Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Most Disrespectful Church of God Dares to Teach About "Respect"

Leave it to an aberrant splinter cult of the Church of God that is ensconced on its compound in the middle of Oklahoma to lecture its members and children on how to be "respectful."  Mind you, this comes from a cult that has disrespected its members so horribly that many have committed suicide.  This is the same cult that told a family to abandon their child at the mall so the state could take care of it.   This is the same cult that keeps employed in its ministry one of the most vile men the PCG has ever had in its midst, Cal Culpepper. A man who has destroyed countless lives and marriages.

Russell Williams writes:
While the world becomes worse and worse, we need to become better and better in our interpersonal relationships both with God and man. “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21). That is a command from God to all of us. Recapturing the true value of respect is our responsibility as we prepare to teach it in the soon-coming Kingdom of God.
Interpersonal relationships are not a priority for PCG members, at least when it comes to threats of "government" looming over peoples lives day in and out.  Parents are expected to turn their backs on on their children,  and adult children are expected to turn their backs on the parents, if any of them dare question the Holy Father and Son, Gerald and Steven Flurry.  Members must never show any disrespect towards any minister or upper echelon leader.  If so then God may rightfully strike them down. Bears are the just reward from disrespectful kids.

Disrespect toward God and His servants carries a heavy penalty. In 2 Kings 2 we read the account of a gang of youths who mocked God’s servant, Elisha. They disrespectfully called him “baldy” and mocked that he should “go up” (as in a whirlwind as Elijah had just experienced). They were actually disrespecting God, not just Elisha. Elisha cursed them in God’s name, and two hostile, fleet-footed, female bears came out of a nearby forest and savaged these delinquent hoodlums. They were torn in pieces by razor-sharp claws —a terrible consequence!
PCG is filled with parents that beat their kids and punish them mercilessly. Yet, PCG claims actions of the parents are to be the standards and examples for their kids.  When husbands kick their wives out of the house because a minister told them to, or wives walk out on their husbands because the husband dared to question the Dear Leader or God forbid, Cal Culpepper.  Its no wonder that the young people leave the PCG in droves.
Parents must first demonstrate respect for God and also show respect toward each other. Children will learn more by the example set by their parents than any other way. To parents God says in Ephesians 6:4, “And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath [frustration or resentment]: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” Show them respect and require the same from them, especially when they are corrected. When an adult asks your children a question, let them answer. Don’t step in and do it for them as if they cannot answer properly or may embarrass you. 
The PCG has been working overtime since they bought the Edstone cult compound in England to promote to the PCG members that they are "royalty."  The British Royal Family is brought up every chance they can as the standard they need to look up to.  This follows  right along with Flurry imitating HWA in everything.   HWA had portraits of Queen Elizabeth in several places on the Pasadena campus, particularly on the main floor in Ambassador Hall (Merritt House.)
Address another person by name or title, otherwise “Sir” or “Ma’am,” “Mr.” or “Mrs.”­—never “Mate,” “Love” or “Hey there.” Do not be presumptuous or take liberties in calling seniors by their first name unless you are invited to, and even then, use caution. Ministers and wives within the Church should be addressed as “Mr.” and “Mrs.”
What child or adult in the U.S. goes around calling people, "mate,' "love,' or "Hey there?"   Even disrespectful kids never say that.  There are no ministers in the PCG employ that deserve to be called "Mr."!  That title is one of respect, and their is nothing respectful about the ministry of the PCG.
Children should refer to and address adults by “Mr.”, “Mrs.” or “Miss,” or by their title. Adults should not invite children to call them by their first name, because it fosters disrespect and encourages taking liberties. Children should be reminded until it becomes natural. Look to the spirit and give people greater respect rather than less.
Don’t talk over others nor focus the discussion on yourself. Remember to “esteem others better than yourself.” Avoid informal replies such as “Yep,” “Nope,” “Dunno,” etc. Uplift others in conversation by listening and keeping it positive.
When has Cal Culpepper, Lil'Stevie or Gerald ever "esteemed others better than themselves?"  When?


DennisCDiehl said...

Respect, kindness and consideration are expected to flow upward in RCG, PCG and LCG. It does not flow in the other direction from what one can see or hear from those deprived of it. He will have no mercy who shows no mercy so we pretty know how it all will end.

Anonymous said...

“The Most Disrespectful Church of God Dares to Teach About 'Respect'”

EXCELLENT title for the post. That is EXACTLY what is going on there.

Perverse PCG tyrants like the Morleys have always shown nothing but utter contempt for other people. They act like pimps trafficking in the bodies of the people that they despise and slander and try to pair up with filthy old predators.

The little sheeple are expected to respect perverts who scheme and plot, lie and slander, and do nothing but evil continually.

Anonymous said...

“If i treated you, the way you treated me. You would hate me.”

If you tried to treat people the way false religions like the PCG get to treat people, you might get arrested.

Anonymous said...


In the PCG respect is a one way street with a dead end.

Anonymous said...

The PCG has some great-sounding talk to try to deceive people into thinking that it is good, but if you actually go there you will find nothing but evil. Talk is cheap and easy. Actually behaving in any sort of civilized fashion is simply much too hard for the PCG people, and especially for the spoiled rotten PCG leaders.

Anonymous said...

I surely have no idea which COG is the most disrespectful, but you could say this about the ones I do know about first hand, UCG and COGWA, and WCG back in the day.

The ministers were the ones with the high status, lording it over the ordinary members, demanding the utmost respect from them, as though they were god's gift to us, which I suppose most of them believe/believed to be literally true, meanwhile treating the second-class citizens any which way they please. But of course being a minister is no walk-in-the-park either, because the ministers behind the scenes treat/treated each other with tremendous disrespect as well, which is the real reason why there are so many splinters.

As far as morality is concerned, HWA, and the organization he created, and the splinters it has devolved into now and the leaders in all of them, is all morally bankrupt. You might as well go to Goldman Sachs or Disney corporations to learn about morality or respect as go to an Armstrongite corporation to learn about these things. It's like going to Starbucks in search of industrial paints. Starbucks is just the wrong place for that sort of item. The COGs are a place to go for snake oil. That's their only area of expertise.

Anonymous said...

the ministers behind the scenes treat/treated each other with tremendous disrespect as well

This is also very true of LCG in Charlotte. Members see the factions and backbiting among the ministers, and then see those same ministers attack brethren who follow the ministers' example. What's worse is that McNair and Meredith often attack the wrong people, leaving the actual enemies and dividers in place to continue their evil work.

Black Ops Mikey said...

It's because they're delusional and think they have a direct line to God.

Perhaps they should check where that direct line they have goes to.

Anonymous said...

There hasn't been any mention of the "ministers couch" on this blog!!! It's the same as Hollywoods Directors Couch! Wayne Turgeon has one in his office. Over the years I've heard of many a female college student, wives, and single ladies having to serve Turgeon on that couch. It's such a problem that Laura Turgeon is forever running to daddy Jerry about it.
David Fraser was a predator as well when he was a minister until he got exposed.
People won't expose Turgeon, Gareth Fraser, Brian Davis of the others because then we'd all be kicked out and separated from our families.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anyone in PCG still after all of these years, and abuse, later is brain dead. If they cannot see that they are in a cult there is no hope for them. They will continue to follow a false prophet, RCGers the same to them!