Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Your Guardian Angel Is Actually YOU Who Has Come Back In Time To Protect Yourself

I get accused by some for "making things up" concerning the Church of God crazies out there that I make fun of on here.  Below is a post from a COGer who claims that if you are a "good" Christian then you have a guardian angel watching over you.  Now this may not be just any angel, it may actually be YOU who has transported back in time to watch over yourself.

So let's get this straight - you have been a faithful servant of God and have gained eternal life and are now a spirit being.  Since you are now spirit you can go back in time to protect yourself.  You are currently watching over yourself this very moment!  Unless of course you are an evil atheist or apostate, then God help you because you are on your own!

 There is no way in hell I could make up something as stupid as that.  So here are his exact words:

If you are a good Christian, chances are, even if there are no other people with you right now, you are not alone. You have at least one constant companion quietly and invisibly serving you.
Apparently if you are a nominal Christians or may have slipped up one day, you angel is going to desert you and all kinds of bad things could happen.

The other view point can be taken here that anyone who has life issues, trauma, health issues, death, etc. have done something to make their guardian angel leave them. Or make that, you have done something to piss your self off so you have left yourself.....oh my............!

Angels, those who have chosen to remain forever obedient to God, are our good friends. Along with the many other things that angels do, they are also assigned to protect and guide people - "Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?" (Hebrews 1:14)

The same angel or angels may have been with you right from the moment you were conceived, and in all probability know far more about you than you know about yourself. It could be that everything that you have ever said or done has had at least one irrefutable witness.

Spirit beings are not however bound by the same physical laws as humans. For them, the physical laws that create paradoxes do not exist. Spirit beings can travel through time without the same sort of consequences that affect humans. They can, and almost certainly do make physical changes in human events that adjust future outcomes in desired directions. A large amount of Prophecy might actually be fulfilled just this way - to not just have the ability to know events of the future, but to have the power to actually bring them about exactly when and how they are desired. The difference is, that when God or His messengers make adjustments, they do it perfectly.

After your physical life's journey has ended, if you have accepted God's offer of eternal life, you will be changed to spirit, a spirit being that can travel through time perhaps just as easily as you can now travel from one thought to the next. It is entirely possible that, along with the angels now there to protect you, you might also get an occasional visit from the future "you" that you will be after you have been changed into spirit. And why not - who better to advise angels on how to take good care of you than the one who survived being you? Your Guardian Angel


DennisCDiehl said...

Angels are cool as long you realize all Bible Angels are male and all gift shop ones are female..but we know this.

Also nice to know that the 24 elders are the hours in the day.

As long as we understand the throne is the W in the Northern sky called Cassiopea, the sea of glass is the Milky Way that runs right in front of Cassiopea in summer and the the Seven Spirits opposite the Throne Casseopea are the seven stars of the Big Dipper.

All these are in the North where we are told God's throne is.


Revelation 4:7

"The first living creature was like a lion, the second was like an ox, the third had a face like a man, the fourth was like a flying eagle."

Which is just another way to say we made this creature up based on the four equidistant signs of the seasonal Zodiac signs each three signs apart.

Ox is Taurus of Spring, Lion is Leo of Summer, Eagle is Aquila of Fall and the face of a man is Aquarius the Waterman of Winter.

If a past me is currently watching over the current me, then this current me is going to kick the past me's ass for letting me get all tangled up in things I wish I had never heard of. :)

Besides, I have buried too many children , whose Angel's evidently were on vacation, to put much in the watching over they are alledged to be doing.


Allen C. Dexter said...

What a bag of "woooo" crap! No way can I stretch my mind around that nonsense. I'm not even going to try.

Black Ops Mikey said...


Byker Bob said...

Well, it makes better sense to ponder the so-called grateful dead (not the rock band). Supposedly these are disembodied spirits whom we unknowingly helped at least at one point in their lives. According to the legend, they display their gratefulness by making miraculous things happen in our favor when we need them. It's kind of an eternal Karma type thingie.

One thing I have noticed since having become a Christian. There is all manner of superstition, seemingly considered totally rational and acceptable amongst certain believers. I can't imagine that this superstition and easily disprovable falsehoods could possibly enhance one's relationship with God. A Christian must constantly do due diligence and exercise discernment to root this ridiculous stuff out!


Anonymous said...

To quote the great philosopher Kelly Bundy, "The mind wabbles."

Black Ops Mikey said...

I can't imagine that this superstition and easily disprovable falsehoods could possibly enhance one's relationship with God.

And therein lies the tale.

What within Armstrongism would enable people to know God as a Father?

It's so much mental noise.

It the Holy Spirit really were to be telling you something, would you actually be able to perceive it over the chaotic random mental noise of tithing, holydays, feast preparation, fasting, services, Great Tribulation, world events, promises to be God as God is God?

So much noise.

So little peace.

Anonymous said...

You forgot deleavening. Also having to be Perfect as God is Perfect is a pretty noisy one.

DennisCDiehl said...

If the I that was me is now watching over me..

If you used to be me and the I that we now see...

Then the I that is now me is going to kick the ass of you who I used to be...


Allen C. Dexter said...

That was beautiful, Dennis. Hard to follow because of the stupidity of the premise, but still beautiful.

DennisCDiehl said...

well Alan, me kicking my own Angelic ass would be because my Angelic self did not intervene way back and prevent me from further slipping into the WCG Coma.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Violates causality.

Anyone who is fully conversant with quantum physics knows this.

Allen C. Dexter said...

I'll take quantum physics over wooo any day. And, Dennis, I agree wholeheartedly. The whole thing is so totally ridiculous, but I'd kick a little ass too if there were any substance to it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds kind of like "Looper" though more loopy