Idiots in the Pulpit

Here is an idiot minister who claims Buzz Aldren never walked on the moon.  
Pay close attention towards the end of the clip to see Aldren do what so many people would 
like to do to some ministers (including many in Armstrongism).




This video is of Weinerdude lecturing a crowd at an Idea City conference.  Idea City gathers all kinds of speakers from around the world to come and speak.  They can discuss all kinds of things from science to religions,art, architecture, etc.  Most people in attendedance are highly educated.  They have no problem in bringing in "agitators" to mess with peoples minds.

You have to assume that is what they did when they brought in Weinerdude to talk about all of his prophecies.  Did they set him for all the world to see what a nut job he really is.  If they did, then he fell for it hook, line and sinker! Or, perhaps, they had him speak so that people would see how delusional some people who claim to be Christians really are!


It is no wonder people look at Christians and make fun of them when morons like this are sitting there blatantly lying.


This still has to be my favorite idiot pretending to be a minister.  Only someone associated with Benny Hinn could be this stupid!  She since has divorced Benny, so have to wonder if she still believes this garbage?

No, this is not James Malm, but it could be since EVERYTHING in this world is evil and of witchcraft.


Becky Fischer teaches children in Singapore at Jesus Camp on  how to raise the dead:

Weinerdude Weinland is cursing all who dare to mock his imbecilic rantings.

The only people in the world who think he is a true prophet 
is his equally idiotic wife (Witness #2 of the two of the Witless Witnesses) and his crazy daughter.

Whining About Wine

I guess a huge stack of Bibles next to you makes you an authority on scripture.  All that is missing is a Strong's Concordance and a COG minister sitting at the desk.

We had a couple of "ministers" walk out on stage in Pasadena every time they spoke with a huge stack of books under their arm.  I guess they thought we were supposed to be in awe of their speaking and intelligence.  Trouble was, they were just as  theologically stupid as this minister who talking about grape juice and wine.

Jonathan Bell


Idiots in the Pulpit:  You Too Can Be Supernatural For $35.00


Blue Glitter and Oil


Jesus and Mary Magdalene of Australia


Moo Moo's, "Really Overweight Good Lookin' Ladies" and Dissolving Fat


Take a Hit of Jehovahjuana
It's no wonder Christians are looked upon with so much derision by so many when there are these kinds of people out there.

 John Crowder claims he met Jesus while on an acid trip and now travels the world getting people quite literally high on God. He and his disciples 'drink', 'inject' and 'smoke' Jesus and spend much of their time seemingly wasted and posting bizarre sermon videos on YouTube.


A friend sent me this link today.  It is quite interesting in how it exposes the fraudulent faith healers in the United States and elsewhere.  California has been filled with these religious charlatans for decades.  We are fertile breeding ground for these fraudulent belief systems.

Soon after I came to Pasadena Peter Popoff hit the news with his charade exposed.  It was close to the time of Jim Jones, WCG's Receivership, and other religious leaders being brought down to their knees because of their lies and deceit.  Soon Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye, Oral Roberts, Tilton, Binny Hinn, and many others had their deception spread across the news for all the world to see.  Binny Hinn is the biggest fraud out there today.  He owns more homes, jets, and cars than HWA ever did.  Yet, he is is exactly like HWA in the way he uses his words, his actions, and his manipulative way of speaking that stirs people to action.

WCG has always been filled with countless stories of miraculous healing.  I wonder how many of them are actually true.  How many have you ever witnessed first hand or were they stories you heard?  While I have no doubt in my mind that miraculous things can happened, I still have to wonder how much of it is mind over matter?  Do we want it to happen so bad that we deceive ourselves that it has?