Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dave Pack Discards Dale Schurter and Publicly Shames Him and His Wife

It was only a few of years ago that Dave Pack was crowing about how he "stole" Dale Schurter from the United Church of God.  You would have though Jesus had jumped ship into RCG. Jesus second coming could will never match this jump.

Dale bragged that's his eyes had been cleansed and he could see clearly that the truth was only found in what Dave taught.  Dave sent him though an intense reeducation system to eradicate the apostate teachings of the United Church of God.  Dale came out with glowing accolades that were boasted about in RCG magazines, web site stories and local newspapers.

A reader here reported:

Mr. Schurter and his wife "moved "away and the next week in services we had a sermon about how the both of them were having signs of dementia, like in his sermons he was teaching things he learned in United and he would go over time In his sermons and then Mr Pack said he put goldfish in his pond on the campus on "accident" and ruined some trees,the whole thing was just strange.

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Anonymous said...

This was as predictable as Thiel one day bolting from Rod's group to form his own church. What a train wreck.

Byker Bob said...

The message should be clear by now: If you are contemplating joining up with Dave Pack, see it coming! Most of us knew that this would be Dale Schurter's fate the moment the initial announcement was made. If RCG were an operating software, we'd have to describe it as not being a stable program.


Mish-Mash said...

Ok, so I need more info. Was he thrown out of RCG? Did he on his own volition stealthily "slip" away. Did Dave officially disfellowship them? One thing about Mr. and Mrs. Schurter, they are nice people and were kind to me and my family, but they are very religiously gullible. They seem to be vulnerable to the latest trends floating around the internet. Then they amalgamate them into the WCG mindset. That is why Dave had to re-brainwash them. They must have caught a new "wave" of religious fervor, and realized that Dave is going "no-where". Time to jump ship and grab on to the next wave. I wish they would head on back to Bethlehem PA ! There are a small group of us here who would like to have a chat. There are many great things going on in the Lehigh Valley with churches of all denominations including Messianic Jews who are feeding the poor, preaching the gospel of mercy and forgiveness. Maybe he can hop on our bandwagon and do something with the remaining years of his life that will alleviate the suffering of the poor. There is something to be said for what the Catholics call the "corporal" and "spiritual" works of mercy. If any of the former WCG ministers started preaching AND practicing these, I think Satan would be shoveling my walkway when the next blizzard hits. BTW - After a long hiatus, I'm BACK ! MM-of the Poconos

Anonymous said...

It is almost certain that Dale Schurter went through a very bad experience in David C. Pack's so-called Restored Church of God (RCG). Sadly, everyone who goes with David Pack is going to get burned very badly by him. Hopefully some of the people who went with the RCG will escape from it without being totally destroyed by it.

David Pack started off by calling his group the Restored Church and said that he planned to restore all of the things that HWA had taught at the time of his death in January 1986. After being attracted by the idea that they were holding fast to the old teachings of HWA in the WCG, RCG members are now getting hit by David Pack's MASSSIVE DOCTRINAL CHANGES that can leave them betrayed, confused, morally compromised, robbed, destitute, and totally burned out.

David Pack was a WCG minister who got fired by the Tkaches. Next, David Pack even got fired from the GCG while plotting to stab Roderick Meredith in the back. So, David Pack started his own Restored Cash Grab and then claimed to be an apostle, even though he had previously denied that he was going to call himself that.

At the time that David Pack had called himself an apostle, he had assured everyone that he was not planning to come up with all sorts of names and titles for himself like Gerald Flurry had done for himself. Nevertheless, David Pack went on to call himself Joshua the High Priest as part of his August 31, 2013 prophetic guess that failed in spite of his 56 reasons why it would happen then. Even re-scheduling it for the spring did not help.

To get more money on top of all the tithes and offerings, David Pack made all RCG members do fund-raising continually. When even that was not enough, David Pack “restored” the doctrine of “common,” which means that everyone has to send everything they have to him. David Pack said that if you really fear God like you ought to, “you will obediently send 'common'--or no salvation if you don't.” Since HWA had not taught this, David Pack reasoned that HWA could not have been the one who was prophesied to come in the spirit and power of Elijah to restore ALL things. David Pack then quickly came up with 130 “proofs” that he himself, rather than HWA, was Elijah the Prophet. David Pack's own book that had previously proved that HWA was Elijah got deleted. David Pack had for years criticized Roderick Meredith for not believing that HWA was Elijah, and had accused Roderick Meredith of secretly desiring to be the Elijah himself.

In his latest videos, David Pack abandoned his old teaching that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is That Prophet and replaced it with the idea that he himself is That Prophet. David Pack's own book that had proved that Jesus is That Prophet got deleted. David Pack had for years criticized Gerald Flurry for calling himself That Prophet.

Now, David Pack's latest videos have such things as a temple being built before the millennium and Jesus returning before the Great Tribulation.

The problem with all self-appointed leaders like David Pack is that you really do not know what all crazy ideas they will come up with in the future, even when they tell you what they supposedly believe at the start. For example, the original idea that HWA was the Elijah who was prophesied to restore ALL things was supposedly a great “wall of defence” against doctrinal changes according to one of David Pack's own books. Notice that it has not stopped raging Dave Packman (the devourer of everyone's house, not just the widow's house) from changing whatever he wanted to.

Watching from the safety of the outside as this satanic disaster unfolds could be fascinating and entertaining. Watching from the inside of the RCG as this satanic disaster unfolds could be disturbing and fatal.

Anonymous said...

Mish-Mash, good point about the Schurters being religously gullible. I remember back in the early 1980s when Dale got ahold of a tape of a sermon by a minister from up in the Northwest, Harold Smith. Smith had introduced the idea that the Marriage Supper would be in heaven, after which the saints who had been caught up in the air would return to earth with Jesus, etc. Well, that rattled some cages, to say the least. If I remember correctly, Schurter's profile was kept low for a while after that. Apparently Dale hadn't cleared it with anybody beforehand. Not sure if Smith was ever taken to the woodshed on it, but Schurter should have known better than to latch on to someone's pet theory and begin preaching it as doctrine. You're right, nice guy, but maybe not the most perceptive sometimes.

Mish-Mash said...

Hi Anon 9:14

Its interesting that you mention Harold Smith and the marriage supper in heaven. Actually, that theory comes from Fred Coulter. Now, I'm sure Harold got it from him. But, Dale probably could not say it was from Fred because Fred is anathema since he resigned from WCG when HWA was still alive. Fred exposed all the crap that was going on in 1979 and since the COG world at large still worships Herb, you can't use theories or literature from people who do. However, I know for sure that ministers in LCG use Fred's bible and literature. Also, Dale and Fred were friends in college, hence the sharing of doctrines.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is interesting. Dale is my uncle, and I was always impressed as a child with how he spoke and the stories he told. Of course I see it's all nonsense now, but I always respected him back then.

Greg Florence said...

Dale Schurter was preacher in Tipp City Ohio.I was in WWCG for 24 years. He was my favorite of all preachers.I loved your uncle.A real man of God. All people talking about nonsense. Fact is if you believe in God you will be saved. Dale Schurter I am sorry you never got to baptize me.The church was going thru a split and i went another way. You will always be my favorite. My dad even liked you alot.He passed away in Dec 2013. I look forward to seeing him in Gods Kingdom and you to Dale...God Bless Gregory Florence.

Anonymous said...

Dale Schurter was preacher in Tipp City Ohio.I was in WWCG for 24 years. He was my favorite of all preachers.I loved your uncle.A real man of God. All people talking about nonsense. Fact is if you believe in God you will be saved. Dale Schurter I am sorry you never got to baptize me.The church was going thru a split and i went another way. You will always be my favorite. My dad even liked you alot.He passed away in Dec 2013. I look forward to seeing him in Gods Kingdom and you to Dale...God Bless Gregory Florence.

Anonymous said...

You should have heard his final sermon before he stopped giving them. It was really odd, and made no logical sense. He went off on random tangents that had nothing to do with the subject and was very confusing to listen to. Calling this a result of dementia is entirely believable, and makes a lot of sense. There's no way someone with his full facilities would have structured a sermon so all over the place. Also the goldfish in the pond did actually happen. They had to do quite a bit of work to get them out.

I do want to state, that for people calling themselves Christians, this is one of the most hateful websites I think I may have ever witnessed. It's just a pile-on for attacking one man. That's not what Christ would do.

Although I doubt the blog author will approve this comment, I hope he does. Hearing both sides of a story is key to making the right decisions.

NO2HWA said...

Obviously, you have not been around here very long. 99% of the comments are approved here so that everyone has a voice, unlike Dave Packs sites or almost all other blogs and websites by various COG's or members.