Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Apostle Malm: Rebellious Herbert Armstrong Spoke the Mark of the Beast!

One of apostate Apostle Malm's acolytes asks:

Many people have the perception that HWA had the authority to “loose” eating out on the Sabbath and since he was God’s apostle what he said would be like going against God’s government. LCG totally teaches that not following the Government of God on this earth is tantamount to rejecting God’s authority. Several times I have had people say to me something to the affect of…who are YOU to go against what HWA said because that’s rejecting God’s government!
Another totally ridiculous argument I have heard over the years is…that we would have to stop getting mail and using electricity. That is so juvenile, obviously we can only do what’s under our control! For example, I love getting the newspaper but since I don’t want a Sabbath delivery…I don’t get it every day of the week.
It’s really quite simple like you said James, where there’s a will there’s a way!! (Saturday delivery of newspapers is a sin???? What will the Armstrongites dream up next?????)

The angry apostate Apostle writes:

I would ask those people; who in the world is HWA that he would dare to exalt himself above Almighty God, to dare to “loose” what the Eternal Almighty God has bound? That is the mark of the beast! Rebellion against God and his commandments! By exalting a man above God and obeying that man instead of God, the najor COG Groups today have the mark of the beast and they do not know it! I have gone on and on about exalting men and corporations and traditions of men above God; and people deny it, as they do it! James

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Byker Bob said...

For once, I agree in part with James. HWA was simply a false teacher. Nothing more, nothing less.

Furthermore, while the original apostles decribed themselves as apostles or slaves of Jesus Christ, HWA called himself "God's" Apostle. Nobody ever pointed this out, or made a federal out of it, but it is very subtle, and very telling.

That being said, James is still preoccupied with the minutiae of a fulfilled covenant which is no longer in force. After all, the original apostles shared with us that the physical ritual of circumcision is no longer in effect, and according to the Old Covenant itself, one cannot be observant or enter the temple or keep the sabbath if not circumcised!