Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flurry Cult Archeology Dig

Gerald Flurry has sent several of his "college" student over to Israel to work in an archeological dig.  Flurry is doing this because HWA did this and because he cannot come up with an original idea on how to run a chruch. college or foundation.  Imitating and plagerizing others is his only method of operation.

A popular blog about the Holy Land arcehology digs has brought to the public's attention the cult atributes of Flurry's group and it's ties to Armstrognism.

Herbert W. Armstrong’s Influence Stretched Deep in Israel (1967-1986)

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A little-known fact about Benjamin Mazar’s Ophel excavations is that they were partially funded by cult leader* Herbert W. Armstrong. A less known fact is how deep Armstrong’s influence, financial and otherwise, extended in Israel, or how deep it even into Israel today, over two decades after Armstrong’s death.
*The group he founded fits at least twelve of this list’s fifteen characteristics of a cult.


Anonymous said...

Only twelve?


Anonymous said...

This isn't what Yeshua intended. Yeshua never suggested his followers find God in a church or buried beneath ruins. Something has gone terribly wrong.