Monday, June 17, 2019

Jon Brisby Says There Is An Enduring Legacy of Herbert and Loma Armstrong

Several Church of God, The Eternal members have sent me notes about Jon Brisby's new book on the Armstrongs.  They are none too happy that he is making money off HWA and Loma's name.  Others claim he has turned into a tyrannical church leader like most of the other splinter group leaders.  Others claim he is more "grace" oriented, which is unusual in Armstrongism since so many despise grace and claim it is a license to "sin."

He has now written a book about Herbert and Loma Armstrong.  Check it out here:

A Peculiar Treasure: The Enduring Legacy of Herbert & Loma Armstrong

(From the back cover)

To many, Herbert W. Armstrong was a familiar and distinctive voice on nightly radio, but little more besides. To others he was the preeminent symbol of loathsome cults that threatened beloved Christian traditions. To yet others he was the catalyst for dramatic life change—changes that affected them in ways which, for better or for worse, could never be erased.

Many of those who were affected by his work in some way since the early 1930s are ashamed that they ever responded to his message at all. Others still hold loosely to some version of what they first learned through him. But some few continue in determined personal sacrifice to hold fast to that which they believe was not the work of any man at all, but of a purposeful Creator God.

Was he a powerfully inspired messenger of God in the twentieth century, or was he, perhaps, merely an opportunistic businessman making a living off of religion? Is there anything of value still left of that Work today? If so, what might it be?

(From the inside flap)

"Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people" (Exodus 19:5).

A woman's personal conviction to begin keeping the seventh-day Sabbath in 1926 would challenge her husband to begin an intensive study to prove her wrong. That study would spawn a new religious movement under Herbert W. Armstrong. A fledgling group would form in 1934, and an audacious media operation would make the Radio Church of God (later named the Worldwide Church of God) grow by 30% per year over the next 35 years. 

Proclaiming a unique understanding of the Bible, traditional Christian orthodoxy would be challenged, making that church most peculiar indeed. 

Internal and external forces would alter Herbert Armstrong's view of his own mission, and especially after Loma's death, doctrinal and administrative turmoil would stagger the church for the rest of his life. After his death in 1986, the empire would implode, and successors would dismantle everything that the Armstrongs had built.  

Was it all just a fantastic, fraudulent escapade—conceived by a lucky and opportunistic salesman—or might it have been a divine Work—God's own peculiar treasure? If it did begin with God's inspiration, why and how did it all go so wrong? Is there anything left of it today that has any redeeming value? These are the questions that will be answered, with evidence to suggest that there is yet an enduring legacy of Herbert and Loma Armstrong.


SHT said...

You don't need to read the book to know where this is going. I'd have to read the book before I comment on just the inner flap, except to say simply this: "Enduring" is not the word I would have chosen. There are many other words that I would not hesitate to choose.

I surely am not paying him one shiny penny (or dull penny, for that matter) of my money to read the book, however. Now if I had one of those old arcade tokens from the 80s, I might trade that for the book.

SHT said...

And one more thing - I think all of Herbert's peculiar treasures were sold at auction some time ago?

Anonymous said...

The "enduring legacy" I have witnessed is numerous deaths from a sick healing doctrine. Broken marriages. Destroyed families suicides. Racist members and ministers. Sexual perverts running the COG's. False doctrines. Degenerate leaders like Gerald Flurry have that have destroyed families due to perverse "no contact" rules. It has created Dave Pack, a certified liar extraordinaire. And what about the 400+ splinter groups that now have apostatized from the original church. Some legacy that is!

My dead relatives do NOT agree that there is worthwhile legacy to the Armstrongs.

Anonymous said...

People are brainwashed through and through. It reminds me of all the ink spilled by the PCG glorifying Churchill as a God-ordained "watchman". Read the book "That Bastard Churchill" for a realistic look at one of the cruelest psychopaths in history.

Tonto said...

Who actually really knew the "REAL" HWA??? We were all fed a media created image of some genial righteous "Elijah Apostle" who supposedly was gifted from God and a wonderfully glorious man.

The public HWA is nothing more than a work of FICTION!!

He was nothing more than a carefully created projected illusion. The few who actually got to know him and rub shoulders with him, found an abusive, intemperate , vain and impatient man, who virtually dismissed and discarded almost all of them. Even the ever loyal Aaron Dean was fired by HWA something like 17 times!

His own family bore the heaviest weight of his oppressiveness, especially his daughter.

As far as the "brethren" go, HWA viewed us as "narcissistic supply" and openly said so. I heard him personally say that "the only reason God called any of you , was to "back me up and support me". Other than that role , he viewed us all as blobs of protoplasm.

Ron Dart was right when he said that "the biggest failure in the entire history of the church since AD 33 was the Worldwide Church of God".

Tonto said...

There are still people who yearn for Hitler , Stalin and Mao, and view their reigns as "The Good Old Days". It is a sickness.

Anonymous said...

Whose got the time to read a book on such a esoteric topic? Maybe his kids will read dads book.

Sam said...

I copied and pasted my response below I put on a post from January 30th concerning this organization.

This post seems to be good PR for Church of God, The Eternal. I almost want to think that their Pastor Director had something to do with the material being brought up here on this blog. Maybe, maybe not. Why is it good PR you ask? Because they are currently in the process of putting a book together that will give "their take" on the Worldwide Church of God.

The whole exercise is laughable because the material the book will be based on is all from the current Pastor Directors writings from the last 10 years. This was detailed in one of their monthly letters. This man was a mere child in the organization in the '60s and spent one year at Ambassador College in the early '80s, yet has seen fit to completely rewrite the history of the WWCG including what he thinks about all of the ministers who came through its halls. Convenient for him, because it leaves the door wide open for him to give his own interpretation of old doctrines, and new ones he continues to introduce. Yes, new ones. He would be wise to take counsel from his deceased predecessor Mr. Raymond Coles standpoint of deciding to never write a "tell-all" book on the organization, and if anyone could have, it would have been him. Mr. Cole would roll over in his grave if he knew this was taking place.

Oh, I believe this book is intended for Amazon to, so get your credit cards ready if you enjoy fairy tales because that is exactly what it will be. If you want a preview of the coming fairy tale, just go back and look at their monthly letters written by Mr. Brisby over the last 10 years or so. Some who are currently attending there at COGTE, are finally seeing through this hypocrisy, and I pray more soon.

Anonymous said...

HWA liked to wear star-of-David cuff-links, a symbol the Jews apparently stole from earlier pagan religions. If so, it was no better than wearing a cross around his neck, for he rejected the cross as a pagan symbol (which it probably is).

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Herbert and Loma Armstrong's "enduring legacy" is that they've stayed in the heads of many of us.


Anonymous said...

Can’t wait til the Jews take over! What an awesome world it will be! Just like TV, the music industry, academia, and the media. Awesome! Just awesome.

Anonymous said...

Some people who have not a leg to stand on to refute the global conspiracy have resorted to mocking and attempting to annoy those who post the truth. Nice try loser.

Anonymous said...

It cannot be denied that the media have intentionally kept us in the dark. That way we will be eager to send our boys to die for more stupid wars that serve no purpose other than to expand the reach of the banks and global cabal of psychopaths.

How many people knew that ethnic cleansing orders were approved by Churchill, Roosevelt, Truman and Stalin for 15-17 million Germans? They stipulated in part: "... no wagons, oxen, horses, cows are allowed to be taken ... the entire live and dead inventory must be left undamaged to the authorities. Keys in apartments, shops or houses must be left in the keyhole outside. All doors have to remain unlocked. Only 20 kilograms can be taken in luggage. Any non-compliance will bring severe consequences, including the use of weapons."

Wasn't that a holocaust? One of the ones you never heard about. They were expelled, raped, robbed, humiliated, left to their own fate. There was no international effort to help them, no crocodile tears on CNN. The American and British press never reported this horror. The world turned a blind eye to their suffering. They still do. And sick people still mock those who try to end wars by bringing out the truth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thats a bald faced lie Tonto UCG person. Ronald Dart said no such thing about WCG being the biggest failure since AD 33.
That is a bald faced lie and you know it.

Tonto said...

Anon 4:42 -- IM a Ron Dart fan. It is in a recorded sermon still available online somewhere. Dart never pulled punches about the WCG, and indeed did say this, and I heard it at least 3 times. I stand before God and Man and testify that indeed this is true.

Ron Dart also called HWA a liar, and that he had to come to that conclusion to resolve an internal conflict in his heart, mind and soul to remove the quandary and catch 22 of leaving the WCG back in 1978. He said this at the Building Bridges seminar held in Phoenix AZ.

Anon- you need to do a little more homework before you post. PS-Incidentally, I have no loyalty or allegiance to the UCG.

Anonymous said...

Are you Aaron Dean ??

Anonymous said...

Then Name the sermon Tonto for I am from CEM

Tonto said...

Aaron Dean??? Are you kidding me!! LOL! Absolutely not!

Anonymous said...

Nazi boy is just meshuggas!

Tonto said...

ANON WROTE : "Then Name the sermon Tonto for I am from CEM"

Name yourself, and contact information and I will give you a personal call. I have verified my above statements with two other Ron Dart Followers and audio archivists.

NO2HWA said...

This post has absolutely NOTHING to do with Jews, the Holocaust, Nazi scum or Germany and any other of the conspiracy shit that certain people keep trying to post. Give it a rest or go post it on Bob Thiel's blog. I am sure he will welcome it.