Thursday, October 4, 2012

Feast of Tabernacles: Desperately Trying To Relive The Glory Days?

Bob Thiel, the unofficial "official" spokesman of the Living Church of God and world renown authority on Mayan prophecy gibberish and all things Catholic, has posted a series to pictures about expensive Feast trips he and his family  have been on over the decades.  A large percentage of COG members could never afford to do these kind of trips and are not pleased to have this continually thrown in their face year after year.

LCG Feast sites, as well as all the other COG Feast sites, are little compared to  the glory days of the Worldwide Church of God when there could be 10-15,000 at a site.  Now the biggest LCG site barely rakes in 500.  COGWA and UCG have slightly larger sites. Flurry and Pack can't draw the numbers anymore either.  There are the hundreds of loser ministries that are lucky to get 40 or 50 people to attend their festivals.  Even after converting half of the African content to Sabbatarianism these impotent men can't bring them in.

You can see Thiel's trips here: Feast of Tabernacles 1990s


Douglas Becker said...

Since there is no such thing as second tithe and the Armstrongist churches can't even get the Caledar right, one wonders at the requirement for members to keep Old Covenant ceremonial celebrations geared to foreshadow the coming of the Messiah.

Moreover, since the leaders are false prophets, no one is under any requirement to even listen to these frauds, whether they manage to con some institution out of a PhD or not.

In fact, anyone who reads II Timothy 3 objectively can only conclude that these are the ones from which the New Testament says, "From such turn away".

The real problem is that if people do believe in the Bible, they should actually obey it and do what it says, instead of keeping some Feast and learn false prophecies about doomsday based on the thoroughly discredited fraud of British Israelism (the key to prophecy).

The ministers, of course, are attempting to trade off off Herbert Armstrong, but are having grave difficulties because they have no credibility at all and no one is listening to their yelling and watching them wave their arms aimlessly.

It's all about money and ego, neither of which any true Christian would provide the sociopaths and psychopaths who have no empathy and at best, only a conditional conscience which conveniently serves their own selfish purposes.

Allen C. Dexter said...

I remember those "glory days" when we couldn't keep up with the growth at Big Sandy and had to reluctantly decide that the feasts didn't have to be held at one site for the whole nation. We were packed like sardines in the mid-fifties and those piney woods were loaded with so many campers the restrooms couldn't handle it all sometimes.

That can never happen again, IMHO. There is no charismatic equivalent to HWA and communication is so pervasive now that his deceptions couldn't gain a mass toe hold. These clowns on the scene today don't hold a candle to the one they so idolatrously extol. Meredith is just as fanatical, but he can't "cut it" like HWA did. That furrow has already been plowed and nobody on the scene today can ever duplicate it. They vainly dream and try, though.

Someone once said that every organization and movement is the lengthening shadow of some outstanding individual. I have to concede that Herb was outstanding, but so were Al Capone, Luck Luciano, Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin. Be careful whom you seek to emulate.

Steve Kisack said...

Yep, Herbie and Teddy could sure pack em in!
What's amazing is how they always picked and chose stuff out of the bible and ignored tons of other stuff, like, "god placing his name in a certain place", and "going up there THREE times a year", not just once, and how if the "way was too far for them, they were to turn their tithe into money"(how do you turn money into money?), plus how "they"(actually, Israelites)are supposed to keep it, and on and on it goes.

Douglas Becker said...

Wait, did you really mean "Relive the Glory Days" or "Relive the Gory Days"?

Anonymous said...

If GTA were alive today, it would be, "Relive the Glory Holes"

Byker Bob said...

One person's glory days were another's hell. Actually, this present situation is cause for much joy! It's relief from the glory days!


Anonymous said...

I attended 12 FOTs and really enjoyed about half of them. I enjoyed travel to new places, girls, nice accommodations, and having money for good meals and shows in Tahoe/Reno. I hated being treated like cattle, overbearing parking lot attendants, traffic jams, and stinking, over capacity plumbing facilities. I also spent one day at a GTA site in San.Antonio in 1979 but my heart was not in it. I listened to one sermon, had dinner and drinks with some friends in the ministry, then went home. Have never been back.