Sunday, October 7, 2012

Van Robison on, "Splinter Group Pastors of the WCG Drunk With Self-Importance"

Splinter Group Pastors of the WCG Drunk With Self-Importance

No splinter group elder or pastor of the WCG can give anyone eternal life or for that matter forgive the sins of anyone.   It is quite astonishing how self-appointed rulers of splinter group churches, think that they speak for God. It is also flabbergasting to contemplate how simple minded followers of splinter group rulers, think these church leaders represent God and truth.   It is also very frustrating for outsiders, who very clearly see massive spiritual abuse in the splinter group churches of the WCG.

Yes folks, it is spiritual abuse to be deceived by religious frauds in the pulpits.     It is spiritual abuse to be fleeced financially by wolves in sheep's clothing.   It actually borders on stupidity on the part of those who follow men in the pulpits, instead of following Jesus Christ.   Thinking that you are following Jesus Christ, by "obeying" skunks in the pulpits, is nothing less than deception.   It is as easy as falling off a log, to be deceived by charismatic public speakers, who can sell ice cubes to polar bears.

Every splinter group leader of the WCG, is a man with great vanity.   They don't speak for God/Jesus Christ, even though they proclaim that they do.   They speak only for the ulterior motive of your allegiance to themselves and obviously for your $money.    If you think it is not true, then bail out and see what happens.  Sure, all churches speak as if they speak for Christ, but the reality is that they speak for your bank account.   
Every television ministry if you can call it a "ministry", proclaims that they are preaching the Gospel to the world.   When was the last time you took a trip to visit any of these frauds and got a Birdseye view of their mansion, autos, airplanes and luxuries, all the while they have been "preaching the Gospel" to the world?  Obviously you never have.

Herbert W. Armstrong of the Worldwide Church of God lived in palaces, dined on the finest of food and tweeked his own personal vanity, by visiting "royalty" around the world, because he wanted them to think that he was "somebody" important.   In reality he was a fool.   The ONLY REASON some of the sources around the world received him, was because he brought to them extremely expensive gifts of Steuben Crystal, complements of the tithe paying church members.

Every pastor of every splinter group of the Worldwide Church of God is full of vanity and self-importance.  They are all, without exception self-appointed and why anyone would give them the time of day, is staggering to any thinking human being.    It is astonishing and amazing how simple minded so many adult human beings can be.   Why not STOP following men and follow Christ instead?

Van Robison


Allen C. Dexter said...

"Why not STOP following men and follow Christ instead?"

No, thanks. I'd still be following and having faith in falible men with agendas who wrote that whole collection of books generations after the supposed facts. It's all an invention of people with private agendas and mental quirks.

Joe said...

Cuz I cant see Christ he is invisible like Bigfoot.