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Aaron Dean on Family, GTA, Rader and HWA & Romona

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Hello All,

A bit of history...My mom came into contact with the church in 1953, the year after I was born and with my Dad's death a couple years later was told to move to Big Sandy to be with "the widows".  So I knew all the Hammers and Armstrongs and others as "Uncles and Aunts" though not blood relatives. In 1960 my mom moved to Pasadena where I finished Imperial with all the evangelists kids (Huntings, Portunes, etc) in or around my age, often spending the night in their homes.

I started AC in BIg Sandy then unusual events made me transfer to Pasadena after 1 1/2 years where I graduated. I was asked by HWA to fly on the G-2 on graduation day and we flew to Bricket wood 2 weeks ahead of their graduation. (I had been there the year before when going to the "dig" and knew many of those there. Paul Hunting had been in my class in Pasadena before they moved to England.  So I already knew the 'players' on all the campuses which was of a great help with my job. 

I became HWA's aide and VP for the last 5 years and member of the Council of Elders (ACE at the time) but kept a low profile seeing others rise and fall with positon often going to one's head.  So I worked with HWA for the last 12 years of his life, and HWA made me promise to be Mr. Tkach's aid after I talked him out of making me Pastor General right before he named JWT. He made a number of promises to HWA, all of which he broke over the next few years.
It was awkward for him and me both as HWA made me promise to "tell JWT when he is wrong". I said 'you are asking me to tell my future boss when he makes a mistake?"  He responded, "You did me".  I had been very honest with him as I saw what the many lies or misinformation had done to him and the church.  I kept this promise till JWT's death...again awkward for us both. I told him I wouldn't lie for him and finally in frustration he said "why don't you just say you didn't spend that much time with HWA".  I had to laugh.

Anyway, I do read a lot of the forum messages when I have time since I am on all 3 forums (Pasadena, BS, BW).  I believe people are very sincere in what they believe, and perception is indeed reality for them and often reinforced by others with the same perception.  As Dean said, I was 'in the room' for many years and set up some of the meetings with heads of state and ran some of the very budgets discussed in some comments. So many things said are simply factually wrong.  It comes from a void of info and sincere speculation and often beause some wanted people to believe certain things while others just create something that seems a logical ending to fill the void and create a reason. 

Interesting in this context is the book "Against the Gates of Hell" mentioned on this forum.   SRR didn't even write it.  It was ghost written for him since at the time he had been made an Evangelist (a mistake HWA realized later) and was deliberately trying to soften his image for future agrandizement.  I was interviewed by the author since I was at the center of the Recievership and no way SRR could say what happened there.  The appendix are very true as court transcripts, but much of the rest is a play to make certain people look good or bad.  Some used for political purposes later.  

Other examples are things I read are about HWA changing D&R so he could marry Ramona.  My first trip in May June '74 took me all over Europe and the Middle East. It was supposed to be 3 weeks, but 6 weeks later I had to fly back from Paris to get married to Michelle.  Anyway, Ramona had become Gotoh's secretary doing set up for him. She had to bring him something and we were in Madrid. She couldn't get a flight to Paris (our next stop) so Gotoh asked SRR if she could fly with us.  HWA saw her on the plane, and asked "Who is the lady flying with us."  I gave him her name, and he said, "Didn't she used to be the PBX operator at the switchboard in the 1960's whose husband had left her with a baby?"  At that point he went back to talk to her and became attracted, mostly because he had been kept away from almost anyone since his wife died and he was travelling all the time. (The G-2 logs show we were out of the country 312 days in 1975 - with other years being close) 

Anyway..since the D & R decision was done in April '74 during my senior year, and HWA's contact with Ramona began in June of '74 the decision was not made for him to marry her or anyone else.  He hadn't even considered it till a year of so later after getting to know Ramona.  (He also realized later that this was a mistake - but he was very lonely since Loma's death.)

There are so many things as to events, money and motive that are simply perceptions.  SRR got rich on the church while HWA left everything to the church.  I liked GTA (and even flew with him for a year when HWA had the heart attack) but he manipulated things as well.  He and SRR tried to sell HWA's G-2 when he had the heart attack although both denied it. Even so GTA told me that my job wouldn't stop, even though my wife worked in FInancial Affairs and saw my termination papers signed by GTA.  GTA and SRR hated each other, but they did agree on keeping HWA away from HQ - each for their own selfish reason - GTA beause of moral problems on campus and SRR because of Financial things he didn want HWA to find out.

Anyway, I bear no ill for what people believe, but often the wrong people get blame or credit as the case may be, and the motives attributed are very often wrong.  But again, that would only be known by someone "in the room".  I have always been willing to answer question honestly as truth is always the best answer. Sorry this is a bit long.


Anonymous said...


You said you always told HWA the truth. Did you tell him his world tour of meeting with world leaders and having big dinners in HWA's honor, was not preaching the Gospel. Telling an audience that a "strong hand from some place" is coming, isn't close to how Paul or the other Apostles defined their message. To teach the Jews or Gentiles about the roll of Jesus in the Salvation process was not just uncomfortable, but also dangerous. If HWA told these leaders about Christ, he probably would not have had more than one big dinner in his honor.

Didn't you know that Rader was using Ramona to con HWA? If you told HWA these things you probably would have been fired, but at least you would have been doing the right thing.

Jack said...

More in the continuing series of "Fairytales from the Church of Whoever"
If HWA "later" realized that making Tkach an evangelist was a mistake, then how come he made him pastor general? Was he senile? Was he just plain stupid? Or is this a lie?
I vote for the latter.
The statements made are ridiculous.
Even Dave the Rave Pack wants us to believe he was the HWA right-hand man.
It is all swill and garbage from the entire bunch of egotistical weirdos that make up the ministry of the various churches of something or other (because it sure isn't God).

Dennis Diehl said...

I'll go with your experience and observations Aaron. Thanks for sharing them. The emotions of loss, personality and change run deep and often skewed.

Anonymous said...

Dean watched WCG grow and shrink.

He has watched UCG grow and shrink.

ACOGs seem to have very limited shelf-lives. Now, Gerald Weston is trying to get his LCG members comfortable with the idea of a smaller LCG, despite Rod Meredith's continual exhortations about growing bigger and bigger.

Is Bigger Always Better?

Clearly, if you are an LCG drone, bigger is better when your church is bigger, but smaller is better when your church is smaller. Will LCG members fall for Weston's double-talk, or will they realize that they are being conditioned to having a smaller church.

Would Weston write something this alarming if he were only concerned with ordinary member attrition? When I read his article, it seems like what a leader would say if his church were about to have a split.

RSK said...

"If HWA "later" realized that making Tkach an evangelist was a mistake, then how come he made him pastor general? Was he senile? Was he just plain stupid? Or is this a lie?"

The typical explanation from Dean, if I recall correctly, was that HWA felt that a "lesser" man like Tkach would be more prone to rely on the Advisory Council when making major decisions than the more visible evangelists of WCG.

Anonymous said...

Funny the inspired apostle made so many mistakes that God allowed. He couldn't even ordain or marry the right people. But God would never let him make a mistake that would destroy the church, right? So, where is that church now? Gone!

Anonymous said...

He realized it was a mistake to marry Ramona ... when she found out about the incest. But I guess he didn't realize that the incest was the real mistake.

If Dean is honest, will he admit Herbert committed incest and covered it up?

If Dean is honest, will he admit Herbert plagiarized and lied to cover it up?

It all sounds like a self-serving fake narrative to me.

Anonymous said...

Herb using his 'strong hand from some place' was diplomatic and respectful on his part. After all, Christ didn't force Himself on people. Rather he taught in the synagogues or people came to Him.
Herbs audiences weren't dummies, they knew what he meant.
He did the right thing.

What About The Truth said...

Hey Jack 11:28 a.m.

You misread Aaron Dean's statement about HWA regretting ordaining a specific man an evangelist. The man HWA regretted ordaining an evangelist was Stanely R Rader not Joseph W Tkach.

Dave Pack played up big his relationship with HWA as often as he could and to as many as he thought he could reach. Even included in his bio is the statement "personally trained by HWA". In a sermon back a number of years ago he stated that in a conversation with HWA, HWA demanded of Dave Pack that he wouldn't bend concerning the truth of the church. Dave Pack's answer was no he wouldn't bend. I bet he wishes he could take back those words - for the trail of changes that he has solidified as now doctrine of his church goes for quite a long distance.

Connie Schmidt said...

Its too bad that Aaron never got to be the Head of Ambassador College.

It would have been great to have a ...


Anonymous said...

Anon 1:05 PM, one reason LCG will be smaller is that Mr. Gerald E. Weston will drive people away. Anyone who hoped Weston might learn to stop majoring in the minors needs to read his latest article:

A Teaching Moment

Some highlights from the above:

Yes, we can go too far with what some call yardstick religion, but we must not be so vague about such things as modesty that the word is defined in a thousand different ways by as many people.
TRANSLATION: There may be a thousand different ways, but you'll get nowhere in my church unless you do things my way.

Carol and I personally prefer not to slow dance with others.
TRANSLATION: My cultural bias is your law.

There are cultures where children kiss their mothers and fathers each morning and before they go to bed at night, even into adulthood. We might see benefit in this custom, but it is not something that should be imposed in every family.
TRANSLATION: I grew up in a family of cold fish.

The custom of hugging was not in vogue in England or the United States where I spent my formative years.
TRANSLATION: In my dirty mind, hugging is basically pre-sex. Never mind what so many physicians and psychologists tell us about the benefit of innocent, affectionate touch.

LCG members, this is your religion now! Will you put up with it?

Anonymous said...

So HWA didn't change the divorce rules so he could marry Ramona, he married Ramona a year later?? Really. What about all the people who's lives and families were wrecked by his previous 'erroneous' divorce and remarriage rules? They had to wait much longer than a year.....some for 30 years, and I imagine they got lonely too. So Herbert gets lonely and then marries a divorcee younger than his children and is lonely no more. I bet his wished he was lonely again before that one ended.

He should at least have had the decently to honor all those who had suffered in his church because of divorce and remarriage, by not remarrying a divorcee. Perhaps all those who were the enforcers of the no-doctor rules should have had the decency to not seek medical attention themselves either, but no of course not. And we do find out that many of them had been receiving medical help for years.

Byker Bob said...



Anonymous said...

Wow, Anon 1:05 PM, just Wow!

I looked at that January 2018 Living Church News. What a depressing magazine.

An article about "Don't Worry That the Church Is Shrinking"
An article about "Don't Keep Birthdays!"
An article about "Don't Vote!"
An article about "Don't hug or kiss or dance."
And an article about 2017 Feast of Tabernacles observance.

Not a single article about spiritual growth, or about "doing the Work" or about studying the Bible. Just damage control, a travelogue, and a bunch of "Dont's" for LCG members.

Gordon Feil said...

RSK, Aaron was writing above Stanley R. when saying that Herbert Armstrong realize he made a mistake in ordaining him and evangelist. The statement has nothing to do with Tkach.

It seems typical of posters on this blog to filter everything through the worst possible light. Frankly, there's a lot of hatred displayed by responders to this blog. I find that we hate what we fear. What is it that frightens some people here so much?

Anonymous said...

If Mr Integrity Dean knew about all the crooked characters, what was he doing to expose it? Not much I guess. Sounds like he sat back and watched while the crooked people destroyed the church. Not much loyalty in that. Not much character there. And now he wants people to think HWA regarded him as Pastor General material.

Byker Bob said...

Past spiritual rape, Gordon. Nobody wants it to happen again. The fear factor hopefully motivates caution and preventative measures. “They” controlled us with fear, so we use it as a blessing and an asset, turning it back on them. Some of us grew up believing the Germans would torture our “unconverted” loved ones (that we had to separate ourselves from) to death. Hard to just get over that. That, and of course the child-beating principles. Any hatred you think you may see here was caused by Herbie and perpetuated by his lackeys.


nck said...

It is hysterical to see the local crowd hear react in panic and fear and more lies when confronted with people with knowledge of real history of the US, what transpired in the Church and people with real contact with the top dogs.

They are all believers in conspiracy theory here, while not understanding that they were trapped by their own psychology AND of course some were SAVED by their own psychology by demanding more than explanations fed to the dogs.

Aaron is not feeding the dogs in this case. He is just trying to fill in some gaps from memory. Hence my amusement about the hysterical display of panic in the postings underneath since it doesn't fit their view and narrative born out of (well I give you that perhaps hate because of bad experiences) but this hatred has clouded the judgment of many. As most emotions do.


RSK said...

I'm responding to Jack's comment mentioning Tkach. Assumed the mention of one set off Jack questioning another. Beyound that, I have little opinion.

Gordon Feil said...

was writing about* Stanley

Byker Bob said...

The materials from Aaron Dean further elucidate the falibility of “God’s Apostle”, and should be of special import to those believing they received the Holy Spirit through Armstrongism. They didn’t. That was just an exercise in delusion involving programming + will power + confirmation bias in prayer, which is why so many were so easily able to leave, and why we are witnessing the farce unfolding in all the splinters today.

For the rest of us, Aaron has simply confirmed what we’ve known for years, some of us from 1972-75.


Near_Earth_Object said...

What Dean has provided is a valuable record from someone on the inside. His account does invite many questions. He dangles provocative statements that need further elaboration or cross-examination. Someone, as a part of developing the history for the WCG, should send Dean a list of questions. Some initial observations:

1. He has nothing negative to say about HWA. Can the testimony of someone who finds HWA to be a hero be trusted as to historical accuracy? Doesn't this make this brief written statement a political rather than historical piece in its present form?

2. It is revealing, especially for the Armstrongist faithful I would expect, that there is no evidence of "seeking the will of God" about any of this. Just men following self-interested strategies. It could be an exposition of any secular organization.

When I was an employee at AC BS, briefly as a 1-W, Dean assisted me with some of my work. And he stood out from other students that I worked with, as did David Havir. Dean immediately grasped the features of the process we were using and became useful. He applied himself with energy. Generally, other students had to be told what to do and then repeatedly motivated. The last time I saw Dean was in front of a small grocery store in Big Sandy and he said he was headed for Pasadena.
He was probably about 19 years old.

Anonymous said...

6.47 PM
This blog filters everything through the worst possible light??
Really? Look at the log in your and the ministers eyes.
I remind you that the ministers behave like banana republic dictators persecuting, stumping on, and putting out of the church those who stood up to them. Those who complain of minister abuse are often intimidated into silence and denial.

Ministers give themselves the peak of robbing members of their lives, yet all you complain about is the victims being negative.

Anonymous said...

"What is it that frightens some people here so much?"

HWA, despite all of his many faults, preached the truth from the bible. Yes he got a few things wrong, as we all do (no one has perfect understanding in all matters), but he got the big picture right, and that scares the pants of of some folks. They think that by pointing out his faults they can discredit the message. They are in for a rude awakening. Hopefully they'll accept it then.

Anonymous said...

Remember, everyone has some kind of agenda, and everyone's memory of the past seems to get off. That would include Aaron. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but I've never met a human that doesn't have an angle.

Anonymous said...

February 6, 2018 at 7:23 AM,

You are repeating a message that I've read so many times before, here.

I appreciate Gary letting in these kook-messages, so we're reminded what utter pro-armstrong brainwashed numbskulls there are, as we move ever forward and beyond armstrong's cult.

Anonymous said...

A personal comment:
I spent 42 years associated with WWCOG and I can relate to what things “in the Room” would be like. I was active in the three local congregations I attended when they came near enough drive to in less than a day of traveling. I will not detail activities I did for or with the pastors I worked with, but will say that most of the pastors were dedicated to the people in the congregations and we drew members who strived to live in harmonious unity. It wasn’t until the last congregation was pressured to make changes to evangelical church beliefs that we began having unity problems. I worked with the rotation of pastors for a couple years, but recognized that the loss of members was due to the resistance in going to Sunday instead of Saturday for the day of worship. The Sabbath keepers were pressured to the point that they were leaving. Some were going to UCG, but many were just left to drift. I decided to withdraw my membership and worked with those who were no longer with any congregation. That was 18 years ago and in those 18 years I have never ceased to have people that I can help if and when there is a need. Worshipping and connecting with God is a daily experience and honoring God on special days still has meaning.
One of the biggest disappointments has been the focus on what is perceived as corrupt and evil people without considering the people who have the spiritual support they once had in the WWCG.
AB (a nobody that cares for those the critics seem to hate)

nck said...

"If Mr Integrity Dean knew about all the crooked characters, what was he doing to expose it? Not much I guess. Sounds like he sat back and watched while the crooked people destroyed the church. Not much loyalty in that. Not much character there. And now he wants people to think HWA regarded him as Pastor General material. "

Another loser comment from a person who has no feeling with "the chain of command" in probably any organisation. Let me ask. Did you ever work in the military or a fortune 500. Think again about a not even 30's person you are asking to sneak upon the "generals".

As I said. Hilarious the comments people come up with to keep their worldview in order.
Probably there is some gain in playing the part of victim I guess.


Anonymous said...

someone commented that HWA taught the truth but got somethings wrong. Sure, he was wrong on many issues, but you'd be damned if you questioned anything he taught. His errors would have been tolerated if he wasn't do damn arrogant and intolerant of other ideas. And let's not forget the hypocrisy and arrogance that was so much a part of the leadership. And, one more thing. For all of their supposed Bible knowledge and obedience, they seemed to have overlooked I Tim 3. The number one qualification for a top leader was NOT Christian character, but LOYALTY. Not to the "Church" but to HWA. This reminds me of the oath of loyalty that German soldiers took. Not loyalty to a constitution or an organization, but to Adolph Hitler.

nck said...


Hi, I see by your comment thatvyou have personally consulted hwa on doctrine. Interesting! Did it differ from your other dealings in support of fortune 500 ceo"s or were they more inclined to listen and accept your input.

Or do you just make things up without real experience in dealings with corporate raiders?


Anonymous said...

7.23 PM
HWA did not get the big picture right and a few things wrong as you claim. If that was truly the case, the church would not have fallen apart on his death. He built the church house on sand, and it collapsed. I know that many people share you belief, but that's because they have bought into his pharisaic definitions.

The 'big picture' that he should have taught is for members to build the mind of God so that they can live self responsible, independent lives. HWA taught the opposite with his 'government is everything' which stripped members of all their rights and God given responsibilities.

That certain prophesies which he taught will eventuate, does not validate his deliberate lies of omission and commission.

Ekklesia said...

I remember thinking one time in my life. "Wow. Why do all these ex-cog people have such anger?" "Why don't they just leave and be done with it?" I noted that some even seemed to be unfairly favored in their experience.

But, there were gross wrongs done. There were self-serving rules that helped the hierarchy. There was arrogance. There was marginalization. There were those in WCG that wanted truth and understanding, but they also needed something more. They got camaraderie as long as they were "all in", but they didn't get the love of Christ living in them.

When you start seeing that WCG fed on its people with the false tithing teaching, that the hierarchy was an us/them relationship, that disagreement was forbidden and was a sign that you had lost or were losing the Holy Spirit, that families and friendships were broken and some never developed or extended, lost opportunities, delayed spiritual growth and spiritual maturity, etc --- for these things the anger is understandable.

Being deceived and recognizing the extent of ill-treatment does hurt and causes anger. Strong emotions are needed to make a break from an organization that claimed they were the only vehicle to being the elect and leaving that vehicle likely meant condemnation. To separate from such an organization isn't easy if you had bought in. It is necessary sometimes to point out every wart and sin of the organization to make one feel more secure in their decision to leave such an organization that had taught you that to do so meant condemnation. These organizations truly get into one's psyche and soul and just walking away is beyond what many can do. For many, the organization simply needs to be destroyed in their estimation. There will be anger and rightfully so.

Anonymous said...

Nck the dck once again reveals his cluelessness. An opinion for everything while revealing often his pompous ass approach to all things in the nck universe.

Anonymous said...

"HWA did not get the big picture right and a few things wrong as you claim. " I agree. He used to speak of the trunk of the tree, etc. He couldn't see the trunk because he focused on the twigs. The trunk of the tree was made clear when Jesus was asked, "what is the greatest commandment?" (There are 613 commandments in the OT). Jesus said, "love", which in Hebrew was understood as a verb, not a noun; action towards others, not a feeling of affection. Do the most loving thing is the trunk of the tree, the big picture. I can't imagine RCM preaching on doing the most loving thing (even if it meant lying). Their false teachings are even more reprehensible when you consider their arrogance and hypocrisy.

Near_Earth_Object said...

Herbert did not preach the truth of the Bible with only a need for a little fine-tuning. He missed the broad sweep of Christianity:

1. Grace, as C.S. Lewis stated, is what distinguishes Christianity from other religions in the world. HWA had a much diminished doctrine of grace and typically characterized grace as a villain. He instead focused on the works of the law. Look in the Mystery of the Ages and you will not find much of anything about grace.

2. While Herbert acknowledged the sacrifice of Christ, his soteriology focused on the works of the Christian as the means to salvation. This a Millerite concept (Ellen G. White taught that perfection in character had to be achieved before the Return of Christ - recall HWA constantly harping on character - and she was not talking about the imputed perfection of Christ) and forms the bases of Jesus Plus Cults.

If you do not understand that works are not a cause of salvation but a product of salvation, you just might be an Armstrongist.

3. HWA, for all of his talk about "human potential" and his misconceived doctrine of theosis, disparaged the salvation of the average WCG lay member. The laymember's only value was to be a support to HWA in his ill-conceived pursuit of The Great Commission. And they were so unimportant that if they did not support him, God would raise up the stones to take over their role - this from a misconstruing of NT scripture. He openly stated that he thought only the ministry would receive salvation. Like Big Brother Donald, he could abuse his base with impunity. It was actually Joe, Sr. who published and editorial in the Worldwide News after HWA's death that valued positively the salvation of lay members.

4. As a follow-on to point 3 above, he believed that the Gospel was not about forgiveness of sins for salvation and the proper theosis of mankind but a predictive prophecy about the end time events leading up to the return of Christ.

Although this is just a partial picture, if someone does not understand the role of grace, does not understand the value of human life, does not understand the means of salvation and does not understand the Gospel, how can be categorize such a person as being within the pale of Christianity at all.

How big a tweak would it take?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with 3:42 about nck. Such a know it all it makes you wonder if he isn't or wasn't a COG minister since it always seems he has all the answers to everything and is never wrong in any of his comments, or so he thinks. He just continues to remove all doubt of knowing what he's talking about every time he gives another of his incoherent, rambling posts.

Anonymous said...

To Nck
My Comment:
I see you have misinterpreted my relating to “in the room” comment. No, I have never personally consulted hwa. My point was that meetings like that rarely have value. My purpose for posting that comment was to point out that the critical comments posted here are focused on perceived flaws in people without considering the spiritual value people received when they are gathered together in a harmonious unity. This is true whether they are right or wrong regarding theological issues. I have chosen to have a genuine concern rather critical comments regarding people and to avoid getting involved in theological issues. It is not my responsibility to reveal all the flaws in churches or the people in them.

I will admit that I am no longer able to be as actively involved as I was when I ceased attending church organizations. AB

Anonymous said...

"Another loser comment from a person who has no feeling with 'the chain of command' in probably any organisation. Let me ask. Did you ever work in the military or a fortune 500. Think again about a not even 30's person you are asking to sneak upon the 'generals'.

Who is the loser? How would you know what other people went through or where they worked? You sound like you're just another gutless sell-out. Were you also too gutless to stand up for truth? Lots of us did and we got thrown out. We did the right thing. Dean was a coward. Some of us felt the chain of command all right---and got the boot of that chain of command. You are justifying faithless cowardice. Why would you do that unless you were a coward too.

Anonymous said...

Probably there is some gain in playing the part of victim I guess.

How did you arrive at that conclusion? I don't think you are even trying to be coherent let alone rational. I guess an off-the-wall response seems better than none. You're not Aaron Dean are you?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps nck specializes in off the wall comments in the hope that people will think he's just so smart that mere mortals can't understand him. It worked for Einstein. But then, Albert had the media behind him and the editor of the journal helping to hide his blatant plagiarism. What has nck got?

nck said...


Because in your posting you asked things from a young assistant that are even hard to demand from people in the chain of command

Because the comments on this blog are very different from other blogs where people gather and comment after not being part of organized cog religion. Significantly less inclined to look at any positive note. Could be age, could be larger percentage with significant damage, could be not taking responsibility too.

I hear that a lot. And again, I do regard your comment off the wall, since like most they do not contain an answerable question. What is your question?


Byker Bob said...

I wonder, if Aaron Dean ever thought of himself as being Gunga Dinh.


the Ocelot said...

David Robinson referred to SRR in his book as the Sinister Stanley Rader. Perhaps he should have put the emphasis in the proper place and called him SINister Stanley Rader

kingncjerry said...


Anonymous said...

There goes NCK playing the victim like a loser.

Anonymous said...

As Jesus said, the shepherds who cared nothing for the sheep would not stand up for the sheep and ran away when the wolf came. They did not have the guts to keep their baptismal covenant let alone to function in the ministry. Dean is a weenie.

nck said...


Projection my friend. Of the many accusation directed to me, right or wrong, yours is the first of calling me a loser. Ponder that. Are you a girl? Then I will be more acceptable of what you have to say, really. If a boy, I would say, get some real life experience outside your cultural bubble before turning 30 and enter the crisis for millenials.


Anonymous said...

Rader's book was a "play" i.e. semi-fake or at least distorted.

Dean's writings sound self-serving too; designed to make him look good, and who can verify the details?

GTA said (as I recall) that at lot of the autobiography of HWA was made up. I.e. fake narratives to make Herbert look good.

But if you believe there are a lot of fake narratives, then you are supposedly a conspiracy nut.

Anonymous said...

nck: be nice or your mother will take away your computer

Anonymous said...

"Projection my friend."

So that's what your problem is.

nck said...

Yep you are a girl, judging by your irrational attempts "to get even", when wronged. 20 year old boy would do too.
Just observations not condemnations.