Saturday, August 11, 2012

Asplode Alert: UCG Lectures on Lying

Here is a quote from United Church of God on how lying  affects one's health.  This is rich coming from UCG considering the incredible amount of lying that went on when they were apostatizing from WCG in the 1990's and then again when they ruptured with the COGWA split.  Armstrongism has a sad legacy of lying.  Justified lying has always been a fixture of the church, just as it has been in other cults like the JW's and Adventists.

Feel Better – Quit Lying!
[Steve Myers] There’s a new research study that is just out from the University of Notre Dame. I ran across an interesting article that talked about the “science of honesty” – that’s the name of the study. So, can you imagine that? The science of honesty. And so it involves lying, imagine this. Here’s what the researchers found at Notre Dame. They found that when people manage to reduce their lies – this is over a 10 week period – they reported significantly improved physical and mental health in those same weeks. So they found there’s a direct correlation between not telling lies and feeling better. And it’s an interesting study when you begin to look at the details of this and the effects of lying on our mental and physical health. There is a connection.
[Darris McNeely] And that shouldn’t be surprising to us because lying is certainly something forbidden by one of God’s Ten Commandments “Thou shalt not lie” (Exodus 20: 16 and Deuteronomy 5:20). He put that in there as a very important spiritual principle. And all of God’s law has certain physical connections to our well-being as well as certainly our spiritual relationship with God. So, from a scriptural perspective, that shouldn’t be surprising.

verb (asplode, asplodes, asploding, asploded; n. asplosion, asplosions)

A mixture of an explosion and implosion, usually affecting only a person's head, though anything is subject to asploding.

It is a spontaneous and violent act, though usually its effects are only temporary, restoring its victim to continue normally or asplode again. An asplosion may occur if a person is overwhelmed by current circumstances, or if the existence of an object must suddenly cease to exist.


Anonymous said...

"Here is a quote from United Church of God on how lying affects one's health. This is rich coming from UCG considering the incredible amount of lying that went on when they were apostatizing from WCG in the 1990's and then again when they ruptured with the COGWA split."

Lying also affects the victim's health and happiness.

The chronic lying, slandering, and backstabbing that goes on from top to bottom in the (Dis)United Cult certainly WILL affect your health and happiness.

If any decent people ended up in the UCG, they won't need that article about lying. The chronic liars in the UCG will not stop lying because of that article.

One wonders whether the UCG is full of liars because it is the Laodicean era of the Church that needs to go into the Great Tribulation or whether it is full of liars because it is just an irrelevant cult full of rotten people.

Douglas Becker said...

Well, no, I just looked up several translations (one with the Hebrew words interpreted) and the Scripture actually says,

Thou shalt not bear false witness...

This would make being a false prophet a direct violation of this Commandment.

United still offers "The United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy" or some variant of the name, meaning they still support British Israelism, which is absolute rubbish and a total lie.

But the solution is before them: Stop lying and (all things being equal and the study results being within one standard deviation of the mean -- which one doubts the ministry of UCG would fall into, but would rather be at least two devations beyond the mean of lying) started being (gasp, choke) being honest, perhaps they will be able to stop complaining about these ailments which crop up amongst the ministry and maybe some of the ministers will be able to get off their meds, particularly the ones for clinical depression (I know who some of you are).

Of course, the sociopath and pscyhopathic ministers I know in the UCG are off limits because they've done so much damage to their brains (supported by yet another study) that there can be no reversal.

And maybe that's OK... for them.

According to yet another study from the University of Toronto by Dr. Kang Lee and his associate, lying is the basis for Executive Ability. If you aren't a successful liar by the age of say, 5, then forget it: You won't become a Corporate CEO, Director, Manager or gain political office. You are so screwed. And what we have seen, the ministry of the UCG definitely needs Executive Ability to run the scams... oops, I mean programs, they are pushing on their people as irrational initiatives which will overburden the membership even more.

Yes, and Anonymous is right: There is also damage to those to whom the false witness is made. It begins this cycle:

First, when the lying is discovered and the people realize they can't do anything about it, apathy sets in. Look for such statements as "Nothing ever changes around here". The proliferation of Dilbert Cartoons is also an indication that dysfunctional entropy has set in.

Next, the people get a whiff of hope: They realize that maybe they CAN do something about the lies.

Third, and the final stage (mostly), the people rebel.

So you ministers and administrators at United, listen up: If you don't stop lying, you will have a rebellion on your hands.


Too late!

You've already said goodby to the CoGWA.

Congratulations on your incompetence.

You know, I would say, let the healing begin, but then, I know better, because I know you con men altogether too well.

Anonymous said...

If the researchers at Notre Dame would next like to discover what happens to people who's heads have suffered extraordinarily high numbers of asplosions, they can seek out UCG ministers to study.


Anonymous said...

Great response DB, give 'em hell on BI - it makes them such an easy target - but the morons would rather fight than switch. At least Tkach capitulated early on this nonsense.

Douglas Becker said...

2012 is not a good year for Armstrongism.

If I were a betting man (and I'm not), I would bet there is going to be far more trouble ahead.

It would be better for them to run than fight.

Best of all, it wold be even better for them to repent and admit they are wrong.

But what would be the fun in that?

Anonymous said...

This new word, asplode: Is that the correct spelling in this case? The reason I ask is that it doesn't seem like this splinter stuff comes from peoples' heads in the first place. So, I was thinking maybe it's more like assplode.

Anonymous said...

Telling the truth, for real, is a scary proposition. It's like taking off your clothes in public.

Bottom line: There's the person we might sincerely want to be, and so we pretend to be. Then there's the person we really are. The big difference is that in the imaginary world where we pretend to be the person we wish we were, reality never comes knocking, to force our hand into doing the dirty deeds that WE would never do! So, what, we end up repressing all the things we really do, which are inconsistent with the person we wish we were.

I would hate to be a minister, financially hamstrung by a fictitious religion/church, locked into denial about everything I'm repressing because I'm failing so miserably at being a "christian" because I can never be who I have to pretend I am. What's dishonest about that?

I don't believe in heaven or hell anymore, but god, this sounds like hell to me.

Couldn't bear to listen to these mealy-mouthed hypocrites marvel that someone besides themselves could possibly think that honesty was something worth pursuing. As if they knew the first thing about it.

Assistant Deacon said...

UCG lecturing on lying is a case of the pot calling the kettle a descendant of Ham.