people who urged them did, and they’re going to go out and do the same thing. And then, that’s going to double and so forth.”
Using the concept of a penny doubling every day and becoming $11 billion after 40 days, he muses ... “here in Ezekiel 33 we’re talking about people. So if one tells two and then two tell four and four tell eight ... it would be on about Day 36 when you get to almost 700 million ... and then if you went four more days, you would go way beyond the total population of Earth. 
Dave is anticipating 2,000 members to soon join up with his group, but more importantly, he has his eyes on their money!
Now obviously, God has to bless that process...” Is that where his analogy fails?
Two weeks previously, in part 80, he exclaimed ... “we’re starting to take off again. You can imagine with our budget. And staggering numbers. I would anticipate within 2, 3, 4 months at the most, over 2,000 households are going to ask to come to church. An awful lot of them are going to stay 12 weeks, or they don’t come at all, the vast majority. Low, single digits will be the only ones that come, and then how many even stay?” 
“Staggering numbers” ask to come to church, but hardly any come, and fewer stay, even for a short time.
Of course, those newcomers are in for a rude shock.  Dave has set up strict incorporation guidelines for any potential members.  A loyal RCG minion MUST first visit with them in their homes.  Then, if approved, they will be forced to go through the same "eye washing" that Dale Schurter went through.
Before being allowed to come to church, each household must be visited by an RCG minister, and that seems to be enough to put most people off attending.

The Dale Schurter Propaganda/Resignation Letter

Dave Pack Drags Dale Schurter Out of the Reeducation Camp to Introduce the Most IMPORTANT Agricultural Program On Earth


Byker Bob said...

It is hilarious how Dave throws around the term "logical" as if that word could ever be twisted and stretched to fit anything which he says, thinks, or does.

Somewhere on his business card should be the phrase "Bubbles to burst....."


Connie Schmidt said...

"So if one tells two and then two tell four and four tell eight ... it would be on about Day 36 when you get to almost 700 million ... and then if you went four more days, you would go way beyond the total population of Earth. "


Anonymous said...

Dale is a old fart that's about to meet his maker, yet he goes and spiritually prostitutes himself just before his death. Dale is a fool and a jackass.

Anonymous said...

When I first met Dale he came across as an imbecile. Hopefully the congregation he pastors won't have to put up with his blathering for to much longer.

RSK said...

Just keep him away from the goldfish.

Hoss said...

Dale looked much younger in the RCG propaganda video that was hiding in a queue of Pack-critique vids on YouTube.

Byker Bob said...

He jumped the gun in the '60s and wrote an article counselling people to "lay by them in store" (hoard food for the trib). GTA and Herbie ripped him a new one. Did he ever really recover from that one?


Anonymous said...

@ BB August 1 7:57 am...
Funny! Makes me think of something I heard in a movie long ago: "You keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means."

Byker Bob said...

Yes, 7:57, and it often becomes quite Orwellian because Armstrongism has always had a pattern of redefining certain words to meet the needs of their agenda.

If anyone has experience in dealing with Dave Pack on a minister to minister level as Dale Schurter is now faced with, it would be Dennis, who hasn't been commenting much recently (vacation?). Dennis has quoted quite frequently from Dave's autobiography, and has shared the experiences of not only humself, but his family members, many of whom were involved with Armstrongism. In many glaring examples, Dave has acted in an overcompensating manner, consistent with "small man complex". And, this is in spite of the fact that he towers in stature above most people, and also was an accomplished athlete in his younger years.

Anyone who has read the hyperbole on his website and literature can see that he constantly projects something bigger than the actual reality, and always exercises absolute authority. If you read the Bible, this is even outrageous behavior when compared to the men through whom God actually chose to work. The humility and self-effacement that is often exemplified by secure leaders is an unknown quantity for Dave. This should be a gigantic red flag, but there is a small percentage of the population who would be unable to function without a puppeteer doing all of their thinking for them and calling all the shots. There's only one problem with that. It kills what's left of the human spirit and stunts all possible growth. "Qualifying"? (Another shibboleth) I think not!