Wednesday, September 12, 2012

EW King: Run Away From That Cigar and Champagne!

EW King has some words of wisdom today concerning your satanic friends at worldly weddings you might be attending.  Beware if those evil people who offer you a glass of champagne and a cigar!  Evil dudes!  Evil! Evil! Evil!

Those true Christians who speak about the Commandments of God are usually and quickly attacked as “legalists”. Satan has got his language down in labeling things. If a Christian attends a wedding and does not drink alcohol or smoke he may be approached by a so called “friend” saying to him: “We are going to make a toast so here is some Champaign and a cigar.” If you tell him you do not drink alcohol or smoke he might ask you to pretend for the picture. Should you? No! He might suggest to you; “Come on! Don’t be a fanatic!” But the Bible is clear; “Make no provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.” [Romans 13:14] And we are not to even flirt with the appearance of sin. [1 Thessalonians 5:22] They will argue with you: “You are out of balance!” In other words, they recommend that we balance our Christian lives with a little sin. Do not listen to them!

So what's a poor dude in the Church of God to do when offered that evil cigar and champagne?

God asks us to “flee from sin”. It is okay to just get up and leave the areas of temptation if we can. Run to God and not to the fallen mob! True Christians are a remnant, a small group. That is just the way it is. [Luke 12:32]
I know a LOT of COG ministers that like their cigars with brandy or other liquors.  These guys are in UCG, LCG and COGWA at the moment. 

Champagne certainly is not frowned upon by many ministers I have seen over the years while seeing them get drunk on it in ministerial dining at the Feast.

Only EeeeW King seems to have an issue with it.  Is he jealous that no one offered him some bubbly and a Cohiba?


Painful Truth said...

"So what's a poor dude in the Church of God to do when offered that evil cigar and champagne?"

That is not the proper question.
The proper question is...

What would Bill Clinton do?

Assistant Deacon said...

Ah, yes, the requisite "true" Christian qualifier. That act got tired a long time ago.

The rest is a straw man. He makes up a temptation scenario that would rarely if ever occur, then says someone in the fable "might" suggest that you not be a fanatic and participate in their hypothetical sinfest, which leads to them mocking your belief and suggesting you should balance your beliefs with a little sin.

Huh? But, undeterred by his strange flight of fantasy, King uses it as an excuse to preach, preach, PREACH! Which is why he concocted the whole thing in the first place.

"Earth to E.W." ain't the half of it...

Anonymous said...

Since when did anyone in the COGs decide to ignore that Jesus supposedly turned water into alcohol at a wedding, and instead say that drinking alcohol is a sin? I know lots of other fundamentalists have frowned on that, plus dancing and card playing too, but not COGs. E.W. is kookier than most.

Douglas Becker said...

People in Armstrongist churches get invited to worldly weddings?

I would have never guessed.

Richard said...

Hold on a second -- look at how he spelled "Champaign" (assuming you did an as-is copy/paste).

Maybe he's really against central Illinois. Or Big 10 colleges.

NO2HWA said...

Yeah, it was a cut and paste. There is a Chamgaign County in Ohio, so he could be pissed at the residents there.... Maybe that is where he had some wedding aprty issues

Allen C. Dexter said...

What a ridiculous series of statements!

First of all, the COGs have really changed if any of them regard champagne as sinful in and of itself. I seriously doubt that cigars are going to be passed out for pictures at any wedding taking place today.

I do quite a few wedding ceremonies. I've joined in some toasts to the new couple and see nothing wrong with doing so whether one is religious or not. Nobody has ever offered me a cigar.
For my own health's sake and the fact that it would make me sick as a dog because I've never smoked, I would have declined.

Byker Bob said...

Is it alright to smoke on the Day of Atonement?


Anonymous said...

"Is it alright to smoke on the Day of Atonement?"

I was told it's alright to smoke weed on the Day of Astonement.


Anonymous said...

I guess all on this BLOG are HIGH

Anonymous said...

Norm, smoking weed on the DoA would really be afflicting your soul! You'd want to be listening to Pink Floyd, you'd have horrible cotton mouth, be constantly looking out the window to make sure the Germans weren't rolling up in their tanks, and on top of that, you'd have a horrible case of the munchies! And, I can't even imagine what might happen if you had to listen to a sermon by Dave Pack or Jerry Flurry!


Anonymous said...

"I guess all on this BLOG are HIGH"

Nope, guess again.