Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ron Weinland Has Travel Restrictions Imposed

Ron will soon wish he still had his Nordstrom's card....

Poor Ronnie, just cannot get a break.  First he makes a complete ass of himself by trying to testify in his own defense.  When he was examined by the prosecutor he started losing it when he tried to justify spending money on Las Vegas hotel rooms at the Venetian, tickets to the Blue Man Group, and a shopping spree at Nordstrom's, all on the Church credit card.

Then he was found guilty on all five charges against him.  For being God's final witness and supreme authority on all things spiritual, this surely came as a blow to him.  He probably will soon equate this as being like God turning his back on Jesus at the cross.

Now the court has imposed travel restrictions on him.  He cannot travel to Southern Ohio where he tends to pop up anytime he thinks he has a new revelation to reveal.  His travel is restricted to Eastern Kentucky.  He also cannot use any church money except for the agreed upon salary amounts.  He also has to pay a $300,000 bond.

Mike on Weinland’s Pre-Sentencing Release has a scan of the court document and also notes that Weinland is using the gold that he bought to secure his bond.

Since Weinland is really good about "spiritualizing" away his failed prophecies will he soon claim this is only a "spiritual" conviction because God's true witness can never be found guilty?


Anonymous said...

Ron will soon look good "pretty in pink."

Douglas Becker said...

Well, and if he is sentenced to prison, it will be two days before the Day of Atonement, ironically picturing the binding of Satan in a place of restraint. This will be followed in October by the annual celebration at the Prison Feast Site, which pictures peace and prosperity in the earth, free from Ronald Weinland's... I mean, Satan's Influence, after which he will be loosed again on the earth for a little season to disrupt things again.

One wonders if Weinland will learn to fear God during those 8 days. The record is that he doesn't fear the men God put over him, so probably not. He may come to fear, though.

Will the Prison officials let him off to keep the feast and not make him work those 8 days (let's say, in the Prison Laundry)? Hopefully, he will be able to have Kosher type foods (although they may have a bit too much salt for him). It is doubtful they will allow him to rejoice with strong drink. Bread and water should do it.

We hope he gets the Sabbath off from his work details. Hopefully, he will not be on a chain gang doing something useful like working on the roads.

This way he can preach to the spirits in prison... well, at least preach to the other guys. I wonder if he will convert anyone to take up his cross and follow him. Perhaps it is more accurate that they might be somewhat cross about his teaching.

As for Jesus with his third return, it is not clear what he would do with Weinland. Perhaps he will let him stay in prison to teach him a lesson.

Or maybe take him out to throw him in the Lake of Fire where the Beast and the other false prophet are.

NO2HWA said...

God forbid if the Kentucky courts give him a 3 1/2 year sentence. Can you imagine the field day he will have with that!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe, Doug, there isn't another false prophet. Maybe he's the guy the bible is talking about.

There's a saying that the man who represents himself has a fool for a client. Whenever an attorney hears he'll be up against self-representation, he knows he doesn't have to work for the money, just show up on the court date and that's it. What determines just about everything is not what goes on in the courtroom, but the relationships between the attorneys and the judge. When you represent yourself, you have no relationships within the you're doomed. You can know all the laws, but if you don't know anybody, you're gonna crash and burn. Most people would never choose to represent themselves if they really knew how it worked. Not that he had much of a chance anyway. Seems like an open and shut, clear-cut case.

Anonymous said...

How is he going to get back to Jerusalem to be killed? Isn't that what happens to both of the two witnesses? Maybe, Pack really is training them, or is one of them. He has changed this truth a few times.

Anonymous said...

How is he going to get back to Jerusalem to be killed?

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