Wednesday, November 14, 2012

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! No New Moon/No Bible Study Tonight!!!!! Whew!

You can rest easy tonight as you are not required to have a Bible Study in honor of Malm's new moon god.  The moon watchers in Jerusalem did not see the new moon rise, so you are free one more night to be a heathen.

You had better be ready though on Thursday to have a new moon festival and follow a prescribed ritual in study.  You need that dude Christ to intervene on your behalf to an obviously angry god who is not going to listen to your prayers otherwise.  Wimpy Jesus doesn't have the power to help you.

Apostle Malm writes:
ANNOUNCEMENT:   The new moon was not seen this evening.  It will definitely be easily visible tomorrow evening in Jerusalem making Friday the first day of the ninth biblical month.

We are commanded to “Worship God” on the new moons and the most appropriate way at this time is by having a formal Bible Study; with like minded persons if possible.  By formal I mean in the presence of Christ by seeking his presence in prayer to the Father to open the meeting.

Remember that assembling with anyone just for the sake of assembling with people is wrong.  We are to assemble with Christ and the Father and they come FIRST; followed by others who are are like minded in faithfulness to Christ and the Father.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating how people use sun, moon and stars to define their existence. Very old concept for sure.

Millions of years ago, before the moon was a god or a goddess symbol to evolved humans, it was much closer to earth. It's full moon rising would have been spectacular and the lunar disc huge. It moves away from earth about an inch or so a year.

Formed after the collision, mosty currently likely, between earth and the planet "Thera" 4 billion years ago, it is just one moon of many that surround practically all planets in both our solar system and the billions of earth like planets outside of us.

We use phenomenon to give us meaning. It's what humans do. From weather to the stars and imagined constellations, we use them to tell ourselves the story of what is and to comfort ourselves in a very hostile universe.

For the God of the Universe to want us to meet on a "new moon" is hilarious. Unless there are billions of "humans" meeting all over the universe under the same circumstances, it is silly.

I still maintain that any real God should forsake writings real or imagined by men and just show up to have a seminar, a nice buffet and an open question and answer session. Anything else is just magical thinking which humans do very well to explain their lives and conscious experience.


Douglas Becker said...

I've watched various groups turn to keeping the New Moon, up close and personal.

And this is my experience:

The more attention the group gives to keeping the New Moon (ranging from just noting it to keeping it as if it were a Sabbath), the more kooky they become. They were nuts before, but when they adopt the New Moon worship ethic, they become loony.

There are a few that just stop keeping it and they are marginally less crazy than their counterparts.

It's fine to note the passing of times and seasons and mark them, I suppose, but any more than that, you risk your sanity from what I've seen, particularly if you are already in the throes of a psycho's religion: The obsession with the New Moon makes it so much worse.

Of course, the ones who need to understand this are the ones who are least likely to listen.

Head Usher said...

I wonder how many commandments like this Malm has made up. He'll take the most obscure references and manufacture commandments out of them. He'll do the shoddiest google research in order to declare Thanksgiving off-limits. He obviously thrives on being as different. He's so self-righteous, every new difference is one more reason why he's going to heaven and you're going into the f%#$%& lake of fire. He can't wait. Just thinking about it puts a smile on his face.

Questeruk said...

Postponing your Bible Study meeting a day may be fine for Malmites residing in US or Canada, but what about the loyal Australian Malmite?

On Wednesday evening they wouldn’t know if the moon will be sighted in Jerusalem that evening, because they are some eight hours ahead of Jerusalem time in Australia.

So they hold their Wednesday evening Bible study, but then, in the early hours of Thursday morning Australian time, the moon is not seen in Jerusalem. So they held their Bible Study on the wrong day!

What is the loyal Australian Malmite to do – obviously they will need to hold a Bible Study again on the Thursday night, as they are then assured by Malm that the moon “will definitely be easily visible” on the Thursday evening.

This would seem to be an occupational hazard every month for those living in Australia, or indeed anywhere any distance east of Jerusalem.

Richard said...

What baffles me about James Malm's New Moon explanation is that he says the Jews and COG's use a calendar based on wrong traditions - then creates his OWN tradition to say it's not a New Moon until you can see it in the sky.

Plenty of websites have computed the phases of the moon, months and years in advance -- right down to the minute! Without having to look in the sky for it!

You'd think James Malm would accept this scientific/astronomical work as proof of God's orderliness and precision in the creation process, and use the precise New Moon time - usually a day or two ahead of what he confirms.

But no....

Head Usher said...

What is going on in Malm's small brain is that he believes god wants to see if you're going to pay attention to every.single.detail. It doesn't matter to him that you can calculate each and every month down to the nanosecond because he thinks that god doesn't want you calculate it. god didn't ask you to calculate it. he told you to go stand outside, in the city of Jerusalem and look at the moon. That's all you need to know. If you can't see the new moon, it doesn't matter that you know it already occurred, god wants you to pretend that it didn't because that's what he told you to do. The spirit of the thing is irrelevant. The letter of the law is all you need to know.

In Malm's little brain, becoming a robot and mindlessly, unquestioningly, unthinkingly, performing every.single.letter in machine-like fashion somehow proves to god that you stand in awe, hold him in the utmost place of honor and respect. Failing in any minute detail, no matter how small, is equivalent to dishonoring god like a cigarette butt that you're trying to rub out under your shoe. He thinks this is the one and only way to prove something to god, so this is the approach he takes with everything. It's a complete misreading of the bible.

The pharisees did the same thing, and it leads to only one place: denial. You wind up pretending that you're perfect, or "zealous," or whatever name you want to use for it. You spend your entire life putting on a show and lying to yourself and everyone else that you're doing it "all," meanwhile trying to ignore the fact that the denial is itself a fundamental violation of the entire exercise. You're life becomes one big cover-up. That's why Jesus got so upset with the pharisees. The pharisees didn't prove anything to Jesus, that's for sure. Malm can try, but he isn't going to prove anything either, except that he's one more hypocrite just like the pharisees were.

The reason why I say Malm's brain is so small is because it is incapable of thinking through any of these things. He can't process that if god did exist, he wouldn't be impressed at all by people who tried to turn themselves into robots, regardless of the reason (or their level of success at doing so). Malm cannot think that far ahead. For that matter, I'm not even sure he can think anymore at all. He probably just executes ancient programs put in his head by people who died long ago. I wish he couldn't write either.

Everything that Malm is doing is an exercise in futility. It bothers me that Malm is spreading his bankrupt religiosity to others and some are buying into it, but what can you do?