Sunday, June 10, 2012

God Punished Richard Armstrong Because He Had No Faith.

Harold Reimann, who pretends he is the new Elijah III on earth, says that Richard Armstrong died because he told members that if they did not have faith to be healed then they should be going to a doctor.  Because of that, God caused a violent accident which ultimately lead to his death  God was apparently pissed so he let Richard die.  "Take that, you faithless laodiceans!"

Then a letter from Richard Armstrong to Rod Meredith dated 1-28-57, the year of Richard's death. "It was felt as a final conclusion, that we should not order any person to go off drugs or medicines!" Then a letter from a poor little sheep, Mrs. James F. Ward answered by Richard, 4-9-57. She asked, "but I do want to know if you think it is a sin to go to doctors." He didn't answer her but told her that the church would not forbid her to go. If you have the faith, God will heal. If you don't and feel you should go, then by all means go. AND THERE YOU HAVE THE BIG CHANGE IN HEALING! And Richard died for it.

Harold, one more in a long line of disturbed individuals with visions of grandeur.  Just how many Elijah's does there need to be running around out there?


FT said...

Another XCG apologist who has a weak mental process when it comes to empathy and compassion. A far contrast from how Jesus practiced compassion.

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows, this is Harold's HUGE pet doctrine that overshadows literally every other aspect of life.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

By 1969, a little more than 10 years after Richard Armstrong's death, it was being preached from the WCG pulpit, “if you die in the hands of doctors, you will go to the lake of fire" (F.K. January, 1969 sermon in Washington, D.C.).


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

For those who are unaware, there was controversy in Richard Armstrong’s death, and whether initial medical attention might have saved Richard’s life. The Exit and Support Network has more information found here:


Anonymous said...

"Google Elijah III and you will see what I mean. Nothing really except me at the top. That's the way it was when I first started my page, Elijah III, in July of 1996."

Harold Reiman

"And yes brethren, I am an Apostle."

Dave Pack

"I know how God works."
Ron Weinland

"Look, I've just started this book. I have 293 people on my friend's list in FB. Very few women because my page is very serious! Yet, not one response to my book as yet."
Harold Reiman

I'm sensing a pattern here... :)

"Ego is self identity. It’s labeling yourself, painting the ‘pure you’ with distinct qualities. (Apostle, Witness, Special knowledge)

And this ego labels others too.( Jerk, False, liar, fallen, deceived, science so called)

The ego cannot but think in terms of these qualities and it always defines yourself as somebody distinct from others. But these qualities and definitions are not fixed or constant. The paint wears off in time and as it wears off, the ego freshly paints the worn off patches of with new qualities and new definitions, and gives an illusion of continuity. (It's spiiiritual brethren, I never said that, God is revealing even more, I still am a prophet and apostle, We didn't understand) This illusion of continuity of qualities strengthen self identity.

"So, what exactly is this ego?

Ego is that state of awareness which thinks of you as separate from the other. Ego thinks in terms of guiltiness and shames and glories of the past, and it thinks in terms of fears and hopes about the future. It never thinks about what ‘is’, but always thinks about ‘what was’ and ‘what could be’. Ego thinks in terms of many as opposed to the One, the one pure intelligence." (J Nanagni)


Anonymous said...

"Ego imitates. When you are in the state of ego, you try to imitate your own past success or you imitate somebody else."

This is an interesting observation with respect to how ego imitates and how the COG Lone Ranger types simply have to copy all things HWA.

They copy auditoriums, campus, writings, designs, building styles, teachings and opinions as if they were the only ones that mattered.

Once you refer to another human's life as the life you should live or thoughts as the only thoughts you should think, you have lost your authentic self.

Groups and organizations can't long abide a critical thinker, non compliant or obedient sameness. While the Bible orders all to speak the same thing, it simply is a formula for fakeness.

I guess they don't call them COGs for nothing. Each member or splinter/sliver is just one small part of the ever turning wheel of Ego.

That is no way to think, much less live.


Douglas Becker said...

And here it is that I thought that Billingsly who fell asleep at the wheel and crossed the finish line... oops, I mean the center line, was responsible for Richard David Armstrong's death.

That, and Herbert Armstrong not letting his son get medical treatment. And later, his wife, because he would not let her get medical treatment.

I think I see a pattern here.

But then Herbert Armstrong himself got medical treatment and lived unto a great old age.

I guess he's going into the lake of fire, eh?

Allen C. Dexter said...

Nobody's going into anything but the molderings of the grave.

It would have been interesting to see what might have transpired had Richard lived. He was a different personality when compared to Ted.

I didn't know him well, but he seemed to be a very sincere and compassionate type of individual. I think he might have steered the organization in a different direction. He had started doing broadcasts.

We'll never know. Time and chance does happen to all just like the most rational book in that collection tells us.

DennisCDiehl said...

Richard Armstrong living probably would have changed our entire WCG experience. Loma Armstrong longer would have changed the experience. Herbert dying much sooner would have changed the experience.

A thought, a hesitation, a missed turn, being late, unbooking passage or running back into the store can change the whole story.

If it had not been this story, it would have been some other story.

"A man's life consists not in the abundance of storylines he experiences."

No Deity was aware of Richards impending death and cared if it happened or not. Deities don't notice stuff like this and don't have time to intervene or prevent it from all I can tell. They tend to be on vacation when you need them most.

Herbert always talked about how God grabbed his steering wheel to bring him somewhere or other that HWA needed to go and wasn't getting there without help. It was this wheel grabbing Deity that was on vacation when Richard could have used his grabbing abilities.

My experience has been that if any God can't help a child leaving muddy handprints on the swimming pool wall trying to get out of it and not surviving nor being heard for help, don't count on much else.

I know:
"My ways aren't your ways..."
"There is a way that SEEMS right to a man...."
"The wisdom of man is foolishness with God..."
"God won't give you more than you can bare."
"God does not see as a man sees...'

Mere mortals can't win.

But I"m just sayin,

DennisCDiehl said...


"My ways aren't your ways..."
"There is a way that SEEMS right to a man...."
"The wisdom of man is foolishness with God..."
"God won't give you more than you can bare."
"God does not see as a man sees...'

Then He shouldn't make promises in the Book that aren't going to be kept in anyway humans would think the promise promises...

Assistant Deacon said...

Harold Reimann's edicts aren't even worth the time it takes to write this sente

Anonymous said...

"God Punished Richard Armstrong Because He Had No Faith."
I do not know how many of those posting here were in WCG when Richard Armstrong died, but I believe this is a stupid statement. I was just beginning my association with the Radio Church of God when this accident occurred and my personal opinion (which may be worthless) of Richard Armstrong was that he was more balanced than most of those at Pasadena at that time.
If we want to relate his death to God in any way (which I don’t) I would say that Richard had proven himself worthy and he was spared all the garbage that has been accumulated through the years since his human life creased.
I believe that people who want to judge those who have died show an unreasonable disrespect for humanity as a whole. Of course this is just a personal opinion based on the recognition that all human life has significant value.

Steve Kisack said...

Dennis, I may not always agree with you, but you are so ahead of your time.

Andrew said...

Dennis said...
"Mere mortals can't win."

Nope, because if we do anything right, then all the glory is supposed to go to god, and if we do anything wrong, all the blame stays with us. When we lose we lose (obviously), and when we win, we STILL lose. Religion makes humans into walking blame receptacles.

DennisCDiehl said...

Steve Kisack said...
Dennis, I may not always agree with you, but you are so ahead of your time."

Hi Steve, I have been told that my entire life. I have learned that what seems so common sense normal to me went over the heads of most of my peers in the past at least.

I have also learned that being ahead of one's time leaves you sitting alone with your Wookie Like Shih Tzu rubbing her belly , watching it rain and sayin, "Well we are!" lol

Anonymous said...

"Mere mortals can't win."
“Religion makes humans into walking blame receptacles”.

These two statements seem to be “downers”. Just being alive has significant value if we recognize the available opportunities. What do we expect out of life? What do we expect from religion? When a child is born healthy they are interested in almost everything that goes on around them. Given proper guidance they will learn how to relate to the world around them. They should be able to trust those that make up the family they are born in to make wise decisions and teach them what is right until such a time when they are capable of taking responsibility for their own actions.
The same is true of religion except a persons interest in religion usually doesn’t begin until teen years. Those who take the responsibility of guiding those religious yearnings are dealing with an area that is not as simple as our human existence. I cannot go into all the details in this area, but will just say this: Religion true or false is continually evolving so the focus should always be on simplicity. The simplicity I believe to be most helpful is the accept the fact that no human being has the capability of understanding what is defined as “spiritual”, but the “spiritual life” we desire to understand is for us not against us. The human proclivity of blaming everything and/or everybody is a dead end path. We can blame our parents, other people, circumstances, government, etc. until we get to the point that “it is just you and me Lord”. Some want to do away with the Lord, which ends with just “Me”. If we cannot see that “me” is only as valuable as the positive contributions made to the those that share our existence we have missed the whole focus of religion.