Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hear No Evil, See No Evil: Why does the ministry turn their back on abuse in the church?

There was a comment made on the blog of the Chief Pharisee today that asks why no one dares challenge the leadership of the Churches of God.   The question that really needs to be asked is why do the leaders in various Churches of God keep silent as they watch Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack, Rod Meredith and others abuse their members.  Why do none of them speak out?

Flurry, Pack, Thiel, Malm, Meredith and many others are NOT their brothers.  These men are not brothers in the faith. They sit there and do nothing as one horrendous abuse after another is dished out upon COG people.   How many more need to die from suicide, die from lack of medical care, have their families ripped apart and marriages destroyed?  How many more need to die in a needless shooting?

Is it because they know deep down that they are just as corrupt but in different ways?

I mentioned to an elder here a few years ago that it is high time for the priests of Baal to be cut to pieces. That didn’t go over too well. I meant of course for them to be cut to pieces verbally. No one who wants to do an Elijah type work should leave this part out! I think that most don’t want to seem offensive to the purveyors of gross error that are partially responsible for the mayhem in the world. Since the proverbial pen is mightier than the sword this can be achieved except for the fact that now we have a lot of subjects that are deemed ‘Hate Speech’.


Anonymous said...

There are ministers in Philadelphia Church of God that are pedophiles and rapists. There are ministers in Living Church of God that are rapists, stalkers and pedophiles. There are ministers in United Church of God that are rapists and pedophiles. They all know each other from their days in the Worldwide Church of God. They covered up for each other then and do it now. My sister was molested by a UCG minister and it was covered up. He is still preaching.

Anonymous said...

...add Grace Communion International to the list...

They had a child molester in the Deep South, all the Y.O.U. youth knew it. When another pastor of GCI in a neighboring church was warned about him, it still was covered up.

the tragedy continues....

these men, in all these groups, they're preaching now, but they will be standing in front of a very different authority someday

Anonymous said...

Why do we act so smug and look down on the Catholic Church for their perversion and pedophile behavior when that is all happening right now in the Philadelphia church of God? The PCG ministry know exactly what they're doing! They prey on the weak and the base, the vulnerable, they are sick and evil!
Look at how Laura Turgeon has Stockholm syndrome with her own husband Wayne! He is so busy bedding the married and unmarried ladies and she's left trying to keep up the happy facade of perfect wife!
GRF wont put a stop to Wayne's behavior but instead has Laura travel with him!
Members at HQs talk about how abusive and violent GRF was to his family back in WCG days.
Again, no one speaks out because it's a Pandora's box that can't be closed once that lid is pried off.

Anonymous said...

Clergy are committing criminal offences when sexually abusing people. In addition clergy by law are required to report abuse to the authorities. You, the member, have the ultimate power over the scumbags. Call the police. Record your conversations with the scumbags. Send them to their reward of free food and board in prison. True ministers of God do not protect or cover up scumbags, unless they are the scumbags themselves. The wolves depend on the sheep being sheep. Here is a Minnesota State Statute example.


...(1) the actor is or purports to be a member of the clergy, the complainant is not married to the actor, and:

(i) the sexual penetration occurred during the course of a meeting in which the complainant sought or received religious or spiritual advice, aid, or comfort from the actor in private; or

(ii) the sexual penetration occurred during a period of time in which the complainant was meeting on an ongoing basis with the actor to seek or receive religious or spiritual advice, aid, or comfort in private. Consent by the complainant is not a defense;

...Subd. 2.Penalty. Except as otherwise provided in section 609.3455, a person convicted under subdivision 1 may be sentenced:

(1) to imprisonment for not more than 15 years or to a payment of a fine of not more than $30,000, or both;..

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Anonymous said, "They prey on the weak and the base, the vulnerable, they are sick and evil!"

MY COMMENT - A foundational belief of Armstrongism is that "God calls the weak and base things" otherwise known as "door mats" and "dumb tithe slave sheep" in order to confound the mighty. How many mighty have been confounded over the past 80+ years of Armstrongism?


Anonymous said...

The attitude in Herbies church and slivers, has always been one of trying to a create a paradise for crooks, since Gods way of 'you reap what you sow' is considered cruel and unfair. Which must mean tolerating abuse in the churches. The leftwingers are upfront with this, calling tolerating abuse 'social justice.' yeap, heaps of social justice in the churches.

Cheers TradinGuy

Anonymous said...

GRF - he's a standing joke in other COG splinter's ,he's he's known as "6-pack"
he's known as a "government" person who STOMPED on Minister Trainees, too!

and it ain't just PCG...
Meredith's one of his sons ran around on his wife for a while before the marriage ended in divorce... what hurt was how many members knew about it...

shame on COG! ..WE'RE supposed to set a better standard

Anonymous said...

how abusive and violent GRF was to his family back in WCG days

I find this hard to believe. Barbara Flurry was a strong woman. She could have knocked that little runt Jerry over with a flick of her wrist or even a good hard exhale of her breath.

Yes, I'm sure GRF was as verbally abusive toward his family as he is toward others he seeks to control. But even if That Poofter wanted to be physically violent, it's hard to picture him having much success.

Gerald Bronkar said...

Who wouldn't want to be a member in good standing with one of these godly organizations?? So much Christian love and affection.

I've been noticing the different "handles" of some of the individuals posting, and I am encouraged to see that there are a number who are aware or are becoming aware of reality!!
Congratulations and good work to: Dennis, Allen, Black Ops Mikey, Glenn, Retired Prof, James, Michael,nck, DBP and more than one anon. Have I missed anyone?? Oh, and Connie is very bright and funny, and at least recognizes the CoG's for what they are.

For me, the key was reading the bible, all of it, not just cherry-picked passages, and reading about how we got the bible. Who wrote it, when was it written and what were the author's motives???

As long as you believe the bible is the word of god, someone is going to have their twisted interpretation to share with you. It is not holy. Good parts, bad parts and lots of crap.

Anonymous said...

Gerald B wrote,
"As long as you believe the bible is the word of god, someone is going to have their twisted interpretation to share with you. It is not holy. Good parts, bad parts and lots of crap."

Well said, Mister B!


Anonymous said...

How about abuse on your backside listening to 3 hour sermons. Pack is still preaching on his "first dominion" pet idea. Over 40 parts so far. Of course he talked about 3 men dying and all COG's re-united for over 3 years!

If you want to know abuse join RCG, they will use you up any way they can. And all of this time while they are doing it, they will tell you that they are the true church, and the only one holding fast, and how much love they have, etc.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to explain a little more. How is that termed "social justice"?

Anonymous said...

I believe you. I'm sorry for your sister I hope she can somehow recover and rebuild her life. I attend UCG and in the last 18 months I have become aware of overt listing in a speaker for a child. It's so obvious. He is a speaker too.

Anonymous said...

The term 'social justice' is used when people do not believe that Gods laws are perfect, and believe that good can come from breaking His laws.