Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sikh Murders Being Compared to LCG Murders

The Journal Times out of Racine, Wisconsin had this today:
Today, we are all Sikhs.

You don’t think so?

What’s to stop a man, filled with hatred, from showing up at your church next Sunday because he doesn’t like how you look or what you believe in?

Do you think it won’t happen to you because you’re a Christian in a Christian-majority nation? Tell that to the survivors of the seven members of the Living Church of God in Brookfield — not all that far from the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek — killed by a fellow congregant on March 12, 2005. Journal Times editorial: Sikh shooting affects all of us

I think the difference would be is that the Sikh killings was done by a white supremacist skin head, while the LCG murders were done by one of their own who had been pushed over the edge by Rod Meredith's sermons.


Douglas Becker said...

Yes, focus is different.

And LCG members have different strategies in dealing with irrational statements in a dysfunctional environment.

Murdering the minister and several members is only one.

Byker Bob said...

Maybe there's just something in the cheese up there in Wisconsin!