Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Van Robison on "Does Any Splinter Group of the WCG Have Truth?

"Does Any Splinter Group of the WCG Have Truth?

Of course they all proclaim they have truth, but the reality is that NONE of them do.  Those who lead all these groups are either self-deceived or else they are in it for the $cash.  The song and dance is that you must
"keep the Sabbath" and annual "Holy" days, along with tithing or else you are among the deceived.  Well, if you are snared by one of these groups, do you live in fear?  Do you really think that God is out to "get you" if
you do not sacrifice your life to one of these groups and whoever pretends he represents God?

Oh what a fraud!  FEAR is the great reason so many are taken captive.  Strange indeed since Jesus came to set the captives free.  Every splinter group of the WCG takes captives and makes those captive think and believe that they speak for God.  Pure hogwash!  NO splinter group  leader or group of leaders speaks for God.  It is exasperating to try to convince childish adult minds that they are being used and abused for no other reason than $money.

How do I know that NO splinter group of the WCG has truth?  Simple:  because Jesus Christ IS NOT the founder of man-made churches that feign that they represent Christ.  No physical church group on earth, among the many thousands of groups speak for Jesus Christ or for truth;  they speak for themselves---pure and simple.  Money, money, money, that is what church is all about.  Think it is not true?  If you feel compelled, why not meet for free at the local park, down by the river, at the flower garden or at the farm?  And while you are at it, why not allow EVERYONE to share what they think and want to say, instead of the "pastor", who thinks he has the only "right" to speak?

Don't we all have a song in our heart?  In the churches, whatever is in your heart is never heard, because the extremely vain and selfish preacher, only wants to hear his own voice, not you.

Van Robison


Douglas Becker said...

No, Armstrongism isn't always about just ca$h: To assume that it is, is to ignore one of the most obvious of all truths.

It is a land of huge narcissistic swelling egos.

Egos first; control and manipulation second; money third.

Just remember, money is A root of all evil, not THE root of all evil.

If it weren't for the great "I AM" God is God as God, the pursuit of ca$h would mean nothing.

People without the mental disorder of narcissism just can't seem to get it. "You JUST DON'T GET IT!"

Good thing too, otherwise there would be 120,000 churches of god instead of just 1,200.

Steve Kisack said...

You forgot the most important aspect of the deception. If you can get the gullible to believe, first of all, that you are an "ordained minister"(a boss selected and set aside by god to take your money and to run your life), then every other deceptive trick will fall in line. No matter what you tell them, it's got to be truth because you have a great title before your name, and after all, you were "ordained", and besides, the sheep love to follow. What is it Herbie used to say about how difficult it is to unlearn error? More difficult than learning new truth.

Byker Bob said...

We learned authority early on at SEP! Oh, just the thrill and power of being an assistant-assistant monitor! (Puke)

That's when I decided that I never wanted any "WCG" authority. It was just so totally bogus, mostly based on brown nosing and lowering yourself to do things that were way below simple signs of humility such as foot washing.


Allen C. Dexter said...

Herb learned well from all the sources he plagiarized. His doctrine that we would become gods came directly from the Mormons. He just tweaked it.

Fifty years ago, I would have denied the statement I just made and would have maintained that he came up with the teaching directly from the Bible. I've developed a bit more logic since then.