Saturday, February 16, 2013

E.W.King: Pope Getting Out of Dodge While the Getting Is Good

There is more to the story about Pope Benedict resigning from his ministry than meets the eye.  It's far more ominous than old age and frailty kicking it.  It's even worse than the concerns about his head injury after his fall recently.  It's far worse!  Yes, far far worse, at least when looked at through the lens of Armstrongite mythology.  Even Kings god was ticked off and had to show his displeasure by sending a lightening bolt down to hit a lightening rod.

False prophet E.W. King says that the Pope is getting out of the Vatican because he knows the shit is about to hit the fan with the end times.

It is said that shortly after the Pope informed everybody that he would be "stepping down" from his position as pope [2013 AD], lightening struck the Vatican. Wow! God is very upset at false religion. Why is the current pope stepping down? Because he knows what is coming!

The Vatican knows that the Great Tribulation is right around the conrer. They [Roman Catholics] have been ignoring this reality...but they cannot! Even the entire world cannot deny the fact that this world is going 'down hill' extremely fast. The Signs of the Times are here!


Douglas Becker said...

He's going home to his cat, for heaven's sake.

Byker Bob said...

EW King, Dude! The pope is like 85! He knows what is ahead, for sure, but it's not about the end, or making way for Petris Romanus. It is a personal matter involving his health and mental faculties and ability to do his job that he is concerned about!


Anonymous said...

Shortly after the Poop left Rome...shit has hit the fan!