Friday, August 31, 2012

Is Your Salvation At Risk If You Use Gel Caps?

I should have known it would only be a matter of time before the apostle would stick his nose into members medicine cabinets.  The medicine cabinets of COG members are always in the leaderships domain as are kitchens.

Beware you heathens that use gel caps or take Condriton. Your salvation is at risk if you dare consume these things!

The Malm writes:

Gel caps and geletine based capsuls are not acceptable unelss they are agar or beef hide based. You can internet and email such questions to the manufacturer.

Discuss the matter with your physician or pharmacist, most medications are chemically produced and it is the caps that are the problem.

There are some things like Condriton that are made from shellfish which should be totally avoided. Beware of iron suppliments that are made from hemoglobin. Also clearly unclean things like shark oil.

List of common medications.

Remember that acceptabe medications are widely available, to the billion or so Muslims and jews demanding acceptable medication.

Apparently insulin is also can be a sin.

Re unclean pharmaceuticals, I think that some thyroid medications are made from pigs. Anyone on this kind of med might like to ask for an alternative to the “porcine” derived thryoid medication.
Years ago I opted for synthetic insuline for this reason. James


Douglas Becker said...

Re unclean pharmaceuticals, I think

And thats the promblem, isn't it?

It isn't thinking, it's called imagination -- Armstrongists just make things up. They are 99.99999% sure of everything they think up.

If you don't know, you don't know.

Allen C. Dexter said...

I saw this headline and laughed out loud. What a stupid old book we used to worry about!

Douglas Becker said...

Apostle Malm is exactly right, if we follow the practice of Old Covenant Medicine.

Of course, if we do that, we have our God Healer and shouldn't need to take any medicine at all because God will heal us under the terms of the Old Covenant.

But then again, the Old Covenant was done away. Nevertheless, we have anointing, and we are absolutely assured in complete faith that Jesus will see to our healing, even as his body was sacrificed for that purpose.

So Apostle Malm need not worry about taking joint medicine, nor does he need to be on insulin or other treatment for diabetes, because God will heal it all.

It is only the ungodly and infidel who should worry about gel caps, since they aren't healed by God and need whatever boost they can get no matter where it comes from. It can come from mold as far as anyone is concerned, just so long as it works. And it does. Mostly.

So I have no idea what the Apostle Malm article is about, since all Armstrongists are healed by God and don't need and shouldn't take any medicine (except wine, of course).

I don't know though, Apostle Malm seemed to be just dying to tell us this stuff.

Anonymous said...

One PCG minister went to the extreme of forbidding underarm deodorants. He preferred his congregational sheep, to have a wooly all-natural scent. Like everything else, no one elses' preference or opinion was of importance. He could only imagine Speed Stick would be the death of us all, though it seemed definitely the other way around. But, like they say in the commercial, “No Bluff, No Glory"

Michael D. Maynard said...

Malm will also want to think twice before taking that Passover Wine. Virtually all commercial wines are clarified with Oyster Shell and Shrimp (Chitosan) or Trigger Fish (Isinglass) extracts. Getting purified from sin and right back in it in the same moment - what a conundrum.

Anonymous said...

These New Moon morons are a bit harder to figure out. They bring way too much craziness to the table. Wonder if tonight's Blue Moon holds any significance in their feeble minds. No doubt, Blue Moon Beer does.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if anyone is thinking that none of this matters...


Questeruk said...
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Painful Truth said...

Could you imagine a Armstrong moron running for president?

Surely not!

At least the Mormons have some folks with a mind that functions....must be that magic underwear! Armstrongites, it must work!

Now if James Malm can come up with something magical like "A Magic Coats of many colors" we may have a start here creating another type of cult with "special" powers.
The "Malmilites."

Anonymous said...

Now if James Malm can come up with something magical like "A Magic Coats of many colors..."

You mean like Gerald Flurry's "A beer of many flavors..."?

Denny Luker's "A sermon of many tears..."?

Rod Meredith's "A tale of many lies..."?

Ron Weinland's "A cell of many Bubbas..."?

There is a miracle in Armstrongism; it's that these delusional men can find so many delusional sheep to delude.

Byker Bob said...

In basic high school classes, we were told that the only part of a pig that was not used in some way to improve our lives was the oink.

I've pointed out before that the majority of commercially prepared milk utilizes Vitamin D derived from the most potent naturally occurring form known to man. Swine. When you think of all of the store bought and restauraunt prepared products that use this milk as an ingredient, it would be nearly impossible to function as a living, breathing, human being and to avoid the intake of most of these things.

There are chemicals that have been put through so many processes that you would never imagine that the starting point was swine, and these are so widely used as to be unavoidable, unless you live on the proverbial desert island.

These guys don't even believe in Hanukkah (the ceremonies for which Jesus is actually noted by the Bible as having attended in the temple!), but they use the contaminated oil as their paradigm for dealing with all things ceremonially unclean.


Allen C. Dexter said...

I remember GTA once commenting that the Jews didn't worry about many of these things because they had been so chemically changed that there was no real connection and saying that they were probably right. At times, Ted could be more reasonable than a lot of the rest of us.

Retired Prof said...

Maybe most Jews don't worry, but the Hasidim do. A Hasid I know would not drink Newcastle Brown Ale; Lubavitcher rabbis had ruled it to be tref (unclean) because it is filtered through bone charcoal made from animals that were not ritually slaughtered.

My UCG relatives look at the ritual requirements of Lubavitchers, shake their heads, and say, "Those guys ought to get a different religion!"

Retired Prof said...

I forgot: Lubavitchers use the form "rebbe" instead of "rabbi."