Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dave Pack Being Mocked Over Lawsuit Regarding Domain Name

Poor Dave Pack.  The little guy seems to be constantly in the news.  Being in the news is not a bad thing for a COG group if they are doing good, but Dave is up to his dirty tricks again. Despite having the worlds best church, biggest web site, and the coolest apostate members from other splinter groups, he still gets no respect. Even his kids have walked out on him.

The worlds most important man has filed a lawsuit against a small company over their domain name.  The prophet is not happy that the small company has the address.  It seems that Dave thinks he owns those initials since he has the "Real Truth" magazine.  The problem is that Dave was not smart enough to lock in domain names early on when he started his earth shattering ministry.

In typical COG fashion  a lawsuit was initiated and the mocking began.  Lets be Christians and sue their asses; evil pagans!

The Domains web site has published this account:

UDRP Filed On Two Letter .Org: RT.Org

2013 February 19
by Michael Berkens
A two letter .Org domain name has just been hit with a UDRP.

The domain name is RT.Org

The domain is owned by Alexa Properties, LLC and goes to a Sedo parked page.

The complaint was filed by The Restored Church of God whose site is at

The complainant,  The Restored Church of God has a trademark on the term, The Restored Church of God which was filed in 2008.

The complainant The Restored Church of God also filed for two trademarks for the term RCG in 2011.

The domain name has been owned by the current holder since at least January 2012.

There does not appear to be any links to the trademark holder on the domain name, or anything religious oriented.

RT is not close to RCG in any way so we have no idea of what the TM holder is thinking about and the fact that it’s a church, well there is that whole commandment about stealing.

We will be following this case and will let you know once a decision has been reached.

The interesting thing in the comments was the following from a guy outside the COG domain.  He instantly saw through the greed and arrogance of the typical COG leader.

  1. 3 February 19
    Grim permalink
    I was thinking Round Table. Not sure why, maybe I’m just in the mood for pizza.
    Doing a quick view of the church’s website, I found that they put out a magazine called, ‘The Real Truth.’ Perhaps that’s what they want the domain for, but attempting to go about getting it in this manner likely goes against any moral or religious dogma of how they would wish one to act when one wants something.
  2. 2013 February 19
    Grim permalink
    I should add that they already own, so now it seems like they’re just being greedy.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Dave!

Anonymous said...

If Dave wants to play with the dot-com big boys (he does), he should go for broke, and put all his resources and capabilities into hijacking (Russia Today).

Corky said...

I keep wondering how ridiculous the ACoGs can get...there's no limit.

Anonymous said...

Interesting isn't it, when guys like Dave Pack claim to be inspired by God in their ministries, and yet all kinds of these things pop up. Reminds me of the time one WCG official arrogantly claimed of the Hall of Administration building in Big Sandy, that "God Himself has inspired this building." Another responded, "Well, then you better tell God he forgot to inspire a handicap entrance/exit, which is required by Texas state law!"

True story.

Joe Moeller said...

The lawsuit is completely frivolous. I hope he loses and that the judge grants the legitimate domain holder legal sanctions for filing such a ridiculous lawsuit.

There are many RT , or Real Truth variant options available to Pack for either purchase or creation. Pack would have a difficult time proving damage or loss of business.

In the world of domain names, its first come, first serve.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

kinda makes me think that there is no real need for blogs such as this......the "ministers" are doing such a good job of it themselves.

Anonymous said...

well typical, he 'stole' the name of his telecast from Art Braidic.

DennisCDiehl said...

Oh oh....

Silence said...

Apparently Dennis just found the next RCG lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Too funny, even Flurry would laugh and point at Pack's feeble-mindedness.

Allen C. Dexter said...

"In the world of domain names, its first come, first serve."

Exactly. I've had experience there with my wedding ceremonies business. When you propose a domain name, the first thing they do is check to see if it is already in use. If it is, your proposed domain is out and you have to choose another, which usually isn't all that hard.

He's not as special as he'd like to think he is, and I predict his stupid case will be thrown out.

Assistant Deacon said...

Now, now, Dennis -- it has to be David C., don't you know...

We must emulate our hero to the nth degree!

Anonymous said...

How did the UCG do when their bigwigs went to court to defend it's slimy self against well documented charges of stalking?

Pick-n-Pack said...

Not exactly "first come, first serve" but still this is frivolous even by the below definition:

A complainant in a UDRP proceeding must establish three elements to succeed:

--The domain name is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark or service mark in which the complainant has rights;

--The registrant does not have any rights or legitimate interests in the domain name; and

--The registrant registered the domain name and is using it in "bad faith".

Anonymous said...

What's next?

Will Davey sue the owner of ""?

(Since Davey is Full Of Shit.)

Or, will he sue the Can-Can Girls for singing, "Who wears short shorts?" without mentioning His name?

Byker Bob said...

He's obviously got too much time on his hands! Why not just sigh and pick another domain name, this time having learned from the experience and checking in advance to see if anyone else is using the same name. That is Business 101, something one must do when taking out a business license in most states. Why should another business tool be less accountable (to say nothing about considerate!).


Byker Bob said...

Several years back, if you typed "Dave Pack" into your browser, all that came up was stuff about the leader of some nauseating soft rock band.

Obviously someone has done some work on that front....

A fake Armstrong-apostle is still even more offensive to me than soft rock. At least soft rock didn't mess up big chunks of my early life. I even put up with a girlfriend whose favorite recording artist was Yanni for about two years.


DennisCDiehl said... understandeth DCP not!

Anything that may be needed (supply) his need to go HIM therefore into all the world is HIS. Russia Today simply needs to give up "RT" as do all other pretenders. First things first and first Apostles first.

Bert Rutan , creator of SpaceShipOne and Stratolaunch technology had better never try to call himself Rutan Technologies or DCP, who has so much more to contribute to this world will sue him too.

Anonymous said...

DavidCPack.con is still available I'm sure...

Anonymous said...

Why did Dave's other son leave?, he's not dealing cocaine too is he?

Richard said...

Why do they even need to sue, when the home page of invites people to BUY the domain?

Yes, I checked.