Saturday, July 7, 2012

The True WCG Says: Nations Fear the U.S. Because We Have Special UFO Contacts

Just when you think the looney farm that makes up the Churches of God could not get any weirder, along comes E. W. King with more stupidity.

Did you know that the nations of the world are in awe and fear of the United States because of the special relationship we have with UFO's?  UFO's seem to prefer Americans to study, probe and have sex with over other humans around the world.. 

According to King, the US military has hoards of documentation UFO sightings by American test pilots and others.

But what do we see now? People from ancient past have talked about strange objects in the sky. Before there was any flight technology these sighting must have seemed super strange. Now that man has flight technology many things have been seen in the sky? Should this surprise us? No. During the 1940’s humans were experimenting with all sorts of new military craft. Commercial pilots reported seeing all sorts of things. The US Air Force started “Project Blue Book” to find out just who saw what and to create cover stories to protect the Top Secret experimental air craft’s.

King, like all good Armstrongites has to interject "sex" into the mix.  Spanky must be proud!

Now it is true that other anomalies have been spotted that are not manmade objects flying through the sky. What of these? Many are simply things occurring naturally that man does not yet understand. But there is a very small percentage that seems to be guided or “intelligent” objects. What are these? Many claim that they are little-gray bug type aliens that are flying around. Thousands of people have come forth with stories claiming that they have been abducted by these ET’s. Their stories are simply horrifying. They claim that these little gray-bug type aliens have done numerous operations on their bodies. Many of these stories involve strange sexual activity.

Here is his astounding wisdom on how nations fear us because of our UFO contacts:

Before I talk further about this phenomenon let me here say that these stories in some ways help America because the other countries now think that we are favored with extraterrestrial technology and private “special” contact. This adds fear to the nations. We can now say that we have the best ‘extraterrestrial technology’. In some ways the US Government feeds into these stories and even helps invent and promote them. We can now turn our TV’s on and watch National Geographic and or Discovery Channel only to learn that we have been created by these aliens. This false propaganda has even a darker side to it.

Of course that darker side is that big, bad, old meanie Satan. Armstrongism, for some reason, lives in fear of it's created creature they call satan.  They give their satan far more power than there actually may be.  They also talk about him way more than they do Jesus Christ.

You can read his entire post here:  Top Secret – Fire from the Sky


Douglas Becker said...

Pure psychology is the “cult of self-worship”. It teaches that YOU in and by yourself have the power to change the “self”.

No, it isn't. Psychology 101 in College or University teaches that psychology is the study of behavior (in both man and animals... and maybe plants, now -- the jury is still out on that one).

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (currently, the DSM IV) by the American Psychiatric Society focuses on abnormal psychology.

And maybe E. W. King is right: Maybe pure psychology is about him.

The abnormal psychology part, that is.

[And now, dear friends, since it is Saturday night, let us play that fun game, "Pick the Mental Disorder" (using the DSM IV). Let us start with E. W. King.]

Douglas Becker said...

Pure psychology is the “cult of self-worship”. It teaches that YOU in and by yourself have the power to change the “self”.

Oops, sorry, I fogot to add:

Pure psychology does NOT teach that you in and by yourself have the power to change the "self".

In this case (E. W. King), it will take counseling with a professional thoroughly qualified Psychiatrist along with medications.

This is not going to be self-help therapy, I can see that right now from here.

Byker Bob said...

Roswell is a frequent topic of discussion both amongst science fiction enthusiasts, and on Coast to Coast. Personally, I've never known what to make of the Roswell incident, although it seems obvious that something happened there back in 1947.

These ACOG people, as their core prophecies continue to fail, just keep digging deeper into the fringes for any possible ways in which their lives in Armstrongism could suddenly be validated. It's sad to watch. Who knew that Rod Meredith would be even considering the Mayan calendar, or that others would be trying to incorporate elements of Islam into their Armstrong frameworks? Now, we've got the UFO stuff! Amazing.


Douglas Becker said...

Byker Bob,

And don't forget the Stargate buried at the bottom of the ocean to let demons come to earth from off planet.

Perhaps we can have stories in the future by Armstrongists how Herbert Armstrong used a Stargate to visit various dignitaries on extrarestrial worlds and regale us with stories of his 8 Andromeda Council sons.

Now THAT would be a restart story, but I'm not certain that "Worldwide Church of God" would fill the bill. Is "Intergalactic Church of God" taken yet? (No, really!)

And one wonders how various of the more obscure Apostles of the First Century visited the lost sheep of the Pinwheel Galaxy (Ursa Major) but through Christ's Stargate (the REAL SG-1! or maybe JC-SG?).

Well, the summer season is upon us and it's time for new stories on new networks.

Let's hope for something that will make the ratings in the Armstrongist realm and make it into reruns.

Douglas Becker said...

Oh, I know: How about "Touched by a Demon", the continuing series (on cable network) of fallen angels who have to protect humans on earth from extraterrestrial invaders, because the holy angels have a different commission and Satan sure isn't going to do the job.

Each week, a small cadre of demons, not thrilled about the idea, have to tell their protected humans, "God loves you, but you need to take responsibility for your actions" while they defeat various baddies from other Galaxies while maintaining a low profile so they don't caught in the cross-fire of various competing spirit beings.

Maybe the same team that produces "Supernatural" on the CW will pick up the contract.

We have a guaranteed audience....

Painful Truth said...

What is really nutty is how no one ever questioned the source of HWA's United States of Europe farce. Where did he get this idea? From God or the newspapers?

Well the papers of course! The first print of Herbie's "Plain Truth" printed back in Feb. 1934 asked the question "Is a world dictator about to appear"? Well in the August issue of that year he develops the story further saying"
"CONTINUE FORTY A N D TWO MONTHS." by a "United States of Europe," Page 6

You can read about it here:

Mish-Mash said...

HWA never had an original idea in his life. Everything he propogated was extracted from someone else. The churches see all these other theories getting attention so they have to jump on the band wagon and put their 2 cents in.

Now Gene Roddenbery, there's someone who was an original. I would love to travel at light speed all over the galaxy at light speed. The Vulcans have it right, minus out all this emotion, its a pain in the ass. I vote Mr. Spock as the High Priest of the Church of Logic.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the secret race of people who live inside the Hollow Earth have a pretty advanced civilization.

Maybe by using some kind of advanced psychiatric methods, they could even help E. W. King!


Allen C. Dexter said...

When I worked in Letter Answering, we would get these crazy letters from people who believed in a hollow earth. That's a total scientific impossibility, by the way, but you'll find nuts who will believe anything if it is put forward with enough slickness.

Byker Bob said...

Wouldn't it just be a gas if in pursuing their HWA programmed mandate to avoid Protestantism, some of these remnants actually morphed towards the Church of Scientology?

Compared to paying three tithes, the expense of being audited getting Clear and becoming OT would be miniscule.