Monday, June 13, 2016

UCG Old Roosters Still Ruling The Coop

The good old boys network is still alive and well in the United Church of God.  The aging roosters are still ruling the coop.

They recently released their hierarchical positions of the leadership to the church to their members.

The following are the updated committees and their chairmen: 
Doctrine Committee: Scott Ashley, Bill Bradford, Bob Dick, John Elliott (chair) and Mark Mickelson.  
Education Committee: Jorge de Campos, Aaron Dean (chair), Rex Sexton and Tony Wasilkoff.  
Ethics Committee: Bob Dick, John Elliott, Mark Mickelson (chair), Mario Seiglie and Tony Wasilkoff.  
Executive Committee: Scott Ashley, Aaron Dean, John Elliott, Don Ward (chair) and Robin Webber.  
Media and Communications Committee: Scott Ashley (chair), Mario Seiglie, Rex Sexton, Tony Wasilkoff and Robin Webber.  
Roles and Rules Committee: Jorge de Campos, Aaron Dean, Rex Sexton and Robin Webber. There was no chair currently decided for this committee.  
Strategic Planning and Finance Committee: Bill Bradford (chair), Jorge de Campos, Bob Dick, Mario Seiglie and Robin Webber.

It's rather sad to see some of the men that preside on the Ethic's committee considering how they have mistreated church members over the decades.  

The entire UCG hierarchy is built upon a bedrock of unethical procedures by unethical men.  These men were all employees of WCG when all of the changes were hitting.  They disfellowshipped and mistreated members for many months while they were on the church payroll, all the while they were working behind the scenes plotting and scheming on how to take as many members and as much money as they could with them.  They worked to ensure that they would have money sitting in the bank in order to pay them before they jumped ship.  

Ethic's be damned!  This is UCG after all!


Anonymous said...

The only reason they jumped ship was because Tkach did away with tithing. This meant the poor house for the ministers. They didn't jump ship because of the watering down of doctrines, as they later claimed. A moral person would have resigned, rather than going along with what they believed was wrong doctrines. A big difference between these Armstrongite yes-men ministers, and Daniel and three friends, who were prepared to die rather than bow down to falsehood.

Stephen said...

What's more is, during the 2010 COGWA debacle, many of these men not only behaved atrociously , but some who now sit on the ethics and doctrine committees, also claimed ridiculous things at that time, such as that the ministers of UCG are THE modern-day descendants upon whom the mantle of the ancient Levitical priesthood has fallen. Say what? I had thought UCG had relaxed sufficiently as to claim that it wasn't the One True Church anymore and had begun to put a little more emphasis on the New Testament, but, if you're looking for the One True Old Testament Levitical priesthood, UCG is the one place on earth where you'll find it? Forget about the sheer absurdity of the claim for a moment, what about the desirability of claiming such a thing? Who would want to claim that? Present them with their words today and I wonder how many of them would be willing to publicly back them up now. Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess. They do whatever they gotta do to keep the money flowing in, no matter who or what else they have to throw under the bus to that end. And the end has always justified the means in Armstrongism...

Anonymous said...

No surprise. Do you really think that the old guard is going give-up its power to younger men who might be more likely to make wholesale changes? Besides are there even many young leaders left in this aging org.?

Byker Bob said...

It's all a nostalgia act at this point, anyway. Would we really expect a younger group of musicians to replace the members of the Rolling Stones, and to perform under that name? I'd have to believe that these ministers are looking to HWA's example of never retiring, never surrendering the power, and simply dying on the job. And, the members are programmed to approve.


Connie Schmidt said...

Reminds me of the old children's song "The Old Gray Mare, here slightly adapted...

The old gray hairs
They ain't what they used to be
Ain't what they used to be,
Ain't what they used to be
The old gray hairs,
They ain't what they used to be...
Many long years ago.

Anonymous said...

1.14 PM the ministry claiming that they are the levitical priesthood, morally gives them access to third tithe money. I recall Almost arrested Bob claiming in one of his former articles, that hence this money can be used as the ministers retirement fund. So the third tithe social security system, becomes almost exclusively a social system for the ministers. How convenient. And the title of modern day Levites, what a nice status boost. Isn't this the way of 'get' rather than 'give?' Oh wait, that only applies to the peasants, not to the big people.

Anonymous said...

Not all of them stayed. Some left earlier.

Anonymous said...

This spiritual levite thing is as old as WCG. The ministers have always treated it as their little piggy bank, especially Herb himself.

Allen C. Dexter

Anonymous said...

The handwriting is on the wall! The COGs will continue to fracture and decline as those who were so fanatically dedicated back there in the twentieth century continue to age and die off, both the members and the so-called leaders. The cash cow will continue to give less and less "milk." The remaining ministry will desperately fight to hang onto the declining pool of tithe payers. Program after program will have to be cut and banks are going to start foreclosing on propeerties they were conned into financing. The banks will survive because they lent money creaated out of thin air and can absorb the losses. Maybe a diminutive little group will carry on here and there, but nothing of any spectacular import. Allen C. Dexter

Minimalist said...

A Record?
Bill Bradford:
- pulling in big Herb-COG salaries for going on 50 years?
He must be a multi-millionaire by now!

Anonymous said...

Dexter, God doesn't need numbers. He never has.