Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lil' Joel Meeker Is NOT Happy! Again!!!!

Lil' Joel wrote an article for COGWA's blog site.  He wishes "Happy Birthday" to the United States.  Can we say hypocrite?  Another Armstrongite who considers birthdays pagan is wishing the entire country "happy birthday."

That being said, he goes further in claiming the United States is now a cesspool of degeneracy.  Lil' Joel writes:

Observers with perspective in the United States (those with some years under their belts) know that the country is changing in what should be alarming ways. Our moral compass is being corrupted. Selfish, petulant, immoral behavior that would have caused our founding fathers and mothers, and even most of our grandparents, to gasp in shame and disbelief, are now not only becoming commonplace, but are touted as good and positive by de facto cultural leaders.
This has not escaped the attention of the rest of the world. More and more, our political leaders are seen as corrupt and self-serving. Sometimes, we reelect them even after they’ve been convicted of felonies. People around the world follow those stories.

If I didn't know better I would think Lil' Joel just described the current leadership of COGWA!  Selfish, petulant, immoral men who back-stabbed, connived and conspired behind UCG's leadership just so they could keep a paycheck coming in.  Some things never change in the Churches of God.


Douglas Becker said...

Armstrongism is now a cesspool of degeneracy -- not that that is much of a change from the past.

Armstrongism is changing in what should be alarming but predictable ways. They've lost their moral compass (if they ever had one -- which is highly questionable). Selfish, petulant, immoral that causes us to gasp in shame and disbelief (if we aren't too jaded by their past behavior) having become commonplace are touted as being good and positive by de facto leaders who seemed to come to power in rather questionable ways.

This has not escaped our attention. We've seen that the Armstrongist leaders are corrupt and self-serving for a very long time. People around the world follow these stories (in comparison, a lot of it makes Americans at large look positively moral and ethical).

But the churches of God are changing: They are becoming worse... it's just that they are so very tired for the entropy has set in and they have lost their energy and joy, with only the skulduggery of perverse drama keeping their skeletal remains animated.

If they looked in the mirror, they would see nothing, because there's nothing to see.

Assistant Deacon said...

Well, he is chairman of COGintheWheel's board, so, you know, maybe he's one of the seasoned observers he was talking about.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Joel must be the son of the Bill Winner I knew as an Ambassador student. He was a really nice guy and it's a shame what the cult turned him into and that he never got free from it.

We all started out so pristinely innocent and dedicated. Those of us who didn't make it into the ministry were the lucky ones as far as I can see.

All priesthoods warp the participants and they soon become pompous and desperate to maintain their positions at all cost. Power corrupts and the more absolute the power, the greater the corruption.