Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ron Weinland Tax Trial: GUILTY On All 5 Charges!

Mike (False Prophet Ronald Weinland: Don't Drink the Flavor Aid Served by False Prophets) is reporting that Ron Weinland was found GUILTY on all five charges that were leveled against him!

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has claimed to be an Apostle, the end-time Elijah, Zerrubabel, and I’ve lost track.  But we can add one more title to his long list — Convict.
The jury got the case this afternoon and came back in less than 4 hours with guilty verdicts on all five counts.  Ron is on home detention, sentencing on September 24.  Guess he’ll have to update the “Trips” page on his blog unless he can make $300,000 bail.  Oh, I see that he’s deleted that page entirely.
More details as I get them.

Pretty soon the Witless Witness will be sharing a bunk with Bubba.


Anonymous said...

Never fear True Believers! Ron will just turn his imprisonment, ala Kent Hovin, into the courageous story of a Man of God So Godly That Satan Had To Take Him Off Board. Get ready for the sanctimonious missives from prison. This will cause some to leave but the ones who stay will stick to Ron forever; Ron will used this as a sign that he is The Only One Carrying Out God's Work. He will frequently cite Biblical passages about the persecution of the Saints In The End Time.

Paul R.

Anonymous said...

Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a god after all! Now, we need to get the government to start after the rest of these morons in charge of the various COG's.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Rather ironic that ACOGs always say there is no justice in the world. Well, justice has been served. My question is what took the jury so long?

Ron can use this opportunity to learn "Jailhouse Rock", and pick-up litter with Bubba along US highways with the rest of the chain gang.


Douglas Becker said...

Weinland is only one instance of an Armstrongist leader.

All of Armstrongism is corrupt.

It is now time for all Armstrongist cult members to leave Armstrongism and let the false prophet hirelings trying to copy the original dead false prophet to fend for themselves.

UCG, LCG, RCG, PCG, CGG are all of the same origin -- Ronald Weinland is just the same as the rest, spouting lies and taking the money.

Forget the sentencing two days before the Day of Atonement and the Prison Feast Site.

Leave the false prophet liars who steal from you and tell lies, no matter which flavor they are.

Anonymous said...

What about all the scriptures about following the laws of the land where possible, giving unto Caesar what is Caesar's, if compelled to walk one mile by a Roman soldier, walk two. Oh, I guess Ron figured those applied to everyone but him. What? Another hypocrite prophet? Who could have guessed.

I guess now Caesar is going to have the pleasure of introducing Ron to Bubba.

Anonymous said...

What was the “Trips” page on his blog?


Lake of Fire Chuirch of God said...

Douglas Becker said, "UCG, LCG, RCG, PCG, CGG are all of the same origin -- Ronald Weinland is just the same as the rest, spouting lies and taking the money".

MY COMMENT - Douglas, while I agree with your statement, I would just comment by saying it is the hidden price we pay for living in a free country where there is freedom of religion and separation between Church and State.

There is nothing illegal in being a snake oil salesman assuming the necessary licenses are acquired - its illegal not to report the income from sales of snake oil bottles. In the case of Ron Weinland, you can't use a Church as your own personal piggy bank, and not pay personal taxes on the income.

Consider Ron Weinland and notoreous gangster Al Capone now have something in common. :)

Incidently, I suspect HWA wannabe Ron Weinland didn't have the legal and accounting resources to "bullet proof" himself that Herbert Armstrong had available to himself.


Anonymous said...

I've just interviewed a few people at the prison where Ron will be attending the Feast of Blabbermouths.

According to Warden Schwarzenegger, "We can always use a few more girly-men like Ron here. In cell block number nine, he will be properly pumped up, like they do in Colleyfornia."

According to Bubba in cell block number nine, "I've been so lonely lately, so I will welcome Ron as my new cell-mate, and look forward to having good times with his end times. I'll get away with it because there will be no witnesses!"

According to the cook, Cafeteria Carla, "I hear he follows special dietary laws when people are looking, so I'm gonna put poop in his soup when nobody's looking."


Douglas Becker said...

There is nothing illegal in being a snake oil salesman

Unless you are a false prophet under the Old Covenant: It's against that particular Law.

I'm not certain whether it is under Sharia Law. I'm thinking yes.