Friday, June 22, 2012

Out of the 90% of $4.5 million, the Weinlands alone, spent at least 80% of that money.

The God Discussion blog has an article up about the Weinlands escapades.

Jesus fails to save 'God's Final Witness' from jury's guilty verdict for tax evasion 

One of the jurors remarked,
Out of the 90% of $4.5 million, the Weinlands alone, spent at least 80% of that money. We are talking Lasik eye surgery, Insight cable bills, utility bills, car insurance, global & domestic shopping sprees for clothing, art, & jewelry, homes, on and on….basically everything and then some. In a nutshell these scumbags paid any and all exspenses down to groceries and morning coffee out of these church donations! The so called “church money” equals Ron and families money.
What a brazen piece of garbage. These people are sociopaths. I feel for those of you who were ever entangled with this freak! There is nothing at all Godly about this man. That is putting it lightly.
The jury foreman's opinions were not expressed quite as strongly, but he said that the courtroom experience and verdict was draining, adding that the jury carefully deliberated the evidence. He noted:
I do admit that while none of the witnesses from the church appeared to be violent people, the thought has crossed my mind that if any members of the church were to go off the deep-end, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for them to decide that we are the “enemy” and to seek vengeance, which is why I advised the other jurors to make sure to keep our actual names hidden online and in the media.


Martin Kostanza said...

Its getting boring now. Nothing else going on?

Anonymous said...

There's a spawn of Weinerdude who recently got out of an Israeli jail. He was escorted back to his Greek exile just a few days ago. Before his christ returns on July 19, he's planning to set his hair on fire and cast it to the wind, or something to that effect.

He sent out another press release today.