Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beware Of Tricky Looking Cows With Low Morals! They Are Just Like Church of God Ministers!

More fun sent to me today from those wacky folks on Yahoo. The mind of an Armstrongite at work again.....oy!

As a farmer I sometimes liken Ministers to Farm Animals.
Friesian Bulls I liken to the Far right Ministry. Very aggressively astute, to body language / everything is power / Hound weakness.  No morals.
Dangerous. (but give good warnings)

Jersey Bulls. I liken to the far left  Ministry.  Look extremely kind, easy going, yet having a tricky look. They act without warnings to kill .  Acting with complete, astute stealth. Once wild they never cool down. Lack morals by getting into frenzies.
Very Dangerous.

Good Ministers remind me of Short Horn Bulls. Strong yet astute to be kind. Easy going, keeping out of the way.
Dangerous only because of their size.

Bush Bulls of all Breeds. (not domesticated) remind me of the Independent Ministry. Charging anything that moves. Time can tame them.
Dangerous when they see you. Yet kind to their own.

Yet strangely, Cows kill more farmers then Bulls.
A Cow with its calf is extremely dangerous. They trample more than charge, get into frenzies. I liken this to people, with their pet ideas.  

Sheep eat what is before them, they independently act together, needing a shepherd.

Goats only eat what they like, only very clean food, only the tips of growth. Very affectionate, astute, having strong individual personalities.
Need good fences and yokes to control. Respond greatly to kindness.

One cow this guy forgot was the Malmite cow. This is like all the fence sitters in Malmism who are waiting to see if James Malm's prophecies come true before they jump ship with their money.


Anonymous said...

This makes me very afraid to eat a hamburger tonight.

But perhaps, I'll stroke my lucky rabbit's foot to help me feel a "deep inner peace and joy" and get me past all the rough feelings those tricky cows with low morals bring up.


Byker Bob said...

Well, I'll be thinking about Horatio Spafford, and the incomparable "It is Well with my Soul!" (Google the author's name, or the title, and you'll get a reference to the WIKI article.

It is well with my soul, as it has been healed! I'm just glad I don't have to deal with false ministers' animalistic tendencies any more! The writer might have seen cows, but what he is describing is pigs in cows' clothing!


Anonymous said...

They got one thing right... the COG ministry (like Armstrongism in general) is A BUNCH OF BULL!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. You guys that run this blog are so bad! But, oh so good!

Anonymous said...

Is this James Malm's way of asking for more "moooo-ney" from acolyte "cash cows"?


Black Ops Mikey said...

Udderly shameless: Milking it for all it's worth!

Anonymous said...

Is this James Malm's way of asking for more "moooo-ney" from acolyte "cash cows"?

He is trying to STEER the tithe money his way.