Thursday, January 3, 2013

E.W. King Prophecies Coming True

E. W. is gloating on his blog that the nightmare he had a few weeks about about something big falling from the sky has come true!  It appears a plane crashed in Russia and killed its passengers.  Kings prophecy has come true.....100% accurate so far?..............coincidence?....inspired dreaming?.....ho hum....

In a recent dream that I shared I stated that a “big” plane would “fall” from the sky. I saw a “bird” or “birds” fall with it. The birds represent a small amount of people. I published this dream on December 15,2012 [click to read] and we find out in the news today [12-29-12] that a Russian passenger plane landed too fast and crashed killing eight people.
We read in the news:
"A Russian airliner broke into pieces after it slid off a runway and crashed on to a highway outside Moscow, killing four of the 12 crew on board and leaving chunks of fuselage on the icy road.
 The crash during peak holiday travel before Russia's new year's vacation, which runs from Sunday until 9 January, cast a spotlight on Russia's poor air-safety record despite President Vladimir Putin's calls to improve controls.
 Television footage showed the Tupolev Tu-204 jet in pieces, with smoke billowing from the tail end and the cockpit broken off the front.
 One witness told state channel Rossiya-24 he saw a man thrown from the plane as it rammed into the barrier of the highway outside Vnukovo airport, south-west of the capital, and another described pulling other people from the wreckage."
This is the beginning of what I called “The Marker”. Russia is mentioned in Bible prophecy. Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong stated: “There is a general agreement among students of prophecy that ‘Gog’ in the land of ‘Magog’ is the vast regions of northern Eurasia extending from the Baltic to the Pacific. ‘Meshech’ is Moscow, ‘Tubal’ is Tobolsk. The Bible margin says ‘Prince of Rosh’, which is Russia.” [Plain Truth, April 1981]


Byker Bob said...

Does anyone seriously believe that these prophecy hobbyists have read Jeremiah 20? If you read the personal accounts from the prophets of the OT, the gift of prophecy was closely akin to a curse against any kind of normal life. It wasn't this big, expansive, authoritarian role at all! It was an extreme sacrifice, nearly trashing and wrecking the prophet himself! It required great humility and self effacement, repudiation of self for God to use such a person in that way. An egomaniacal blowhard such as some of these Armstrongite guys don't have the personality makeup or skill set, nor the character to pick up the tab for such a life!


Anonymous said...

I still say there is going to be heavy snow in the winter yet to come and rain in the spring.

When this comes to pass, THEN will you believe me? THEN will you pay attention to me? "THEN will you admit that I can predict the future with uncanny accuracy????

Scoff if you wish but it will rain this spring and get hot over the summer.


Anonymous said...

Oh...and just to nail it and silence you scoffers....a big truck with products in it will crash into a car with a loss of life. A Texter will drift into oncoming traffic and die. A small dog, rather cute , but stupid will wander into the street and yes.....another plane will crash by falling out of the sky and hitting the ground in an unscheduled landing.

Laugh if you will, but I know.....Now...puuuulease send it in!


Anonymous said...

Actually the plane did not fall from the sky. It landed and couldn't stop. Big diff!!!

Anonymous said...

Prophet King has got to have one of the worst cases of confirmation bias I've ever seen. Though you just watch - in the months to come Prophet Thiel will give him a run for his money!

Wikipedia defines confirmation bias as "a tendency of people to favor information that confirms their beliefs or hypotheses. People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way. The effect is stronger for emotionally charged issues and for deeply entrenched beliefs."

Is this a perfect working definition for COG wanna-be prophets or what?!

Anonymous said...

E.W. King is apparently the stupidest COG leader. I remember a while back when he was taking about psychology. It was apparent then and even more so after hearing him speak later that the man just doesn't have a clue. I'm talking space cadet material. You have to wonder about the type of audience the man attracts.

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason why the overall enterprise of science - with it's emphasis on peer review and replication of experimentation - is so far the best known method of acquiring objective facts. It's far from perfect, but it sure beats the "revealed knowledge" of religious gurus by a country mile.

Anonymous said...

I hate "revealed knowledge." I'm more of a standard hard won, well done, well thought out and somewhat proven kinda guy.

When a man uses the ploy of "revealed knowledge," he is conning people and mostly himself first.

The Apostle Paul went to the third heaven but was not sure if he really went there or just thought he did. Anyway...he saw great stuff that no man , well except him, can see or know. Of course he chose to only tell us how special he was to get to go but could not tell us what he saw as it was so awesome.

He was also full of BS.

Anonymous said...

W.W. King wrote: "...This is the beginning of what I called “The Marker”. Russia is mentioned in Bible prophecy. Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong stated: “There is a general agreement among students of prophecy that ‘Gog’ in the land of ‘Magog’ is the vast regions of northern Eurasia extending from the Baltic to the Pacific. ‘Meshech’ is Moscow, ‘Tubal’ is Tobolsk. The Bible margin says ‘Prince of Rosh’, which is Russia.” [Plain Truth, April 1981]..."

So what? What is written there may or many not be true and was all part of HWA's speculation.

A study of the verses relative to Gog indicates that God is the 7th head of the beast and it will not even be in existence as a head until Satan comes back out of the bottomless pit.

Rome was the 6th head of the Beast:

"And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space." Revelation 17:10

Living, United, COGWA...the xcogs all have that wrong b/c they still strive to make prophecy fit that so-called Beast Chart, which is bogus.

The 6th head, Rome, was the head that "one is:" the one that was/is back when God inspired John to write Revelation 17:10

The "other is yet to come" is the 7th head, Gog, which will exist after Satan is loosed from the pit and allowed to again deceive the entire world...and yes, war will again be learned.

And for E.W.King....don't forget. There is also an eighth head, which is of the 7th! Go figure!

:12 "And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition."

And time will tell..........not some airline crash in Russia!


Anonymous said...

Well, according to Wikipedia, there are about 180 plane crashes a year where there are 6 or more people on board.

In effect, about one every two days.

Ewwws prophetic gift is about as helpful as predicting the sun coming up tomorrow morning.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

I predicted the sun would come up, and then it dawned on me:-)

Anonymous said...

What I find rather odd is how COG gurus, with arrogant bluster and certainty, are constantly trying to proclaim future events via the "panorama of prophecy" - and yet they can't even successfully run their own lives (Ron Weinland, for instance, soon to start a prison stint for tax evasion) or organizations.

Another example is Pharisee James Malm, who repeatedly has predicted things about the Middle East that have proven wrong time and again on his website Shining Light Blog, and yet he never can seem to stop and reflect that maybe his methodology is faulty given all his failures and misstatements.

Does this not tell us something? - that the folks who have some of the worst track records of failure are the ones that delude themselves into thinking that THEY, of all people, can predict the future of major world events!

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that us humans knowing the future is all that important to God. If it was he would'nt allow crack-pot prechers predicting the end of the world to go around ruining peoples lives. He would simply reveal to us clearly and plainly the future. On second thought why would he even do that. Many people would just throw all caution to the wind and be engaged in alot of uncontrolled and irresponsible actions.

Anonymous said...

Well, knowing the future was quite important to HWA - as he often proclaimed that fully one entire third of the Bible was prophecy, most of it applicable to the end times.

Anonymous said...

I've lost track of how many times I've survived THE END OF THE WORLD.

Anonymous said...

In reality, the future is unknowable. Bronze age people spend an inordinate amount of time endeavoring to predict what was going to happen rather than what is happening like their lives. Add to that a certain mystique that comes with the illusion that another has some special insights and you have the birth of religion and followers.

The future comes one decision at a time. One small decision can make a big change down the road. Decisions not to decide can change everything.

Now , that is not to say Bronze Age types have not had an effect on us today. Once you write something down and pass it on, the virus spreads. Now decisions are made on the written material that would not be made were the material unheard of.

One of the biggest threats to human well being is the true believer in high places or the devious using the old stories to attract the very thing most fear. Once the meme is in place, every event in the world looks like its fulfillment. Anything that happens in the Middle East is prophetic. Uzbekistan..not so much. Even if it isn't.

All things Bible can come to pass and you still get no second coming . You might get a mass clean up bill however.

If there were no Bible, many would not feel the fear they do or belong to the group they do or have the mentality they do. It would all be different. They would not be giving away a lot of their resources to keep the old story going or would not be spending their lives getting others to read the Bronze Age stories.

Writing ideas down made knowledge and learning possible. It also made the perpetuation of myths possible to the harm of all concerned.

Anonymous said...

How about some prophecies, Texas-style?

A Christian Republican State Representative in Texas will support the "scientific" biblical view that the Sun revolves around the Earth, and the idea will garner praise from his constituents.
(Oops! Sorry, that already happened!)

A Christian Republican State Representative in Texas will promote the idea that Darwin's theory of evolution is nothing more than a Jewish plot, and the idea will garner praise from his constituents.
(Oops! Sorry, that already happened!)

Christians of the Republican Party of Texas will spearhead an effort to get rid of "knowledge-based education" by officially opposing the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills and Critical Thinking Skills (garnering much praise from Christian politicians and evangelicals).
(Oops! Sorry, that already happened!)

And in a related prophecy, I prognosticate that the Texas Board of Education will attempt to re-write history in textbooks by employing as consultants dentist Don McLeroy and nonacademic David Barton as "experts", garnering much praise from Christian politicians and evangelicals for doing so.
(Oops! Sorry, that already happened!)

Well, I'm sorry, as my prognostications seem to have happened before I prophesied them.

Christian nutcases like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell seem to have gotten their way in Texas to a large extent, though!

Douglas Becker said...

Something not mentioned: The cause and effect relationship between the death, devastation, destruction and God's Intervention to cause it?

Was God angry with the people on the jet, that He had to single them out for punishment by the death penalty?

If so, false prophets beware!

God is going to get you any day now!

No, wait!

Herbert Armstrong died in his sleep at 93 years old and Roderick Meredith is still going strong (isn't he 80 years old now).

So if you violate God's Law, lie and are a false prophet, you are going to be OK, but if you are an "ordinary" citizen of Planet Earth, you may be subject to a Hostile God randomly punishing you and unrelated strangers at any moment because a false prophet had a dream he interpreted after the fact.

Someone could do a PhD thesis on this to get her degree in abnormal psychology.

At least then, it would have some benefit.

(Beware E. W. King and you other nutjobs out there: There is this little tiny insignificant Commandment out there that supposedly is against using God's Name in vain. One might even suppose using Jesus' Name in vain could be covered under this irrelevant small rule with the Death Penalty attached.

You false prophets sure are brave.)