Monday, June 6, 2016

Poor Dave Pack: Made Out To Be A Fool Once Again

The mocking of Dave Pack makes this all worthwhile.


James said...

Good find Gary. Shows Pack for the moron he is!

DennisCDiehl said...

Excellent find. Made my day!

Anonymous said...

You want foolishness? LCG is now scaremongering about "Transgender Man-Pig Marriage"

Transgender Man-Pig Marriage

DennisCDiehl said...

Just sat down and listened to the whole discussion. Dave got owned and made his biggest mistake picking on the evolution of whales and dolphins. Dave's reasons are ignorant and he lies out of his ignorance of transitional fossils which are abundant.

Next I expect Dave to say, "If we came from from monkeys, how come are there still monkeys around today?" LOL

Eventually, if one can and is willing to think critically and do some genuine homework, facts trump faith every time.

DennisCDiehl said...

Here is another debunking Dave's ignorance of evolution

DennisCDiehl said...

Archer fish, Angler fish and Anableps! Oh my Dave, At least be original. Those are the three GTA chose to use to make fun of evolution in the 1960's in a Whale of a Tale and a Fishy Story. Dave is pretending to be intellectual and doing a poor job of it.

DennisCDiehl said...

The whole series putting Dave in his place is excellent. Well worth listening to all of it not just because it makes Dave look like the non scientifically educated fool he is, but gives the truth of what we know today to be true.

Dave's arguments are way out of date and he is pretending to be intelligent on this issue by repeating oft still in print silliness .

This guy is good...

DennisCDiehl said...

"IF you get something wrong in science it ruins your career and will follow you forever. If you get something wrong in religion, no problem because it's all wrong anyway"


Anonymous said...

History of Deliberate Evilutionary Lies and Wars

1912: Piltdown Man invented

Some creative fellow in Britain invented Piltdown Man to fool the world by using some skull fragments and a mismatched jawbone. It was a deliberate, outright fraud rather than the result of honest scientific work. For forty years it provided the “missing link” and the “proof” of evilution.

1914-1918: World War I

The people of the world were not yet as enlightened and civilized as they thought. Only their weapons were newer and better. The people apparently still needed to “evolve” some more to attain “mental perfection.”

1939-1945: World War II

The Germans were once again reading evilutionary nonsense and imagining that they were some master race that needed to conquer or be conquered. Jews, who had come up with things like Reform Judaism in Germany in the early 1800s because they thought the Bible was now antiquated and irrelevant for a modern and enlightened people living in an enlightened age, ended up in Nazi concentration camps, gas chambers, and ovens.

1953: Piltdown Man exposed

Real science caught up with Piltdown Man when some scientists were finally allowed to examine the fragments which had been locked away and it was conclusively exposed as a forgery.

2001: How ideas claim to have triumphed

A book called evolution: The Triumph of an Idea, copyright 2001, managed to have 364 pages about the history and supposed triumph of the theory of evilution without once mentioning the Piltdown Man hoax. That is how evil ideas pretend to have triumphed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well... I'll bet Mr Longhair in these videos doesn't have a magnificent campus that is so staggering and stunning complete with high tension wires that are simply electrifying running overhead.

So there.

Pentecost is just a few days away and it's going to be a rare double Sabbath- a pilgrimage to Wadsworth might be in order.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:32 PM said...

“You want foolishness? LCG is now scaremongering about 'Transgender Man-Pig Marriage'”

A man with a pig sounds like some decades old story out of a Quest magazine article. Quest magazine was dedicated to the pursuit of depravity while using church funding and talking about “excellence” to describe the situation.

The current sex sins that evilutionists lust after are already getting old and will not always satisfy them, and at some point they will want to move on to Man-Pig relationships. Who are you to judge their bad choices and point out that it is utter foolishness? Are you some sort of hate-monger?

Anonymous said...

AronRa!? He just drank the Atheism+ kool-aid!


Stephen said...

Dave Pack produces such tabloid-level fare. Having watched both of these videos has now more the doubled the amount of Pack preaching that I have watched in total. Hats off to Aron Ra for enduring the pain of watching hours of Pack preaching on our behalf.

I find it disturbing how much he has even tried to modulate his voice to imitate that whiny quality that HWA used to have when he used to preach similar drivel. Who does that? Weird and creepy.

I could go on at length about Pack's reliance on presuppositionalism, arguments from incredulity, and egregious straw manning of evolution. However, I think I'll suffice it reproduce a response from the field of archaeology where creationists do the same thing:

"In the classical form of biblical archeology, archaeology was expected to decorate the story. Archaeology was not expected to give its own testimony. Archaeologists started their investigation from the biblcal story, and archaeology was expected to give some sort of illustration, nice slides for a talk. My opinion is that archaeology is not in the business of decorating any text, a biblical text or another text. Archaeology has its own voice. —Israel Finkelstein"

In the same way, Pack, among other creationists, does not want the life sciences to have their own voices or for the fossil record to give it's own testimony either. He wants them to merely provide illustrations for his favorite ancient myth. He wants to cherry pick bits from here and there to decorate his favorite text. But science should not be in the business of decorating the bible or any other text. The evidence should be allowed to give it's own testimony, and to have it's own voice, even if it's testimony doesn't make creationists like Pack particularly happy.

Anonymous said...

"The current sex sins that evilutionists lust after are already getting old and will not always satisfy them, and at some point they will want to move on to Man-Pig relationships. Who are you to judge their bad choices and point out that it is utter foolishness?"

Don't judge all to fast now, the LGBTQ cancer is ruining everything.


Byker Bob said...

Know how astrology columns in the old dinosaur newspapers used to have a disclaimer under them, stating that "this is for entertainment purposes only, etc., etc., etc."?

Well, it has reached the point where ACOG ministers, if they really wish to remain honest, should clearly state, "Brethren, this sermon on prophecy has been for entertainment only, and I want you to realize that the materials you just heard were based on my personal interpretations of the books of Daniel and Revelation, and the theories of Mr. Herbert Armstrong, and his forebearers in the Adventist Movement. Please do not modify your behavior in any ways as a result of what you just heard, and please do not become anxious, stressed, or make any rash or illogical decisions, especially financial ones. Remember, this has been purely for your spiritual entertainment, a series of 'what ifs' not unlike a classic horror movie."


Michael said...

Quite a surprise!
Never dreamed Aron Ra (of the "Unholy Trinity Tour" and Texas American Atheists) would have taken the time to blow two-bit, intellectual lightweight Pack out of the water.

A complete massacre, of course.

And thus the existence of Dave Pack becomes noticed in the general atheist community...

Anonymous said...

Anyone who insists on using the word "evilution" certainly betrays their bias and childish religious defense of the faith. I suppose one can be a "Cretinist" as well then.

Byker Bob said...

The irony of this is that Aron Ra has unwittingly given Dave Pack more publicity than he can muster from all of his own efforts. The good news is that this ain't publicity, it's more like warning everybody about Dave.


Minimalist said...

It's not even original thinking on Pack's part; he is just drawing on material from the slick Bible-belt Christian-apologetic industry - the stuff academics can easily refute.

Anonymous said...

BB said:"The irony of this is that Aron Ra has unwittingly given Dave Pack more publicity ..."

For the sheep that already follow him, you're 100% right! They now have visual evidence for being attacked by the devil and his demons. I never knew a 'demon' could be so well-spoken.


Anonymous said...

One of the reasons Piltdown Man was increasingly questioned in its time was the discovery of other specimens, which did not match the development pattern Piltdown Man indicated. Claiming the Piltdown Man hoax somehow invalidates all the work in the field before and after is rather bizarre. But then again, I heard zanier things from Hoeh readers...

Anonymous said...

"and at some point they will want to move on to Man-Pig relationships"

You didnt actually watch the "Man-Pig" LCG clip, did you?

Sweetblood777 said...

The truth is that evolution is nothing more than another religion.

I prefer to believe what is most logical to me.

Byker Bob said...

Yes. Piltdown Man is a case of science actually working, applying its best principles and correcting itself. This is not to imply that religion does not occasionally do the same. The Catholic Church eventually did acknowledge that Galileo was correct.
Unfortunately, Armstrongism does not seem to be amenable to the correction of its application of prophecy in spite of science, improved understanding of matters of the calendar (Hillel's fixed vs observational by the priesthood), comprehension of the ancient languages, archaeology, and history.
Splinters still assume that the end times are a function of math, and that one only need discover the correct link and formula, following William Miller's original eroneous methodology. Who knows when their imagination will eventually run out of gas? It just gets harder and harder ro watch, as the silliness quotient has long since crossed over into the realm of the totally irrational.


Anonymous said...

Aron Ra didn't miss a beat in his rebuttal to Pack's ignorance.

He did an excellent job!
Thank you, Aron Ra.

Anonymous said...

These videos are great! Pack looks like a complete idiot in all of this. Has dave ever read a book on evolution that was published outside the cult? All Pack did was recycle old GTA and church material that was poorly researched and filled with idiotic speculations of the authors. A big thanks to Aron Ra!