Friday, August 23, 2019

COG Zerubbabel: The end-time Elijah, finally dressing like a real prophet as he talks about "flying rolls"

James Malm was seen whimpering at his kitchen table at the sight of the greatest prophet the Church of God has ever seen!  Never has an end time prophet to the church spoken more truth and dressed the part as Zerrbubbabl does (aka, Michael Noordhoek).  

We have Ron Weinland to thank for this Pharisaical mess of bullshit.

Why do all COG prophets need big thick bibles in their grubby little hands?


Anonymous said...

I thought this WAS James Malm! Doesn't Malm wear his tzitzit's when he dons his Pharisee robes?

Dennis said...

"Behold!".... Mental illness

Anonymous said...

Speaking of crazy people:

From: Breaking Israel News

Hamas Praises Murder of Jewish Girl, Linking it to 50-Year Anniversary of Christian Arson on Temple Mount

Times of Israel reported that Hamas in a statement said the bomb attack was “proof of the vitality and bravery of the Palestinian people, and of the fact that it will not surrender to the crimes and terrorism of the occupation.” The terrorist group that was democratically elected to rule in Gaza did not take credit for the murder but stated that it was connected to an arson attack carried out by a Christian Australian citizen on August 21, 1969. The attack damaged a pulpit in the Aqsa Mosque. The perpetrator was tried, found to be insane, and hospitalized in a mental institution.

Anonymous said...

This is why no one can ever take any of the splinter groups seriously. They are just as crazy in their own unique ways.

NO2HWA said...

9:30 am That arsonist was an Armstrongite follower who was caught with a Palin Truth in his pockets. Just another sad legacy of Armstrongism.

Anonymous said...

NO2HWA said...“9:30 am That arsonist was an Armstrongite follower who was caught with a Palin Truth in his pockets. Just another sad legacy of Armstrongism.”

Yes, I know. The arsonist was a reader of the Plain Truth magazine.

Before that fiery little incident, HWA had taught that a new physical temple would be built on the temple mount in Jerusalem.

After that fiery little incident, HWA taught that there was no need for a new physical temple. Jesus was going to return to his spiritual temple, the church.

Norbert Link from the Church of the Eternal God recently wrote that, “This means, a Third Temple will be built in Jerusalem so that the man of sin can occupy it. When we see that that Temple will be built, we will know that Christ's return is imminent.

Norbert Link also wrote, “While the church felt at times that the 'temple' might be a reference to a spiritual Temple--the Church--it has also taught at other times that it is referring to a literal Temple.”

Norbert Link also quoted Breaking Israel News saying, “'The Sanhedrin wrote a similar letter [in November of 2016] to U.S. President Donald Trump after he won the election, calling on him to take a role in building the Third Temple just as Persian King Cyrus helped the Jews build the Second Temple after the Babylonian exile in the sixth century BCE...'”

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting for him to shout "kill the men, women, children and cattle", and "the best of the gentiles must be killed" but "leave the young girls for yourselves".

What About The Truth said...

Throw into a pot a stork, an ephah, a thief, a deceiver and add in 7 lops with the 7 strokes of the 7 lamps and make sure the 29th silver trumpet is blown at the appointed time and behold the true eighth day Sabbath will appear.

Thanks second appointed son, I always wondered how that would be determined and happen.

Anonymous said...

11:12 wrote: "leave the young girls for yourselves".

He has already done this. I claimed to have impregnated his daughter to produce the holy child.

Anonymous said...

C'est une idéologie la plus tordue qui soit.

Anonymous said...

Everything is a lie.

Byker Bob said...

In a way, Z-rub makes an excellent strawman for the purpose of typifying wannabe Armstrong leaders. Bob Thiel. Just like Zerubbabel! Dave Pack? As ridiculous a prophet as Zerubbabel Gerald Flurry? Like a constipated version of Zerubbabel! Etc. (use your imagination!)


Hoss said...

That arsonist was an Armstrongite follower

Yes, Denis Rohan, who I met and talked with a few times when I was in Sydney. In "normal" mode, he was boisterous, blundering and harmless; in "evil" mode (which I never witnessed) he was said to be soft spoken and vicious. I read years later that he died in an asylum.

An aside, Mark Armstrong condemned his action in an early version of his Prophetic Insight booklet. Possibly someone later informed Mark that it was GTA who gave the Sydney minister permission to let Denis attend services.

Anonymous said...


False Prophet Bob Thiel of the Continuing Church of Paganism is missing out. He spent so much time looking to demon-inspired, pagan Mayan, Kenyan, and Catholic prophecies, and watching FAKE NEWS on television, that he probably never even heard about President Trump or the plans for a new Temple in Jerusalem. The Clinton News Network (CNN) told Bob that Hillary was going to win the presidential election, so Bob wrote a book about her. Bummer.

False Witness Ronald Weinland of the Church of Fiction--Preparing For More Fiction is missing out too. Writing so much pure fiction made him forget all about reality. Of course, he still has not received the power to do anything bad miraculously to his enemies. All he can do is curse away and hope they will die horrible deaths for not taking his fiction seriously, while the second False Witness, his wife, witnesses (that is, watches, from the bathtub) him witnessing.

False Prophet Dave Pack of the Restored Cash Grab “Bait & Switch” scam is missing out too. As he descends even further into insanity, and as even more demons pile into him, he thinks that Wadsworth is the new world headquarters and that he himself is going to be the Messiah. As Dave himself has said in the past about outrageous things, “You cannot make this stuff up.” And he is right. It takes a real demoniac like Dave to make this stuff up.

That False Prophet and Identity Thief Gerald Flurry of the Philanderers' Church of Fraud will miss out for sure. Unless Gerald can steal from some other false prophet words supposedly from God, or read something in Stratfor, all he can do is mumble nonsense like an old drunk. Gerald is not sure whether President Trump is a good Jeroboam or a bad Jeroboam. In his old age, Gerald's prophetic understanding got a bit fuzzy, just like in his drunken youth. Apparently Gerald feared that to Make America Great Again President Trump would certainly want to deport Gerald's deranged little group of ignorant, malicious, sexually immoral, lying, slandering, family wreckers. Of course, that does make some sense.

Anonymous said...

Um, is this guy for real? I watched the video and thought it was a joke, but he has other videos like this.

Byker Bob said...

They all think they're real, 12:41. Reality is they have the same mentality as a bunch of little kids playing mud pies.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:41 PM said...“Um, is this guy for real? I watched the video and thought it was a joke, but he has other videos like this.”

They are ALL a bunch of JOKES, but not very funny ones. More like SICK JOKES.