Friday, March 15, 2013

Opportunistic Non-Ordained False Prophet Cashes In On New Pope

Never one to let a good news story go to waste, the non-ordained self appointed prophet Bob Thiel has written another book released yesterday to coincide with the election of the new Pope in Rome.

Thiel has been cashing on on all kinds of wild and weird prophecies from the Mayans down to the Catholics.  He pays more homage to these nutty predictions than he does the Bible he claims to follow.

Everything coming out of the non-ordained prophet is fear based.  His teachings are fear based, his books are fear based and his absurd video sermons are fear based.  From Daniel to Revelation, from the Mayans to Fatima and  Malachy, it s all about gloom, despair, and death. Thiel is one little scared man!  It's no wonder in all of his bumbling videos that he offers no hope for anyone.

He writes:

According to some interpretations of the prophecies of the popes by the Catholic saint and Bishop Malachy, Pope Francis I is in the position of “Peter the Roman,” the pontiff who reigns during tribulations until around the time of the destruction of Rome. Do biblical prophecies warn of someone that sounds like Peter the Roman? Could Francis I be the heretical antipope of Catholic private prophecies and the final Antichrist of Bible prophecy?

While Catholic private prophecies cannot be trusted, and I assert that Satan influenced this past papal election, Bible prophecy shows that we are in the last days.  If so, it is possible, but by no means certain, that Pope Francis I will be the one that the Bible warns about.


Leonardo said...

Thiel titles his book THE LAST POPE right above a full color picture of Francis I, then writes that " is possible, but by no means certain, that Pope Francis I will be the one that the Bible warns about.

Isn't this rather contradictory? In light of his waffling, I wonder why he didn't title the book THE LAST POPE? - in question form. It's subtle little details like this that show up in virtually anything Thiel produces that reveals him to be the rank amateur and phony "scholar" that he actually is, in spite of all his boasting to the contrary.

Head Usher said...

He's a tabloid scholar. His stock and trade is in cheap, sensational fare, akin to the drivel that History Channel puts out. It's heavy on conspiracy, innuendo, fantasy, and asking questions about unprovable speculation and dubious claims, but light on research, analysis or insight. The cardinals probably made sure to elect someone that in no way could be construed as "Peter the Roman".

Leonardo said...

Well, that's how I always have seen Thiel's work - National Enquirer-like "research" covering highly sensationalistic and speculative topics of questionable value quickly thrown together in book form via vanity publishing, and basically appealing to the widespread ignorance of his potential readers.

This guy appears to be a real legend in his own mind.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he keeps saying it's possible but by no means certain each time a new pope arrives. He will be right eventually, if he lives long enough. However, anyone on this planet could say exactly the same thing. He's so delusional it's sickening.

Anonymous said...

The next pope will be black.

Anonymous said...

"Damnit..we're in the last days I tell ya! Since I am alive, it MUST be the last days, it must, it must..I can't die like others. I want to be chaaaaaaanged!!!!!"

Bob is a Prophet in the same way that Federal Express is Federal.

Assistant Deacon said...

"...and I assert that Satan influenced this past papal election..."

How to win friends and influence people.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...
The next pope will be black.

MY COMMENT: Why wasn't this one? How about red, yellow, or brown?

Anonymous said...

This proves BT is an opportunistic shiester. He had this ready to go and only need a picture of whoever. He is, as noted, a little man. A man with little man syndrome. Nothing he says is encouraging and everything he does is negative if profitable to him. Oh...and a terrible speaker

Unknown said...

Although Thiel is easy pickens because his silly output is indeed "legion", Im curious to know why many other groups, individuals are "passed over" for regular review on this blog.

For instance Israel Hawkins, Dankenbrink, David Smith, Hulme and many others ad nauseum

Seems like minor leaguers like Thiel, Malm and King get the lions share of posts here.

So I am curious and am asking NO2HWA , what is your typical news gathering technique, and survey process. Do you have a "game plan" and rotation, or is it just more of an ad hoc process?

Joe Moeller

Anonymous said...

what about Wade Cox? or is everyone afraid of being sued?

G.G. said...

"Everything coming out of the non-ordained prophet is fear based. His teachings are fear based, his books are fear based and his absurd video sermons are fear based. From Daniel to Revelation, from the Mayans to Fatima and Malachy, it s all about gloom, despair, and death."
As an outside observer, for an admittedly short period of time, I find that most of the doctrines of all the various COG's and the literature produced by them are extremely fear-based. Even this idea that anyone can accurately predict the future is a delusion based on fear. Pema Chodrin, an American Buddhist nun, often writes and speaks about becoming ok with the feeling and reality of "Groundlessness." In other words, nothing in this world is permanent and much of life is unpredictable no matter how much we try to control things-----or turn over control to some omnipotent being. If one can "relax into" the Groundlessness, accept the anxiety it brings, and just do the best, moment by moment, often the fear subsides. There are no guarantees! G.G.

Unknown said...

"So I am curious and am asking NO2HWA , what is your typical news gathering technique, and survey process. Do you have a "game plan" and rotation, or is it just more of an ad hoc process? Luv,Joe Moeller"

MY COMMENT: Yeah! Let's switch to the UCG cult for a while. They're just as cultish as the rest of 'em!

Byker Bob said...

Bob Thiel is like Sara Palin or the Kardashians. You just hope they'd have the decency to quietly fade away, but they continue to surface and to embarrass themselves without even realizing that that is what they are doing.

Hey, Bob, the joke is you, the joke is on you, and we're not laughing with you.......


NO2HWA said...

Hi Joe:

Its more of an ad hoc posting process. There are regulars that make it here because they post absurd things regularly. Some postings are from people who send me info or links. There are too many to weed through each day to fond something, so recommendations are always welcome.

I also post entire letters or articles from people who want to get a different viewpoint across. I don't have a problem with that as long as they are not writing things to idolize HWA such as Flurry does.

I am one of the few blogs that allow comments by readers. As you can see it gets quit heated at times.

I enjoy your comments and am envious of the wide open spaces where you live!

Byker Bob said...

Just thunk me up an original, and I think it's a keeper: Bob Thiel is a conspiracy theist!


Corky said...

Some folks may not realize it but the "Bible" called the New Testament was written and produced by the Catholic Church.

Some folks might think that, before the Catholic Church, there was a "one true church" that was the victim of orthodox persecution but they would be WRONG.

I say that because the writers of the New Testament are definitely and obviously orthodox proto-catholic believers. They are not docetists, they are not gnostics, they are not Judaizers or any of the heresies mentioned by the church fathers. That only leaves one thing for them to have been - orthodox proto-catholics.

But, no matter what they were, they were not the weirdo's of the ACoGs. No, they were far more weird and strict than the ACoGs ever thought about being.

Just look at the main prediction and prophecy of these proto-catholic new testament writers - the soon return of Jesus to destroy everybody but the proto-catholics. Then to reign for a thousand years over those who were not left to rule over because everybody has already been killed - not even the fish survive the attack of zombie Jesus from the cosmos.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic church gave us the NT? That's news to me. It is my understanding that the books were in circulation and recognized as inspired way before the Council of Hippo in 390. The first "canon" was the Muratorian Canon, compiled at about 170 A.D. The RCC only reiterated what the earlier church recognized in response to heretical teachers promoting phony "epistles" etc. One of my favorite writers is the apologists Norman Geisler. Of course, no one in the WCG ever heard about any "outside" scholars. Why bother to read when we were already convinced that HWA was God's apostle and everyone else was deceived by Satan. Convince someone of that one big lie and you can pass on to them any crackpot idea (USBC in Prophecy) etc.

Anonymous said...

The New Testament written and produced by the Catholic Church??? Nothing could be further from the truth with respects to scripture. The NT were written by apostles and disciples, such as Paul, James and John, who were certainly not Roman Catholic. Also, you would get must dispute from the Eastern Orthodox Churches who so happen to use the same NT.

Velvet said...

"the "Bible" called the New Testament was written and produced by the Catholic Church"

Quite apart from the Geneva Bible, the Wycliffe Bible, the....

Corky said...

If you think the New Testament was written by someone other than the proto-catholics, all I can say is, name that group.

Anonymous said...

The last few editions of The Journal contain articles on the canon, some of which are liberal and some of which are very conservative.

But what's with this crackpot conspiracy theory about proto-Catholics? Who ever heard of that? Get real.

Anonymous said...

HWA was a conspiracy theorist. He said that the Roman church and the Protestants did not keep the bible. I was shocked to learn that. But he was right about that, and everyone else was wrong.

A conspiracy theorist then told me that he committed incest with his own daughter. Were they right or wrong? They were probably right.

Conspiracy theorists think there was an underground liberal movement in the church that took over when Armstrong died. Were they loons, or were they right?

Conspiracy scholars have this idea that much of the NT was forged. Are they right or wrong?

Is something a conspiracy if you can prove it? How many people actually take a hard look at the evidence?

G.G. said...

Off-topic but I need to say it-------
Many years ago when my family member refused my humble Christmas present and reinforced the fact that he really wasn't going to celebrate Christmas .......and later Easter, birthdays,etc, I just thought it was a weird church. They said they were christian but didn't celebrate the biggest day of Christendom!. Over the years, as I learned more, I more or less added up all the money that was saved by not buying Christmas gifts, birthday presents, Easter eggs, valentines. There also were no permanent church buildings. It eventually dawned on me that all that money saved by essentially cutting WCOG members off from their families and not having real churches meant way more for Passedena and the great False Prophet. Pretty wiley that old Armstrong. The WCOG people didn't care who they hurt. They were soooo special. Too bad they drove innocent people to suicide. G.G.

Anonymous said...

If Bob Thiel wrote his books for members of the one true church, who alone possess the understanding revealed after 1,900 years to god's one and only end-time apostle and elijiah, (and now his one and only end-time prophet, Bob Thiel) while being hid in plain sight by god from everyone else, i.e. all the other worldly pagans, then simple economics dictates that Bob Thiel expects to lose money by publishing his books.

ERGO, Bob Thiel writes his books for one true church members and all the other worldly pagans alike.

Too bad the worldly pagans will not be able to appreciate the god-given genius of Bob Thiel due to the fact god will not open their minds to be able to understand the blinding radiance of his intellect. But it's okay for Bob to make money off of them anyway, even though god will prevent them from getting their money's worth.

Anonymous said...

This last week all the newspapers are full of the usual "experts" on everything telling us the inside scoop on the new pope. The "experts" know everything of course. But I best most of them never heard of this guy until he was elected pope. Bob is just another "expert" in his own mind. He has to comment on everything. All the COGs and all the papers will have something on this guy even if they have nobody on their staff who know squat about him.

Plasma Dude.

Anonymous said...

Readers expect to open any paper and learn about the new pope. COG members expect their church to tell them what's up with the new pope. So the papers and churches will tell them even if they don't really know and don't have anything of substance to say. But they can't admit they really know jack, or people would stop buying their papers and going to their churches. They are expected to pontificate on the pope, and they are happy to do so. Otherwise people would go read what some other paper or church says, or God forbid, come to a blog like this.

Plasma Dude.

Anonymous said...

Journalism is knowing enough to be dangerous. It's all about knowing just enough to look like you know something. It's knowing just a bit more then the audience because you found out the hour before or because you're reading it off your teleprompter. The COGs are in the business of prophecy Journalism.

Plasma Dude.

Velvet said...

"Were they right or wrong? They were probably right."

The bitter Baptists on Shadows of WCG who turned me into a pretty bitter atheist (I was a fairly equitable agnostic, before I encountered Jeff Miller and his merry band of minions) had me convinced of this as well. The more you dig into it, however, the less reliable it gets.

For instance, "the court documents" that are often referred to are NOT affidavits confirming the allegations in any way; they're documents from ONE side of what was, by all accounts, an acrimonious divorce.

The only "newspaper" source of the allegations turns out to be a wholly untrustworthy tabloid newspaper.

Add to this the fact that Robinson's "evidence" (in Tangled Web) has only been "confirmed" by fifth-hand hearsay...and that's as close as you can get.

Really, the more you try to unravel it, the more obvious it is, there's not a clear answer either convicting or acquitting the man. Who is, let us not forget, dead.

Velvet said...

"It eventually dawned on me that all that money saved by essentially cutting WCOG members off from their families"

I know this was practiced in the '60s and '70s and my father did this for purely non-religious reasons (he wanted to isolate my mother from any support systems--he cut her off from her friends as well--note, my mother was not in the Church at that point, although she had been baptized initially), but in the Victoria congregation when I was growing up, my friends regularly took trips to see their non-member grandparents/extended family, and extended family members were regular visitors at their houses/etc.

Which is why I personally find Flurry's isolationist tendencies so freaky, and not at all like the Church I knew, growing up in western Canada in the '70s and '80s.

Anonymous said...

Regarding incest:

What about the letter, alleged to be by GTA, in which he sidestepped the incest question without actually denying it? Isn't that tantamount to an admission?

Velvet said...

"What about the letter, alleged to be by GTA"

"alleged to be" = still not concrete enough to convince EITHER for guilt or innocence, IMO.

Let us also not forget which side of the acrimony Garner Ted was on, in the family...he very much DID have an agenda to take over the Church, when his father first became ill, in the 1970s.

The final point I would like to make is, for all the unproven (and now wholly unprovable, at least until the resurrections) allegations that get thrown around...Garner Ted has been caught ON VIDEO engaging in his own perverse acts.

I recall quite clearly the Church saying that our accusers often were guilty of the very things they charged us with. Wouldn't surprise me if GTA was the same.

Take all this with a grain of salt, however, as I grew up in an era where Garner Ted was pretty much universally reviled as having tried to destroy the Church, and being cast into the outer darkness for it. I personally don't consider any Church literature written by GTA to be valid, or of any sound doctrinal worth, whatsoever. His fruits speak for themselves. Volubly.

Leonardo said...

Velvet, if you might allow me to humbly remind you that HWA never ONCE denied this allegation, either publicly or privately. Quite out of character for someone of his rather bombastic and blustery nature, don't you think?

The continuing incidents with Dorothy (which took place over a period of roughly 10 years) were quite well-known about, and kept under careful lock & key, within the wider Armstrong family, for obvious reasons.

I once worked up the courage to directly ask a long-time and very well-known WCG evangelist, who was quite close to HWA, about this particular issue. I respected this man's honesty, and knew him well enough on a personal level to expect a direct answer. He hung his head and answered, "Yes, it appears to have happened - though it's not something I find constructive to focus upon nor talk about."

And so I never said anything further.

For many years I didn't want to believe it either, as at one time I was among the most hard-core and staunchest of HWA's supporters. But I had to face the reality that I could only hide my head in the sand for just so long on this and many other similar issues in order to retain my sanity.

As I've pointed out many times before, the overall dysfunctional culture of the COG subtly encourages a great amount of denial amongst it's membership. The resulting cognitive dissonance is rampant. And personally, I suspect this is a major cause of the widespread yet often undiagnosed and untreated mental illness that is very clearly apparent in the wider COG community.

Like the evangelist I referred to above, I too don't talk about HWA's various "issues" often. He is now dead. And besides, I'm all too aware of my own private sins and shortcomings that I would be mortified to have others know about or speak of publically.

But sometimes we have to face ugly realities in life, and this is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Leonardo the supercilious piece of shit has spoken.

Leonardo said...

Hey, welcome back, Grunt Boy! Wow, an 8-worder this time. Thanks for your highly relevant, insightful and wonderful contribution this time around. You just always write things truly worth reading.

"Speech is the truest index of the mind."