Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flurry Cult Cavorting With John Birch Society?

A reader sent this in about a recent tweet by the Philadelphia Church of God cult where they are bragging about HWA videos being on YouTube.

So this brilliant tweet is posted on the front page of (Flurry):
YouTube now has a channel devoted to the United States of Europe ... even has a couple of clips of Herbert Armstrong!

Follow the link to the dedicated YouTube page, and you’ll see that the HWA videos (posted by “hwatv” – a Flurry thing, perhaps?) are keeping company with the likes of the John Birch Society, something called the AllanWattResistance (from an author who appears to have his own fringe ideas about the things controlling the world), and someone called “Sir Leonard Wells,” a high school graduate (recently deceased) who identified himself on Linked In as an “online media writer & broadcaster, logistical thinker” and, the clincher…”transport specialist.”
Good grief.


Assistant Deacon said...

Sir Leonard Wells was a high school graduate? Well, he's in good company with HWA, then.

Vaughn said...

"Transport Specialist?" So... Truck driver, bus driver, cab driver, bicycle salesclerk?

Anonymous said...

HWA was a high school graduate?

I thought his education was more like that of Jethro Bodine's!