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Michael W Stevenson: Is He the Most Prolific Church of God Starter Ever?

Many Church of God leaders have started numerous splinter groups ever the decades.  None though can be more prolific than Michael W Stevenson.

It is no surprise to find that Stevenson also has Mormon roots.  Armstrongism  incorporated several Mormon teachings into its beliefs in its early formative years. 

Stevenson believed he was a Prophet and Apostle in the Restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Dear John Dawson:

It is always awesome to receive e-mails from people around the world. This present time, we have about 3,800 members throughout the United Kingdom. I was also disillusioned by the LDS Church and that is why I left the LDS in 1999. Coming to understand the truth as presented in the Restoration, I found that it was then time for a Reauthorization of the truth as was found in the Reorganization. Today, I am the Prophet/President of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Since you have been baptized in the Restoration, we do not feel that you need to be re-baptized. What we need from you is your full name, date of birth, mother and father's names, your full mailing address and also the names of family members that are desiring to join with us. Further we need to know if you hold or have held any priesthood offices and the baptism date of when you were baptized.

We will then begin to share member resources with you and also send you via email our magazine. Enclosed with this e-mail you will find a copy of the magazine.

Thank you for contacting us here at the Restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Michael W. Stevenson
Another writer mentions this about Stevenson's Mormon links:
If you go into the blog of the Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ at http://thelatterdaychurchofchrist.blogspot.com/ you will find an entry for today, July 8, 2008 which says that Michael W. Stevenson is an investigator and that a revelation that Michael Stevenson received on January 22nd has been added to the Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ’s Book of Prophecies and Revelations. Michael W. Stevenson is, of course, supposedly the prophet of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and a is a former apostle in the Church of the Firstborn and the General Assembly of Heaven.
You can also see him mentioned as the the President of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints here.  One interesting note about this page is that you will see the following illustration at the top that contains a lion and a lamb.

He later claimed to be over the Reorganized Church of the Firstborn and the General Assembly of Heaven.  

We welcome you to the Reorganized Church of the Firstborn and the General Assembly of  Heaven, a church where the fundamental doctrines restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr and his successors are now again being reaffirmed.

The doctrines of the Church are those which were restored in the latter days by those who received of revelation, the true doctrines which were missing. This Church, however, seeing that Terrill Dalton and Geody Harmon are NOT who they claim to be, was founded by Michael W. Stevenson, the true successor of Joseph Smith, Jr.

Today, we again look forward with hope to that which will be renewed throughout the works of this Church.

He supposedly left Mormonism 2003:

Michael W. Stevenson (Minister to Mormons), Jan. 2003 I left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because I found that they cannot possibly be the Church of Jesus Christ. Instead, I found a church that I can truly be comfortable with.

I served a full-time mission in 1995-1997 in the Arizona Tucson Mission and a stake mission from 1997-1999 in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Stake. I felt much of the time that something was wrong with what I was teaching. Yet, I dared not "prove" it.

In December of 1999, my mother had a severe breakdown partly due to the local bishop who insisted that she pay her tithing (most of what they want the most is money) and this added way to much pressure upon her.

Finally, on Christmas Eve, I gave myself to Jesus Christ and I knew from that moment on that the LDS Church of Salt Lake City, UT could not be right; they had changed the teachings of truth as we find in the Bible; they have perverted the right ways of God and have defiled themselves in the temple by teachings that are completely Satanic.

In 2002, I came to find that they also teach sexual perversion through touching peoples parts on their bodies when they are going through the washing of the temples. How can any organization such as this, which is now accepted by governments be so wrong? I found that it is because they are "afraid" of what truths may actually come out about their temples.

As a former Mormon, I have now found that there is a need to educate the public on what is really happening and that the time is here for people to actually hear that the Mormons are not what it claims to be. The truth needs to be heard whether the LDS Church wants it to be heard. So, I have now become the Minister to Mormons. I teach them the right ways of God and that grace is indeed free from works. They have the choice to accept if they want, but, I also leave them with enough knowledge of their own so-called "birth-rite" that they may perhaps have some doubts and that perhaps somehow, they really allow the truth to be revealed to them.

I pray for those in the Mormon Church because I know that they, as I was; are blinded by the deciet and the lies of the General Authorities of the Church. I pray that they will come to a true knowledge that the LDS Church is not what they thought it would be.
He found the Mormons to be offensive and doctrinally corrupt, yet he dumped that for the  doctrinally corrupt Churches of God.  

From one cult to the next.

He next start two more churches, both now defunct, the Church of God (Sabbath Day) and the Reorganized Church of God.  Both relied heavily upon Herbert Armstrong's teachings.

The Journal: News of the Churches of God ran this blurb about him in issue 133.

He is also tied in with the Simple Salvation Church of God where he lists himself as Pastor General in an article on Jesus before his birth.

 Then it was the Church of God Worldwide where he was Pastor General again:

His most recent church start up is the Faithful Church of God.  This one incorporates lots of Herbert Armstrong's teachings as well as a few LDS goodies.

A Brief History of the Faithful Church of God
Through the doctrinal changes of the Worldwide Church of God, there came to be a need for brethren to be fully united in the faith. Thus, at the Feast of Tabernacles 1995, 500 brethren met in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for a feast site. Here, during the feast, meetings were held and it was decided that the brethren was going to form the Faithful Church of God.

The Church from early on sought to continue the New Testament Church teachings and to continue on the Philadelphian era of the Church. It was also realized that there were brethren who never was a part of the Worldwide Church of God present. This also made for a new unique Church-while a great deal of brethren were former members of the Church, others came from various other backgrounds and beliefs. But, the one thing all the brethren had in common was that they wanted to hold fast to the biblical doctrines of God’s Church.

The Church (k)new that they needed to preach the Good News-the Gospel-of which Jesus Christ came preaching (Mark 1:14-15) which was about the soon-coming Kingdom of God. The beliefs of the Church are the same as they were "once delivered unto the saints." Christ never changed anything and nor does the Church change anything.
The various brethren of the Church of God realize that there is an impact which must be had upon them that come to hear and read the truth of God’s Work. Therefore, all that the Church of God seeks to accomplish has a great impact, just as it did during Mr. Armstrong’s days, the Church today continues on the same tradition, reaching through television, radio, and print. We also employ the means of internet and make available the Word of God through these varied means.
Why anyone follows morons like Stevenson, Flurry, Pack, Meredith and all the other fraudulent COG ministers is beyond reason.


James said...

Of all the irony, I just left http://www.salamandersociety.com and came here to see what's new.

Great site to learn about that religion.

old EXPCG hag said...

What a bunch of crap...again.

Byker Bob said...

Again, all you need as a minister is ten solid tithe payers, and basically, you are up and running. Twenty, or thirty, and you can probably occasionally travel overseas, and make some crude broadcasts.

If the ACOGs ever did re-unite, self-ordinations, and self-rank elevations would cause some really serious credential problems. Who, as an example, would give up being a prophet or apostle (and the income involved) to merge their little splinter with one of the majors?


Redfox712 said...

I do not know much about Mormonism but it is my understanding that they use certain Biblical titles to describe some the offices within that organization.

>>In 2002, I came to find that they also teach sexual perversion through touching peoples parts on their bodies when they are going through the washing of the temples.<<

What on Earth is he talking about. I assume he is referring to the various secret initiation rituals held in their Temples but I have never heard anything of that nature reported about these rituals before.

One of the groups he led after converting to Armstrongism was called Reorganized COG. I would like to state here that until 2001 the second largest Mormon group called itself the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was led by Joseph Smith's son and until 1996 was led by a direct descendent of Joseph Smith.

Anonymous said...

you find these nut jobs and try to connect them to the Church, thinking that it disproves the Sabbath, holy days, etc...

well, it doesn't work that way.

it's like using Benny Hinn or Peter Popoff to discredit mainstream christianity.

former Mormon said...

"In 2002, I came to find that they also teach sexual perversion through touching peoples parts on their bodies when they are going through the washing of the temples"

I guess home health aids who help wash people do the same?
Nothing unmentionable is touched in these ceremonies at all.

Anonymous said...

Does this guy have ADHD? Can't stay focused, always jumping from here to there?

Anonymous said...

ADHD- it's more like severe senile dementia. This old geezer should be hitting the bucket soon, along with his ancient teachings. Isn't he connected with the Flat Earth Society somehow?

Anonymous said...

Former Mormon at 7:49 AM,

Which body parts are unmentionable...or can't you mention them?

What does a Mormon do if there's a medical problem with one of his or hers unmentionable body parts, and a doctor visit is in order?

In the examination room, do the Mormon patients just take off their Mormon Magic Underwear and point to their "no-no special place" and hope the doctor understands?

~Pogo Stick

Anonymous said...

Started 2 more churches? Needs to throw enough sheit at the wall, hoping something will stick.
What he needs is to be more original to get noticed, not Re-restored, RCG, LSD, prophet apostle and chief bottle washer.
Even sexual perversion in the church isn't an eye opener, unless you're Miley Cyrus, or another in the gutter Gaga type.
Most of they want is his mom's money - of course, forget the apple pie. Need to pay the bills (Booze, Broads, Baccarat).
He needs to find his own niche - like old boorish and flagitious miscreants, and preach unto the spirits in prison. For he
never find his telestial heaven with a more sure word of prophecy.
I don't think the Flat Earth society would accept him.

Anonymous said...

"Try to connect them......"?????? How dense are you? Get your head out of Herb's ass and you would see that the man specifically says he is talking to Church of God folk.

Anonymous said...

Disproving is done in-depth and to ones content on other websites. This is a darkly humorous news feed. -RSK

NO2HWA said...

Anon @ 5:14. I'm like the National Enquirer at the checkout lane in the supermarket. You know you don't want to look but you just have to. :-)