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Wade Cox and the Islamic Unitarian Sabbatarian Church of God

of the
Islamic Unitarian Sabbatarian Church of God

The convoluted world of Wade Cox continues it downward spiral deeper into the cesspool of official Church of God stupidity!

Did you know that when Satan destroyed the church centuries ago, that God sent the church into exile in Mecca where it was persecuted by Jews and Baal worshippers?  Those pesky Jews destroyed the true understanding between the church, scriptures and the Koran!  Apparently, Mohammad had a Council of the Church of God there that which was Unitarian in structure as he was inspired to dictate the Koran as.

The reality is that God sent His prophets and then the Messiah and the elders and prophets of the church. Satan destroyed the church using Baal worshippers and then when the church was sent to the Arabs, Satan, using the Jews and idolaters, destroyed their understanding and used the same Baal worshippers to destroy the relationship between the church and the Scriptures and the Koran and their understanding was destroyed also.  See also the Introduction to the Commentary on the Koran (Q1) and also the various commentaries.  Most do not understand that the Muhammad was a Council of the Church of God and was a Biblical Unitarian structure as is the Koran. The church at Mecca was persecuted by the Baal worshippers at Mecca and had to flee to the sister churches in Abyssinia in 613 CE in the First Hijrah or flight of the persecution.  They were given their earliest doctrines to seek asylum among the Sabbatarian Unitarian Churches in Abyssinia (see the paperCommentary on the Koran: Surah 19 Maryam (Q019)).
Because the Church of God has failed to follow the mindless rantings of Cox, they have all be found unfit to be in the kingdom of God.  As usual, the only true followers of the end time god are those whoa re part of Cox's cult. Armstrongites have been declared dead and have been spewed out by Cox's god.
God is not losing the battle.  He chose those whom He knew would be able to survive and not be lost to erroneous doctrines and the lusts of the flesh. These were all predestined from the foundation of the world (see the paper Predestination (No. 296)).  Most of the world in these Last Days are simply not fit for the Kingdom of God, even those who are in the two sectors of the Churches of God in the Last Days are declared dead and spewed out of the mouth of God.
In order to be saved and make it into the Kingdom of God one must be a follower of Wade Cox, repent and be baptized by Wade Cox or one of his "authorized sabbath keeping ministers" into his cult.  The only true church today is a Unitarian Sabbatarian Church of God which keeps both the Old Testament and believes the Koran. Oh, and those Unitarian Sabbatarian Mohammedans had better make sure they don't follow the Hillel calendar of the Jews.  It was the followers of Hillel calendar that made it impossible for Islam (the Church of God of the Middle East) to be saved.
The requirements to be part of the Kingdom of God in the First Resurrection are to repent, and to be saved one must be baptised as a repentant adult by an authorised Sabbath-keeping minister of the Sabbatarian faith.  The church must be a Unitarian Sabbatarian Church of God that keeps God’s Calendar (No. 156) without postponements according to the Temple System.   
The Hillel Calendar of Modern Judaism postpones the Holy Days according to Oral Traditions of the Egyptians and according to the Babylonian Intercalations. The idolaters of Mecca simply and wilfully did away with the intercalations entirely to cut loose the feasts and so lost the feasts. They simply turned the preparation period of the Juma’ah into a Friday afternoon prayer service and did away with the Sabbaths of God and went to work and made it impossible for Islam as the Church of God in the Middle East to be saved. The pseudo-Christians of the Sun and Mystery cults moved the Sabbath to the day of the Sun and killed all of the faithful who refused to go along with them (see the paper The Jumaah : Preparing for the Sabbath  (No. 285))   Sabbath Message 18/11/40/120

Why is the Church of God filled with so many fools that have to reinvent history to fit their own perverted understanding?  The sad part is that people are stupid enough to follow these morons.


Anonymous said...

Would Cox sanction child marriage. I'm sure he do if he would to follow Mohammed. "The Messenger of Allah married me when I was six and consummated the marriage when I was nine. I was playing on a see-saw … I used to play dolls.
Bewley/Saad 8:44.

nck said...

There is a lot of interesting history about the formation of Islam and connection with Early Christianity and Especially Judaism after the fall of Jerusalem, unless of course you are into the belief that it was all revealed by Djebril/Gabriel.

What I do know is absolutely factual is that after the apostacy at Pasadena one professor went to serve in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a teacher. So perhaps following a historical precedent.

Of course HWA was dealing with the Sheikhs well before they had any prominence on the world scene and had just recovered from Ottoman occupation.

The history of Abessinia and jewish groups is extremely interesting.

Of course in 1910 the prince of abessinia visited the churches of god in America, also some 70 years before hwa visited haily selassie and the chinese envoys to ethiopia started evaluating hwa for visits.


Byker Bob said...

The funny thing is, Wade Cox uses the same language, and the same logic as has been traditional in Armstrongism from its inception. Therefore, the same personality types will be attracted to him as are generally attracted to Ron Weinland, Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, Gerald Weston, UCG, or the COGaWA. Cox’s mutation simply runs in a slightly different direction, because he includes a different group in his version of “The True History of the True Church” theories. There have always been groups who proclaim that their “holy” books are simply a different, updated testament, and just as valid as the New Testament. I remember being shocked to learn in AC Bible Classes that “we may be participating in the new Book of Acts.”

Thousands of years in the future, the descendants of Bob Thiel will probably be proclaiming that Jackson Browne was an elder in a small COG group that tried to warn the world about nuclear power.


Connie Schmidt said...

Write for my NEW BOOKLET...


Percy K. Euttodd said...

"Satan destroyed the church using Baal worshippers..."

If there's something wrong with Baal worshippers, then there's something wrong with all the Abrahamic religions too. "Ba'al" just means "lord" in the Semitic languages of the middle east in exactly the same way that "kyrie" means "lord" in Greek, and Yahweh was just one of the "ba'als" of the Semitic pantheon. If you translated the bible into Semitic, for example, Matthew 7:21 would read:

"Not everyone who says to me, ‘Ba'al, Ba'al,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven."

The term "pagan" was borrowed from Latin by the early church fathers and used a polemic, but the Abrahamic religions in historical context are just as "pagan" as those religions that christianity has long called "pagan," being wholly derivative of Semitic and Hellenistic "pagan" religions, and christians are just as much ba'al worshipers as those they deride as ba'al worshipers.

Anonymous said...

The church under Herb had a anti intellectual, anti thinking culture which is contrary to the bibles instruction to 'prove all things,' and seek wisdom and understanding.
Wade Cox and similar are the vultures cashing in on the natural consequences of this evil.

These leaders must secretly despise their followers for allowing themselves to be duped and taken advantage of by snake oil swindlers like themselves.

True Bread said...

who the hell is Wade Cox.....??

never heard of this clown while in WCG....

Near_Earth_Object said...

I also remember hearing from the pulpit at AC BS that the Book of Acts was not complete and that the co-worker letters authored by HWA would be used to complete the book. Can you imagine the grotesque presumption that would lead someone to think that those blatant appeals for money would come up to the standard of the Book of Acts?

What I cannot imagine was how a friend of mine and I were talking in the Field House and we both believed this malarkey. Since he is in the UCG, he probably still does believe it.

I wonder if someone is carefully curating these old co-worker letters, with their many dubious references to the "gun lap" so they may be one day entered into the canon?

Anonymous said...


Acts 31:1. Yea, verily, Garner put it in the coed, and she saw that it was good. 2. Now Herbert, he was a jealous Apostle, and he was jealous of the affection the brethren gave to Garner. 3. Verily, he wrote his monthly epistle to the brethren, saying, 4. "Your stinginess is like the blockage in Loma's colon. Release your stinginess, just as I released Dorothy's inhibitions. 5. And the brethren said, "Give us an Auditorium." 6. Well, mostly it was the Evangelist Stanley who said that, for he was subtile and wise in the ways of real estate. 7. And the brethren gave, and gave. 8. Now Loma, she died, and Herbert said, "It is not good for me to be alone. The woman Ramona is beautiful, and my loins burn for her. I must have her." 9. But Raymond reminded Herbert, "She is a divorcee, and you cannot have her, just as I am yoked to my shrill Leona." 10. And Herbert said, "D&R? Never mind. I can fix that!" 11. So he had Ramona, until his loins no longer burned. And he said, "I divorce thee!" 12. But he did not need to say it three times, because Wade was full of crap and the State of California did the deed just fine. 13. So Herbert divorced Ramona, and it was good. 14. And many heads of state said, "Give us more Steuben crystal and large sums of money, and we shall give you photo ops for your dumb sheep." 15. And Herbert said, "Verily, I will give you more Steuben crystal, but my Atonement sermon beckons, and I must have my donut and coffee first." 16. And the top men said, "Yea, verily, where is Rod? He is #4 in the Universe, and he spent more time with Herbert than any other. 17. We know this, for he tells us this. Again and again he tells us." And Herbert said, "Yes, I ate corn flakes with Rod at breakfast thirty years ago, many times. 18. What Rod does not tell you is that I wanted Sugar Frosted Flakes, but Rod was hard, and strict, and made my breakfasts miserable." 19. So the Apostle Herbert put the church back on track. 20. And Herbert spoke of the two trees. 21. And he spoke of the two trees. And he spoke of the two trees. 22. And brethren grew restless and said, "Can Herbert speak of anything else? Verily the Apostle is senile!" 23. And Herbert died, and appointed Joseph to succeed him. Amen.

nck said...


Whoa. I could see that ornamented in gold under glass at the Huntington library. Yes I could. Of course the use of numbers between the verses would deem it apocryphocal or a falsification. But hey, who would believe Dennis if he pointed out NT verses are not seperated by numbers.

Lets just copy this text on a copper scroll and I will hide it at Nag Hammaddi for a herder to find.

Or better gold. And have it sent to Utah for interpretation.


TM said...

Let's give Wade Cox credit where credit is due. His spelling and his grammar are good. He even used the "primary transliteration of the Arabic given name مُحَمَّد‬" that we find in Wikipedia (

The most interesting thing I learned from this was that the guy مُحَمَّد was actually a committee!

The second-most interesting thing was that he seems to be rejecting the Hillel Calendar. Does that mean he calculates his annual holy days according to the pre-Hillel calendar? Perhaps the answer is in his No. 156, but I'm not going to go there to find out. In any case, he is directly contradicting the Great Herman L. Hoeh who told us that we accept the Hillel Calendar: he said Romans 3:2, where "unto them [the Jews] were committed the oracles of God", well, the oracles were the Old Testament and the Hillel Calendar, even though the calendar had not yet been invented when Romans was written. But HLH was one of the Original Four AC students. Poor Rod wasn't even in the second group - he only showed up in year 3.

Anon 2:30, you gave me my laugh of the day.

Byker Bob said...

Going with Hillel made the sabbath observable in our modern times. Can we all imagine the hardships of keeping the lunar weekly sabbath as dictated by the priests’ celestial observations today? As a pronounced departure from the “normal” that would be guaranteed to bring real persecution on Armstrongites, instead of the petty things they magnify to validate themselves! But, substitute Squaw Valley for Jerusalem, call Marriott Inn your “sukkoth”, and even keep the wrong day to symbolize the coming of the Holy Spirit, and every other deviation from the Law of Moses will begin to appear perfectly logical and normal. It wasn’t what they said it was, folks! How is their usage of the primacy of Peter any different from the ways in which the proto-Catholics executed their changes?