Monday, January 7, 2013

Prophet Bob Thiel Calls LCG Evangelists Liars

Prophet Thiel is burning bridges faster that imaginable.  Instead of making clean break and keeping his mouth shut, he is going out of his way to discredit LCG evangelists in order to make himself look good in his potential new members sight.

Prophet Thiel cannot get over the fact that LCG does NOT consider him a prophet. It's turned into a "he said, he said" game now. LCG denies specifically calling him a prophet and Thiel claims they specifically called him one.

Prophet Thiel writes today about Doug Winnail, calling him and other LCG evangelists out as liars.  In spite of this LCG still continues to pussy foot around with prophet Thiel.  Prophet Thiel is already stealing members away from LCG, causing division and upset among the brethren, and speaking out against LCG leadership.

01/07/13 p.m. After responding to something he emailed me Friday, I just received an email from Dr. Winnail that contained various comments, some of which are other than accurate. But I felt that perhaps some may wish to see the following excerpts from the email he wrote to me today. Dr. Winnail wrote about himself and the other two LCG Charlotte-based evangelists:
When we made comments to you  that “you may be a prophet” (and that could include some point in the future) that was to be kind to you and also acknowledge that God can use anyone He chooses when he chooses to use them...If God chooses to use your or anyone else in the capacity of a prophet, that is His decision and that will become obvious...
Time will tell if your claims are valid…so let’s leave it at that.
Those who look at the "Bob Thiel prophetic chronology" on this page should be able to see that the statements to me were more than in general. How many others in LCG were told so often something to the effect that “God might consider you to be a prophet,” “You have an in-depth understanding {of prophetic matters}—you could be a prophet,” and “We all (the three Charlotte evangelists) think you might be a prophet.” Others may ask why the LCG Charlotte evangelists encouraged me to consider that God may consider me to be a prophet as this is not historically been a standard COG practice? And also what I really did (ask them to correct errors, etc.) that led to their letters of improper accusation?
Furthermore, it should be recalled that it was Dr. Meredith himself who first brought this prophet matter up with a telephone call to me in October 2008. It was not like I had ever asked him about that prior to this.

Notice also that Dr. Winnail wrote today that all the Charlotte evangelists were trying to basically encourage my prophetic writings and leanings. And by the time they made “We all (the three Charlotte evangelists) think you might be a prophet” comment in August/September 2012, they all knew about the anointing for a double-portion of God's Spirit by Gaylyn Bonjour on 12/15/2011 and also had a decent idea of how I viewed it.

Hopefully, for those who have believed the misinformation that the three Charlotte evangelists never thought that I might and/or may be a prophet will realize that in fact, they all did. And perhaps one day they will all do so again.


Byker Bob said...

This is just too funny! What does Thiel care who calls him what? For a true prophet, it would not matter one tinker's damn whether some quasi-official entity or group called you by what you wanted to be your title. All that would matter would be the "fact" that one indeed had the gift of prophecy. And, recognition would come from being accurate over a prolonged time period.

Reality is that Thiel should be more concerned that we here have called him a non-prophet, or false prophet. Were I Thiel, Id be getting busy making some accurate and specific prophecies that held up to scrutiny.

Who ever heard of anyone being "ordained" as a prophet anyway? Biblically speaking, that's just plain silly!


Anonymous said...

In actual fact Bob Thiel really is a prophet.

In actual fact Ronald Weinland really is a prophet.

In actual fact Gerald Flurry really is a prophet.

In actual fact many other former WCG people really are prophets.

In actual fact they really are worth-less-than-nothing, lying FALSE PROPHETS!!!!!!! In actual fact they really do have the power to make themselves that sort of prophet.

Anonymous said...

The whole prophet thing should have been dropped by Thiel if he was smart, or at least a lot more down played. A smart man knows what others claim about him, even if he doesn't agree. How often just on this blog has his ego and prophet aspiring been criticized? I wonder if the whole situation could have been smoothed over if Thiel just calmed the F down as people say nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Thiel not only burned his bridges, he went out ahead a little way and scorched the earth first.

Anonymous said...

To state the obvious: at this point it's fairly obvious that Bob is NOT a prophet, but instead a sincerely delusional casualty of COG ideology. Really, what more can be said aside from the endless "he said, she said" accusations?

James said...

"LCG denies specifically calling him a prophet and Thiel claims they specifically called him one."

If the LCD thought Bob was an actual prophet they would have latched on to that. But they didn't.

Maybe Meredith thinks there will be competition for his throne after his demise and he want's his son to be the inheritor and not Bob Thiel who might have been trying to set himself up as the next apostle of the LCD.

Now seeing how Thiel never got the title of "prophet" he realizes he has been spurned and is hell bent on revenge due to the wound he has received to his pride.

Now as I observe Thiel, I see a man in "Manic" mode. Meredith commented on Bob's high energy level. I also notice that Thiel puts forth a lot of material on his blog daily. I further notice errors that shows he is rushing this material onto the Internet without a decent proof reading.

I am of the conclusion that Bob is on a tangent. His behavior (or medical condition) you might call "Manic." I don't know the man personally so I can't make a call on this. I am speculating.

In conclusion, this will not end well I am afraid. I am concerned actually for his kid who I assume lives at home with his mom. Manic conditions have a downside to them. I have seen the results in people I have known and if its not controlled by medication and counseling the results can and do lead to disaster.

Every person who joins this church venture is enabling Bob and confirming his thoughts as to being led by God. This confirms him as a prophet in his own mind.

I hope that I am wrong on this, I really do.

Anonymous said...

Calling anyone "liar" and "COG minister" is redundant.

Anonymous said...

If you want to work for lying LCG Evangelists, you're in luck! LCG is hiring!

TV Production Manager

Anybody know what happened to the last one?

Anonymous said...

Everything is on a "MegaSpiritual" Level on Bob's mind. To understand this, one must be or has been a former COG member - more powerfully so if one was involved in the original WCG in it's peak of the empire. Considering the following:

1. COG members believe THEY are God's CHOSEN people. All others matter after the millenium. Therefore their whole world is COG, and that's their chosen realm of reality even though they live with the rest of us.

2. COG members believe the words from the mouth of a minister are from God, the minister just being the mouthpiece. Therefore they don't question the minister's judgement.

3. Any judgement, decision, edict or statement from a COG minister comes down like a ton of bricks with a weight mightier than ANY secular authority.

So with people like Thiel, when one hears from a COG Presiding Evangelist, it's like hearing from the Supreme Associate Commander of the Universe Directly under Jesus Christ at the Father's Right Hand.

So for Thiel to be dealt with so harshly by Meredith who is the same who is alleged to have encouraged Thiel's prophet dreams is a 250,000 volt shock. The way he is acting seems to verify that. The way he is acting also seems to verify he believes his calling to a prophet is from God, when of course, it is not. EXTREMELY Serious mental delusions that he is unable to see due to all the years of COG deception.

Head Usher said...

It made political sense for Thiel to deify Meredith while he was with LCG. It was utter garbage, but it made self-serving sense to hew to that line. Now, it doesn't make self-serving sense for him to do that, but rather to deify himself instead. This is just like what any other politician would do. Not at all believable, not at all in accordance with christian ideals, but totally understandable. In the first place, who would follow such a transparent, self-serving, political animal? For anyone who actually believes in god, why would they think this bogus egomaniac would help them find the ever-elusive god they're always seeking, and not lead them further away instead? I guess some people are stupider than the average "COG stupid."

The thing that really boggles my mind in all this LCG-Thiel nonsense is that on the one hand Thiel is relying on the authority, infallibility, and spiritual clairvoyance of Meredith & Co. to legitimize his claim to prophet status, but now needs to turn around and with the other hand de-legitimize them all to pull a revenue stream out of LCG (his primary target demographic I presume). Does he not perceive that attempting to strip these guys of their deified status, de-legitimizes his own claim to divinity?

To a normal, sensible person who didn't try to find god and divine implications around every corner, Meredith would be just a guy, no better than any other guy (which he is), and Meredith's offhand comments wouldn't have any special significance in the first place (which they don't). I guess it takes a third brain cell to realize that even if there were a god, Meredith wouldn't have a clue whether god considered Thiel to be a prophet, a chimpanzee, or had failed to notice Theil in the first place. Of course, none of these people are normal, sensible, or have a third brain cell, seemingly.

It's really scary how impossible it is for these "prophets" to see even regular old common sense truth that is as plain as day to regular folk, and yet they go around telling regular folk that they have all this extra, divine, esoteric "truth" that nobody else is good enough to have. Stunning!

Anonymous said...

I think Thiel is just the cartoon before the feature begins. When Meredith dies, I bet LCG is going to shatter into numerous smaller Meredith/Armstrong cults, and many other individuals will probably leave for UCG or COGWA.

Anonymous said...

All Thiel has to do is simply predict something very demonstrable in advance and then all this nonsense can stop.

If Thiel were to say that the Dow Jones Industrial Average will close at 13,406.29 on February 1st and the Lakers will win their next game 107 to 98 and Kobe will score 33 points , AND THEN IT HAPPENS, then hey... we can all take note that Thiel has something very curious going on.

So far, Thiel has not predicted JACK DIDDILY SQUAT that is specific and beyond question in ANY AREA or TOPIC.

I dont like Meredith, but all of us who know him in any way, shape or form, know that he did not somehow view Thiel as a prophet. I figure he made a mistake in just being to forbearing and patient with Thiel, and probably enjoyed the fact that Thiel could be a bully pulpit against other COGs, with Meredith hiding behind plausible denial.

So come on Bob... impress us with a SPECIFIC prophecy that is beyond question and within the realms of scientific third party verification.

Otherwise... PLEASE SHUT UP!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

I agree with Byker Bob - this whole Bob Thiel public meltdown is just way to funny!

Standing ovation to Dr. Bob Thiel for keeping us all entertained while you have your tizzy fit over not being formally recognized and held in high esteem over the dumb sheep for being a Profit by that idiot Meredith. Ooops! I mean Prophet.

My recollection from the WCG of the 1960s was that the Church belief was that NO ONE held the office of Prophet. And as Byker Bob points out, it was not an office one was "ordained" to hold by the laying on of hands.

Again, Thank you Bob for the diversion and entertainment. Keep taking yourself way too seriously and keep burning all those bridges!


Redfox712 said...

>>My recollection from the WCG of the 1960s was that the Church belief was that NO ONE held the office of Prophet. And as Byker Bob points out, it was not an office one was "ordained" to hold by the laying on of hands.<<

That is indeed what the false prophet of 1975 HWA taught. He even wrote that in the 1950s and even in his masterpiece of deception Mystery of the Ages he stated that a New Testament Prophet did not have authority over church members but simply related the word of God as the prophet received it, because (HWA said) the Bible was not yet complete. Now that there is a Bible (HWA taught) prophets are no longer necessary and there have not been any prophets since the Apostolic era.

Anonymous said...

This "Prophet Office" stuff was NEVER an issue in the old school WCG. Ordination was only done through the established hierarchy, and ONLY Armstrong could ordain those of Evangelist rank or higher, and Prophet is biblically higher then evangelist. However, Richard is correct, Armstrong basically stated the "Prophet" office was ceased, along with the use of tongues and other signs and wonders that ceased "ages ago".

Only now is this whole "Prophet" thing an issue, now that COG's don't listen to Armstrong or believe everything he said. If anything, this verifies that all of Armstrongism is completely watered down by a majority of COG's that put credence to "prophet" status. A good thing, and a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Redfox, didn't see your post before I posted the above.

DennisCDiehl said...

It would be so much easier if one could grasp that no human being knows the future mainly because it hasn't yet occurred. Most "fulfilled prophecy" in the Gospels is actually Midrash which means the NT author mined the OT for scriptures that he could use to tell his story. This makes everything from Jesus birth and death look like the fulfillment of prophecy when in fact it was written based on the OT so of course it makes the OT look prophetic and the NT its fulfillment.

Daniel was written in the 160's BC when all the empires had already come and gone mostly so they were easy to name.

Every aspect of Matthews birth story of Jesus is taken from OT scripture badly read and deciphered.

Revelation was for the them of the first century and it is a failed prophecy at that. It was never meant to project ahead 2000 years.

OT prophects goofed a few times and some failed prophecies were added by scribes to make the prophets look even worse than they already did. After all, you could kill off a false prophet back then, which was the plan.

Besides, if the future is all wrapped up ahead of time and the trick for us is to divine it properly, what fun is that!!?? We then live in a soap opera and truly are players on a stage with no say.

Humans get obcesses with the future because they can't stand the present. Or as it seems in BT's case, he needs to be thought of as gifted and special when in fact he is making a fool out of himself.

If he's a prophet, let him lie on his side for a year and then flip over for a few more months, or let him lay seige to a frying pan or walk through a hole in the wall of the temple with a back pack on. He might even try cooking his Ezekiel Bread with his own dung. Ezekiel did this stuff and some suspect he was schizophrenic in his behaviors. Schizophrenics and those with Theomania make wonderful watch at least.

Bob Thiel can be a prophet in the same way that Gerald Celente or an Alex Jones can be. The world is full of political, financial, religious and military prophets because that's the stuff they read and speculate about.

Using the book of Revelation as an outline for today is hilarious and is truly making a scripture mean what it never meant. Just what exactly does "To show you things which must shortly come to pass," mean in your world as it was spoken 2000 years ago?

There is an excellent book written by an ex fundamentalist minister who preached it all as yet to come and then he woke up.

Christianities Great Dilemma-Is Jesus Coming Again or is He Not?
Glenn L Hill

It simply shows for those with eyes to see that everything in the NT about soon, shortly, the day is far spent, it is the last hour, the time now is etc, was for them, not us. A very bitter pill to swallow but one that makes sense when you actually read the NT as it was written and to whom and stop thinking each letter was written to us personally as if is hot off the press.

DennisCDiehl said...

doi...Christianity's Greatest Dilemma

Assistant Deacon said...

This just gets weirder and weirder. I've never seen anything like it in more than five decades of involvement/proximity to COGland -- and I've seen a lot, as we all have.

Thiel is literally laughable, and doesn't even know it. What a whiny baby. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps "Prophet" Bob should reread 1 Corinthians 14 he claims to believe on the official rules of being a prophet. If indeed he thinks he knows so much of the Bible, and is such a special person, he should understand this very well.

In the church, 2 or 3 prophets should speak, not just 1, if one believes the Bible. Thus, a prophet does not HEAD a church. The reason why there is more then one is so the other prophets can carefully weigh what is mentioned and take turns with their prophesying. Verse 37 is even clearer, and says if anyone thinks they are a prophet, they are ordered in 1 Corinthians to accept these instructions from 1 Corinthians 14 as a command from the Lord to them. IF that is so, "Prophet" Bob can't ignore the teachings of speaking in tongues in the same commands, or any of the other ones either... If Bob believes he is a prophet, he also has to believe in the gift of tongues. He will have to acknowledge there is no separation of command in these scriptures.

Even better then this, according to the Bible, being a prophet is NOT an office, but a spiritual gift. Not only that, according to 1 Corinthians, prophecy is for the believers, not the unbelievers, and most of his "crowd" are unbelievers and he is trying to convert them to believers through a church. He has completely warped what a prophet is, and what they do, while conveniently throwing out the rest of 1 Corinthian's instructions on the "other" gifts.

In Bob's world, there are no tongues as tongues-doers are not of God they say, he is THE prophet, there are not multiple prophets as commanded, "prophesying" is done on the internet for general world events, are usually preceded with "probably" or some other disclaimer, no "thus saith the lord" hard core predictions, or specifics, and is I think in his opinion "Correct analysis of world news" or when Christ isn't coming or when the tribulation isn't happening, no brainers actually. If that's the case about world event prophecies, CNN and political strategist and news media are FULL of prophets! Thiel's idea of a prophet are far from the ideas of the writer of Corinthians and even farther from the ideas of Armstrong, and MUCH farther from the ideas of anyone who has actually read the Bible without Armstrong-Vision. It's crazy!

Get with it Doctor! Your idea of being a prophet is far from the Bible's idea, and what is your excuse?

Anonymous said...

I have no pity for Bob, who has always been an insufferable asshole...but still...imagine huffing your arse off for years for your particular sect- a laymember with credentials: a large chunk of tithe money, a "PhD," and a well travelled website (among the COG's)- diligently refuting all other COG's in favor of LCG, and what do you get? A pat on the back. Why just a pat on the back? Because Bob was a laymember. In the COG's, a laymember may raise the dead, but he sure as hell will do no more than that in the context of "The Work." He will especially not draw any more attention to himself than the ministry are getting. Face it, Bob- you're a peasant to Meredith and Co.

It must be frustrating for old Bob. He should have aligned himself with the smaller, more pitiable groups like ICG where he could make a name for himself, where his "talents" would be gratefully appreciated by the starving, dwindling flock.

Paul Ray

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this has been posted yet, but Thiel lists some differences between his church and LCOG. I am just going to print the first few but you will get a pretty good idea of Thiel's mindset.

1.That the word of God and not Protestant commentaries should be the basis for changing doctrine (it remains my view that the "falling away" logic was primarily based upon Protestant interpretations, overlooked at lot of what HWA's church taught about it, and was not consistent with many scriptures in the Bible).
The Falling Away on 2 Thessalonians 2:3 mainly has to do those affiliated with the COG.
2. That the leader of CCOG keep his word--really.
3. That since a prophet is higher in "spiritual authority" than an evangelist, that those who believe in hierarchical governance would support a prophet of God over an evangelist, irrespective of how long he has been an evangelist.

Anonymous said...

Who one "supports" is not a factor of rank. There is only one criteria in the world that determines a Christian's support, and it isn't rank. The obsession with rank proliferating within the COG's is an obsession with power - and power is the one thing that corrupts, steals, and destroys. To suggest that one support someone solely based on "Spiritual authority" - and in this case, authority that is self-proclaimed - is a horrendous and egregious lack of understanding even the basics of Christianity. One who would say such a thing needs to stick to a regular paycheck at a real job and stay out of the pulpit.

Anonymous said...

1.That the word of God and not Protestant commentaries should be the basis for changing doctrine (it remains my view that the "falling away" logic was primarily based upon Protestant interpretations, overlooked at lot of what HWA's church taught about it, and was not consistent with many scriptures in the Bible).
The Falling Away on 2 Thessalonians 2:3 mainly has to do those affiliated with the COG.
2. That the leader of CCOG keep his word--really.

Aside from the crazy prophet stuff, Bob is just going through in public what thousands of LCG members are going through in private. For all intents and purposes, LCG has already undergone a split, as most of its members have rejected their leadership's "new truth" or "upgraded understandings" about the gospel, going to heaven and the falling away. In the course of rejecting these new teachings, they have also rejected the HQ evangelists as liars who do not keep their word. But what can they do about it? Several hundred have left for the "stay at home" church, and others are meeting in small groups with family and friends. Most, however, are patiently waiting for God to show them where they are supposed to go next, as their former implicit trust in LCG has been shattered.

Thiel may have seen the massive dissatisfaction in LCG and assumed he was God's chosen one to lead LCG out of its apostasy. Unfortunately for him, LCG members have also rejected Thiel as one who was too closely associated with Meredith's lies and doctrinal changes for too long.

Douglas Becker said...

Is this the way The End Time Witness should act?

Breathing fire and all?

Tweeting to twits on Twitter?

Doesn't this remind you of that song in The Man from La Mancha?

A little gossip... a little chat...
A little idle talk of this and that...
I'll tell him all the troubles I have had,
And since he doesn't hear,
At least he won't feel bad.

When I first got home my wife Teresa beat me,
But the blows fell very lightly on my back.
She kept missing ev'ry other stroke
And crying from the heart
That while I was gone
She'd gone and lost the knack!
Of course, I hit her back, Your Grace,
but she's a lot harder than I am,
and you know what they say...
"Whether the stone hits the pitcher
or the pitcher hits the stone
it's going to be bad for the pitcher"
So I've got bruises from here to...

A little gossip... a little chat...
A little idle talk of this and that...
If no one listens,
Then it's just as well,
At least I won't get caught in any lies I tell!

Oh, I haven't fought a windmill in a fortnight
And the humble joys get duller ev'ry day,
Why, when I'm asleep a dragon
With his fiery tongue a-waggin'
Whispers, "Sancho.
Won't you please come out and play?"

Those tilting at windmills these days have a much larger audience.

DennisCDiehl said...

Bob passes along:

"When we made comments to you that “you may be a prophet” (and that could include some point in the future) that was to be kind to you and also acknowledge that God can use anyone He chooses when he chooses to use them...If God chooses to use your or anyone else in the capacity of a prophet, that is His decision and that will become obvious...
Time will tell if your claims are valid…so let’s leave it at that."

I would accept this as absolutely how Dr. Winnail and RCM actually felt and thought to deal with BT and his machinations. Having pastored and had any number of people through the years bring me their ideas that MUST be understood or passed on or at least acknowledged as accurate, this is the way one tends to deal with such people.

You don't want trouble. You don't want to hurt the person's feelings. You don't really want to lose them as friend or member and you certainly don't want them going ballistic and nuts wreaking havoc and confusion in the congregation. It is a way of saying "yes, that's nice so please find some balance and we'll see how it goes." What you are not counting on or at least not wanting to ignite is the rabid demand for recognition that some do want and won't take no or wait for an answer.

I had people demand I teach different Passover ways of doing in the endless controversies over why the Gospel accounts of Passover are so different from reality and the OT story. I have had people demand I teach about the Illuminati or Jimmy Carter being the Beast depending on who was President at the time as time went on. I have had members who said they had the mark of the beast and thought it was a good thing. I almost plowed into Michigan City, Indiana in a small plane piloted by a deacon who I was too stupid at 24 to realize was not just flying to hear GTA speak in Mpls, but had a message for him. That thunderstorm was not going to stop him and I knew we were in trouble when he was screaming in the carwash of a cloud to look for the ground. Needless to say we parted company after we got home safely.

I have seen and tried to ignore, it doesn't work, many theologically obcessed types. I recognized Dr. Winnail's and RCM's comments and intent as having been my own when I just hoped it would find some balance and I'd not have to worry about the carnage such people can cause among friends in the church.

Eventually I had to disfellowship the couple, which killed me when they said they were going to put me on 60 minutes for not listening to them. That was a popular threat in days gone by lol. They were two of maybe three or four I ever had to do that too because I thought that was what I had to do back then.

Actually I wish I had handed them the keys to the building , introduced them as the new pastor and wife and gone off to study paleontology :) oh well, too late.

Douglas Becker said...

Dennis, these types live on people being nice to them: As you have probably learned, the only thing that works is to call them on their nonsense and be really aggressive at it.

Otherwise, you might as well just walk away and say nothing.

DennisCDiehl said...

Douglas Becker said...
Dennis, these types live on people being nice to them: As you have probably learned, the only thing that works is to call them on their nonsense and be really aggressive at it.

Otherwise, you might as well just walk away and say nothing."

I agree and yes, I have learned this. I am not a confrontational person and never have been. I have no stomach for it and identify more with the Rodney King line of "Can't we all just get along." It has taken years for me to figure out that for the aggressive types, the answer is "NO we can't!" lol

I have always tended to see both sides of all issues. It's just how my head works and so people like make good counselors and negotiators. The problem is I didn't know what to do with those that only saw their side. That is a blow up ready to happen in a church. It's why I am so vehement on the fallacy of the NT statement that "we all need to speak the same thing." That is just not how life works. It should rather have said, "we all need to speak our truth and respect the truth and views of others.." Never gonna happen!! lol

I admit, I was a whimp when it came to coming down with both boots and quoting scripture at people to badger them into submission. I just didn't often quite know what to do and in time it tended to run its own course and take care of itself.

I guess that's why the Buddhist proverb of "Do without doing" appeals so someone like me

Anonymous said...



And, for all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, you can behold Bob's latest prophetic sermon by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

I think one thing that needs to be taken into consideration here is that Bob Thiel's standard of prophetic utterance is very low.

After the terrible events of September 11, Bob foolishly claimed that Rod Meredith had actually predicted the terrorist attacks on his cogwriter website. I publically challenged Bob to provide the statement (written or oral) where Meredith had made such a specific prediction, after I had listed many specific public statements of HWA and Meredith (mostly gleaned from past issues of The Plain Truth magazine) that had proven utterly false and inaccurate.

Predictably, Bob never responded - though some LCG members provided a few very weak statements that Meredith had made in the past like "Terrorists may attack American cities!" or similar general assertions, but hardly the stuff of a true prophet.

Any COG leader can make extremely hazy, vague non-specific statements such as "We can expect to see violence flair up in the Middle East" - which anybody can say, and ultimately be shown correct.

You can bet your bottom dollar Bob is smart enough to NEVER make any specific kind of statement that would impress his handful of followers that he truly "has the goods."

Anonymous said...

Wow, Anon, now that has to go down on this website as one of the most useless, irrelevant and meaningless statements ever made! The depth and power of your brilliant intellect stuns me to no end!

Anonymous said...

Some people on here are falling for Meredith's trap just like Bob Thiel did. The trap was to tell Bob he is a prophet, let it go to his head, then deny having said that. It was a trick to discredit Bob and make him look like a loon. If you think Bob just made it all up you are falling for Meredith's trick. Though it's tempting to pick on Bob, Meredith is the primary culprit here.

Anonymous said...

Bob is deceived but probably mostly sincere. When he calls the LCG ministers liars he's probably telling the truth. Instead of ridiculing him we should be supporting him in that regard because the LCG is the bigger enemy, because this is a chance to expose the LCG ministers, and because Bob is probably telling the truth about that. People are missing the main point here.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Jason!

Unknown said...

Wow, as I read the thoughts people, I truly never understood just how IGNORANT they are. So many people in this world are so blinded by Satan ( God has obviously not opened their little un-educated minds). Yet and still they continue to give opinion after opinion. The true Church of God has always encountered Ignorance from those outside of the faith once delivered. Yea, they laughed at Noah for 120 years until he stepped on the ARK. I guess they aren't talking anymore. I guess when people are going through the great Tribulation ( which is prophetic) they will say I should have believed God's word and not everyone who claimed he was a prophet. Before I speak, I make sure I truly understand the subject and have done my homework before commenting on religion and its ministers. If not, I will sound just like the Ignorant people in this BLOG. At least I can admit I don't know it all, but I will seek the truth without Bashing others. I choose not to be ignorant as others.