Friday, October 19, 2012

Is An Expose About Abuse in Armstrongism Soon to Hit Syndicated TV?

Here is an interesting bit of information that was sent to me today.  The person that sent it said it was off Facebook.  It is exciting to hear about this.  I hope this guy follows through with it.  As much as Oprah bothers me, she is an instant hit with millions of people and will make the cult of Armstrongism and it's abuses front page news.

With Andie Redwine's expose film "Paradise Recovered" based upon life in Armstrongism and cults, Armstrongism is now continually in the hot-seat.  This is in addition to the numerous morons that are splinter group leaders who continue to make fools of themselves and the Church of God.

Add to this all the blogs, web sites and books that continue to hold these groups accountable, they will be guaranteed to NEVER again gain a large following.

I love my Brother and have walked hand in hand with Him on his "Survivor Journey" (daily) for the past 34 years. His Girlfriend (a Doctor) is sickened ... collectivley.. they want to expose wcg in a huge way on a nationally syndicated network program. (I'm sure you may know which one). Its never been done before. Now that alot of "us kids" have the time, stamina, health, money, resources and drive to do so, with a view to assist folks "regain themselves" I applaud this effort.
This is my brother's initiative, with my blessing. I can tell you that a Sr. Producer is evaluating things and ...well se what happens.
My Brother is a unrelenting type of person who is driven by conviction. He maybe a voice. He, like me, trusts his Creator given instincts. Those instincts NEVER let him down, but a house fueled with wcg jet fuel did. I'm sooo happy that he is with us and all these years later, he has the intuition too reach out and let one hell of alot of folks know that its all going to be OK. OWN Network is the Production Company that has been approached. Fingers Crossed !! 


Anonymous said...

Wow! That'd be great if we see Oprah warning about the cult that was and still is Armstrongism! She has a lot of influence and a global audience too so if they are successful in getting the go ahead and expose the cultish mentality, financial corruption, sexual scandals and abuse, doctrinal merry-go-round, etc. that permeated the WCG and still does so in the 100s of cults it's engendered then hopefully it'll help a lot of potential recruits (especially young and naive people) from avoiding them completely and making a huge mistake that'll ruin their lives as it has so many!

Allen C. Dexter said...

The more voices the better. I just hope it isn't another pipe dream that goes nowhere. It's not easy to get something like this going. Keep us informed.

Painful Truth said...

..and the cults will scream persecution.

Let them I say. Facts are fact and if the cults want a chance to get at the necks of those who expose their religious scam/corruption/mind control tactics, and want a piece of our ass's I say come on!

Allen C. Dexter said...

Yeah, they will scream persecution. The truth is always branded persecution by con man liars. Like Harry Truman said, we tell the truth and they think it is hell (persecution).

ED said...

The problem is, will anyone who needs to see this be watching it given the low profile of Armstrongism not many even know that it exists and how many people watch ophra's program any more given that it is a syndicated program.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would interview Dave Pack so he can explain that he is an apostle and the direct connection to god, that he will train the wittnesses, few years remaining than can be counted on one hand etc. Expose the frauds!

Anonymous said...

one cult attacking another....priceless!

Byker Bob said...

Whenever there is a tragic event, or an expose, those caught up in what caused it will put on a brave face, but it also stimulates them to rethinking. It's like pressing a reset button.

We're fighting a war of attrition here, and it often doesn't work like the silver bullet which we would prefer it to be. Andie and her brother can be effective in the rescue of some more people here, no doubt about it. But, the chain must continue, with the next person doing their part, etc. So long as there is Armstrongism being practiced anywhere on the face of the earth, none of us are truly free.


NO2HWA said...

Well said BB!

Mish-Mash said...

Why don't we pull the gloves off and get a panel going of survivors and representatives of the many COG's. What would be great is to see them up there defending themselves and their infiltration into peoples lives in the name of the "living Christ". So many people over the last 2000 years have painted the person of Messiah in "their" own image. We have icons that look like Zeus, we have the statues that look like children's dolls, we have the protestant jesus who is pretty blank. Then you have GTA's "Real Jesus" a rich carpenter, just like all the golden boys in the ministry.

Has anyone ever read history? How about Josephus who wrote in the late first century. We ALL our guilty of painting the Christ in our own comfortable image. Unfortunately, we can't admit to ourselves that He was a 1st century JEW. OK, I'm not for rabbinic Judaism but people are what they are. The COG's have to take their VEILs off and realize we ain't gonna spend eternity toting our briefcases to sabbath services wearing our frilly dresses and suits and ties.

Can anyone get real? If you don't believe at all fine. You have the right because people over time history have painted everything "God" as a joke. If there is a God, which I do believe, just believe what He simply says and not Man's interpretation. Any moron can figure out when God is being fecitious in the Bible, and when He isn't.

So I really want to see some of these COGers defend their positions against reality and survivors.

I agree, its time to get all this out there. Expose this for what it is, but get some of them up there to account for their culpability.

Anonymous said...

If the world (age or whatever) doesn't end soon what will happen? Are the current splinter groups going to go on for another 30 or 40 years, or even 10? Are the children of these Church member families going to stay with it? Surely it will just die a natural death. It all makes me wonder how the Jehovah Witnesses keep going so long, or the Scientologists.....must have something that Armstrongism didn't.
Back in the day when GTA was on TV and HWA was still alive, the WCG was known about, but now who has heard of it except for old members?

Anonymous said...

Just because they're not so widely known about by other Christians or the mainstream media doesn't mean they're totally unknown or not doing any damage. Not long ago I was doing some grocery shopping and as I was walking back to my car I passed a woman in her parked car reading "The Trumpet" magazine! Sometimes I wonder if I should've stopped to warn her about the cult. Anyway I think that if the Oprah show goes ahead with doing an expose on these cults and it gets public attention on the net like youtube and is picked up by tv broadcasters all over US/Canada/Australia/UK etc. then hopefully it'll make that 1 person who is thinking of joining one of these groups to stop and think again before they make what could be a potentially life threatening, career wrecking and family disrupting decision not to say that it'll hopefully give courage and strength to those who are thinking of leaving these cults, but are afraid to do so for whatever reason. And to spare at least just 1 person and their family the trauma that so many have gone through in these cults (or similar cults) I think it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone like Oprah would take-on the Wacky world of Armstrongism and EXPOSE it to all the world over national television as a destructive cult. I ask myself why, has not our Homeland Security or Secret Service, taken the steps to completely remove their connecting sites from the internet. Many of these die-hard ministers of Armstrongism are still controlling peoples minds, which as shown to cause much destruction of human life. Stop them NOW!!!!!

Unknown said...

I took a look at the Paradise Recovered site, the "About", the clip, etc. Could find NOTHING about Armstrong, WCG, etc. The clip clearly talks about "Sunday" so - what am I missing?

Is there ANY validity to the Oprah reference? Let's have some facts, all ye who clamor for facts.

And, by the way, you should give "The People of the Sign" a read. It goes in-depth into the WCG - and is utterly like anything written on the topic before.

And it is 100% factual.

Full disclosure - I'm the Author:)

Unknown said...

Umm - typo above - The People of the Sign is utterly un-like anything written on the topic before.