Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Conservative Christian Ministry Calls Out Joe Kovacs For His Armstrongite Heresies

Conservative Armstrongites have been slap happy lately about the interviews and books by Joe Kovacs.  He admits he is influenced by Herbert Armstrong's books and articles but refuses to admit if he is a Church of God member.  A lot of things in his books read just like it has come out of Herbert Armstrong's books. The die-hard Armstrongites do not like that he refuses to say if he is a COG member though. He is also a regular contributor on WorldNetDaily, an uber-conservative internet "news" service.

Kovacs latest books are Shocked by the Bible and The Divine Secret.

One conservative Christian ministry, The Berean Call, has taken exception to Kovacs Armstrongite connections and calls him out on it.

...WND ’s executive news editor Joe Kovacs is more subtle. Kovacs calls himself a “Bible believing Christian” and attends a non-denominational church. His books  Shocked by the Bible  and  The Divine Secret  are sold not only by  WND  but also by many of the splinter groups from The Worldwide Church of God who still follow the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong.

This is not surprising, for many of Kovacs’s theological positions line up with those of the late cultist Armstrong. For example, Kovacs’s theology of the Godhead parallels that of Armstrong’s polytheist view of a family of gods. In  The Divine Secret , Kovacs writes, “Yes, God is indeed a family. Jesus is the Word and He’s one member of the God family, and God the Father is yet another member of that same God family” (Kovacs,  The Divine Secret,  24).
They call out The Journal for it's interview with him:

An offshoot of Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God interviewed Kovacs in their publication  The Journal . From his comments, it is clear that he believes we shall become divine, again paralleling the teaching of Armstrong.

The Journal : …a minority of Christians in the COG movement are so-called unitarians. They believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the sinless sacrifice, but they believe He is not God and not the Creator. Does that belief, if accurate, negate the plan of God as you see it?

Mr. Kovacs : The plan of God is that God is reproducing. He’s having children and raising them to be in the family of God. We are called  children of God  all throughout the New Testament, sons of God. God is having many sons and daughters.

Think for a minute: What are the sons of a giraffe? They’re giraffes. What are the children of cats? They’re cats. What are the children of God? They’re Gods. They’re going to be in the God family. (Kovacs, “Children of a giraffe are giraffes, so what are the children of God,”  The Journal , Issue No. 150, 7/27/12)
 The Berean Call includes this comment towards the end.

In conclusion, the “gospel” advanced by Kovacs steals the security of true believers. This unbiblical message is being foisted upon people, as believers join together with unbelievers to reform this nation.

You can read the article here and it's theological stance: A Shocking Lack of Discernment: Promoting the Heresies of Herbert W. Armstrong


Anonymous said...

So, the right kind of believer will become God.

That shouldn't take long.

Byker Bob said...

Crap! Even when the ACOGs die out, some of the heresies will not have exceeded their half-life.
Where is Irenaeus when we need him?


Anonymous said...

Didn't Jesus say we'll be like the angels? And don't good angels point all worship to the true Creator God rather than themself or something else? Well then how can the ACOGs say we'll be God and worthy of worship when the only One worthy of reverence and worship is the Creator God Himself? It's not surprising then that they admire HWA and his teachings to the point of worshipping him and negating the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the true Son of God, since they too have fallen for the satan-inspired lie that they'll become God!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Bible teaches: "Ye are gods." Psalm 82:6 and John 10:34. But only the intellectual descendants of the Council of Nicea (a group of men who thought to tell God what He is) choose to ignore the clear and obvious messages of the Bible. Also, forget Armstrong: see Mormon.

Anonymous said...

Both texts refer to those ordained to judge men;i.e., mortals.