Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Van Robison: "Make-Up and Cosmetics in the Pulpits"

Make-Up and Cosmetics in the Pulpits

Among the greatest deceptions on earth is the world of Churchianity.    Make-up and cosmetics change the real person.  Anyone who stands in a pulpit wears make-up.  Cosmetics hide the real person.  Of course I am speaking about fraud in the name of God/Jesus Christ.  The world is an ocean of fraud and young, inexperienced people are frequently the victims of such fraud.  Many young people are seduced into going to Bible colleges as if these man-made institutions are the source of light and truth, success and purpose.  The reality about all "Bible" schools and colleges is that they are business enterprises.    Often in life, it is only through hard experience and later in life, that many come to know beyond doubt that Bible schools are foundations to indoctrinate young people and of course they are $business enterprises.

Any human being can stand in a pulpit and pretend that they represent God/Jesus Christ.  They may speak with a sense of "authority" as if they have a direct phone connection to the throne room of God in heaven.  They may act as if God works through them, even though God does not.  Those who stand in pulpits are like magicians, who work their "magic" and their "illusions" that deceive people.  They are really just common human beings, whose vanity, pride and lust for power and control over others is extreme.  They also are addicted to position and the never ending flow of free money.  The praise and adulation of humans is a common addiction to those who stand in pulpits.

We all know that make-up and cosmetics and plastic surgery can change the appearance of any human being.  In the world or churches, the make-up and cosmetics of those who stand in pulpits is often very seductive.  Public speakers can be very persuasive and seduce the gullible and the naive.  Apparently the seduction is very powerful, because many bow and worship at the feet of the make-up artists, who feign that they represent God on earth. Their false mission is to "preach the Gospel to the world", while they live in luxury and splendor at the expense of the simple minded.  Religion is among the greatest frauds on earth and always has been.  "Thus saith the Lord" has been used by the unscrupulous for thousands of years.  When was the last time God Almighty appeared to you in person and spoke so much as one word?  And of course millions sit in pews like little puppy dogs wagging their tales and thinking that the speaker in the pulpit sits on the right hand of God and all must listen and "obey" as if these very fallible humans represent God on earth.

Truth is that every human who is a public speaker is just as human as you are.  They are no more "Holy" than a skunk.  And in history, they were no more "Holy" than you or I.  God alone is Holy.  Not even the "Bible" is "Holy." Those who stand in pulpits wear make-up and cosmetics to hide their true self.

Van Robison

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Douglas Becker said...

To complete this scenario, we very much need to have the preacher at the end of every sermon put lipstick on a pig and throw it in the air to have it fly away.

Oinking over head is OK; squealing, not so much.