Thursday, September 6, 2012

M John Allen: Passive Aggressive Prophet Calls It Quits (Again)

Armstrongism's greatest prophet lives in Costa Rica and his name is M John Allen.  I have featured the mindless rantings of Prophet John on this blog before.  Today he is ticked yet again at the unworthiness of his followers.  He starts out his post in his usual manner, all warm and fuzzy:

For several years now our website has been woefully in need of upgrading, and still is.
I am now working to get the body of my work in an accessible format by uploading one episode per day to Talkshoe, and have begun recording new material again.
Despite my recent amputation and my continuing recovery, I have increased the amount of effort I'm personally putting in.

His web site is pathetically bad, really, really bad!  Allen has several sites up.  One on COG theology, and others dealing with investing in off shore accounts, human potential drivel and hypnosis. He also produces video sermons that are hysterically baaaaaaaad! His sites include:  Restoration; SuccessQuest; Ambassador Foundation; Hypnosis; Global Financial Security; Off Shore Cashier; Off ShorEarnings; So Ya Wanna Move To Costa Rica?; Assisted Living Costa Rica; and more.  All just as equally bad is the first.

Allen then switches to his aggressive mode as he writes to the heretics and mockers out there as he compares his persecution to that of Jesus:

But, do I receive gratitude in return? No. I receive criticism and complaining when I faithfully follow the living Jesus Christ in directions that your hidebound attitudes and traditions of men disagree with.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Christ Himself was chastised by the Pharisees for associating with "prostitutes and drunkards," and was accused of being an illegitimate child and any other nasty thing the Pharisees could think of.

His disciples were "wrong" for picking grain in the field as they walked on the Sabbath to satisfy their hunger. He was wrong for healing a blind man on the Sabbath. And on and on the whining, bitching, and complaining of the Pharisees continued because he wasn't "their" kind of savior!

And years ago I expressed this same sentiment and was condemned by one of the modern day pharisees for it. What a hypocritical jerk he was.

I, in the company of Jesus Christ, expressed in a message once that I was more comfortable around worldly people sometimes. Funny thing is, so was Jesus Christ.

He was welcomed into the homes of "publicans and sinners" with open arms. And those evil gentiles, the Samaritans, liked him too. So Jesus gave us the story of the Good Samaritan to slap the Pharisees directly in the face. Boy did that sting but they only plotted to kill Him all the more instead of looking at what was wrong with themselves and repenting.

Sad to say, many so called "Christians" today are simply an updated version of the blind and hypocritical Pharisees. They bitch, they moan, they complain, they have closed minds..... If the truth hit them up side the head they wouldn't recognize it! And Christ? Oh, they leave HIM
outside the door knocking because there is no room in their lives for Him and His truth.

Then he moves into his pissed mode once again.  As he says, this is not the first time he has threatened to stop everything, nor do I doubt it will be his last.

I know I have said this before, but this time I mean it.

I'm done with you. I am NOT going to waste my time updating the website. I may or may not record messages for the sabbath or the holy days. You have proven through YEARS of just being yourselves that you aren't worth the time of day, and bringing new truths before you is like hurling my pearls before swine.

I am leaving the Churches of God right now this very moment and I will NOT look back. Go play and bicker with YOURSELVES.

I am not going to inform you anymore of new uploads to the Bible Study Channel. I'm doing it every day, but since you aren't compensating me to let you know, I won't. Just find it out for yourselves.
There you have it folks.  Allen is ticked off because people are not sending him money. All of these stupid laodicean COGers out there don't care about his message enough to send him tithe money and offerings. 

What I am going to do is what Mr. Armstrong did. HE went to THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, not the people of the church that existed in those days, because, if he had, he'd still be talking in that little school house in Eugene, Oregon, that's where he'd be!

I see the wisdom in that decision now. I only wish I saw this years ago with such clarity.

So, I am going to be concentrating on my and other related sites. THOSE people will listen and have an open mind and respond, while YOU will still be arguing and bickering among yourselves 20 years from now.
It should be noted here that there is not one single person that responds to his postings on Yahoo.  He is essentially ignored, so I don't know where all of his bickering readers are complaining at.

I wish you well.

Here is what I copied before I made this decision. It's the last notice you'll receive on this list, because these lists are dead as far as I am concerned and so are the websites but I will do this so that someday there will be an archive of this material for those who ARE interested in the

Good bye and have nice lives, although I know you won't.


We continue our fascinating study from the Book of Enoch. It is at this point that the Obamanation series starts. The two series are complimentary from now on, as I don't cover the same information in both, as they do sometimes cover the same ground.

Since Allen failed so bad as prophet of God's word he at least has something to fall back on.  He is supposedly the only licensed hypnotist in Costa Rica.  Maybe this coming Feast some of you can pop in and see him if your Feast site is in that part of the world.

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Douglas Becker said...

And there's a DSM IV App for that.

Anonymous said...

"I know I have said this before, but this time I mean it. I'm done with you. I am NOT going to waste my time updating the website."

And I'll do my little part by not wasting my time reading your website. It will be a win-win situation all around.

This time, try not to fall off the wagon and start posting again.

Anonymous said...

"Despite my recent amputation and my continuing recovery, I have increased the amount of effort I'm personally putting in."

What recovery? You are getting worse. Try more amputations.

Anonymous said...

"I know I have said this before, but this time I mean it. I'm done with you. I am NOT going to waste my time updating the website."

Do you PROMISE???

NO2HWA said...

I didn't catch it before, but the main reason Allen is having his hissy-fit is because no one is sending him any money. He wants to be compensated for his time and wisdom.

Anonymous said...

What's with the amputations, and why is his website so pathetically bad?
Was it created by him pecking his keyboard with his nose?

And why can't he just hypnotize people into giving him the money he wants?


NO2HWA said...

He had gangrene a while back and did not get it treated bececause he thought he could cure it himself .

Anonymous said...

M. John, M. John Number 9
Going down Costa Rica Line
If the train should jump the track,
Do you want your mon-ey back?
Y-E-S spells yes my mother told me to pick the very best one and you are (definitely) NOT IT!

Painful Truth said...

Another comedy act about to end.