Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heretic Church of God Groups Kept Passover On Wrong Night

Those Church of God members who celebrated "Passover" last night, Monday, were only celebrating a bastardized "passover" that was not legitimate in God's sight.

There is only ONE group of Church of God members out there that will be keeping the "Passover" on it's correct night, Tuesday at sundown.

This also means that the apostates in ALL the COG's are also keeping the Days of Unleavened Bread on the wrong days.  Damnable heretics!

Those that kept the "Passover" with the various COG's did not keep it with "like minds" and therefore are guilty of rejecting Jesus Christ.

The key to your comment is: “Like Mind” It is pointless to associate with those who are NOT of like mind with Christ and the Father. We must NOT let “church” become our God and attend to be associated with like minded men, who are not like minded with Christ: WE MUST BE LIKE-MINDED WITH CHRIST AND THE FATHER. James

Those truly enlightened to God's word and who are diligent law keepers know that there is only one group who keeps the correct days.  That is apostle Malm's group.

The apostle writes:

Passover is observed AFTER sunset this Tuesday March 26th evening.  Passover day is Wednesday March 27th.


Anonymous said...

Once again, the apostle is sadly mistaken: Passover is observed BEFORE sunset(Twilight) this Tuesday evening March 26th(Nisan 14), then the Feast of Unleavened Bread begins AFTER sunset (Nisan 15).

Anonymous said...

Any night is going to be the wrong night for someone.

And that someone would be me!

NO2RCM said...

Malm is all about gaining a following for himself by splitting off people from the other COGs. He is quite good at using time-tested manipulative techniques.

1) Tell people that if they follow him, they are the elite of the elite, above all the riff-raff in the regular COGs. After all, you read the KJV, not some dumbed-down modern version. You know the truth about the calendar, no one else does.
2) Harshly criticize all other group leaders and the people who allegedly blindly follow them. Malm will tell you what you want to hear, never mind if there aren't any facts to back it up. You want to hear about UCG's apostasy? Follow Malm. You want insight to see LCG's demise? Follow Malm. You want to see that COGWA isn't all purity and light? Follow Malm.
2) Proclaim the end is very, very near, and "if you want to know what is happening, follow me and I'll tell you. I have special insight, but only those truly led by God can see that. And, you don't have time to dilly-dally. You must follow me now or be left behind!"
3) Proclaim doctrines that are different. HWA used this beautifully to carve out a chunk of traditional Christianity. Malm is trying to subdivide that group with same technique. Again, never mind if the doctrines are Biblical or not. Once you appeal to people's ego, you can pull just about anything. As we know, just about anyone can prove just about anything by twisting the Bible, and Malm is an expert at it.

Anonymous said...

Sillyness. Malm is busy telling people that HE is the only person on the face of the whole earth who is "like minded with christ and the father." And if you want to be also, then you must get on Malm's page.

"Harshly criticize all other group leaders and the people who allegedly blindly follow them."
Malm wants them all to blindly follow him instead.

Leonardo said...

NO2RCM, you're right. But Malm isn't the only one trying to "tithe harvest" disgruntled members away from other COG's using the "we are the elite of the elite" strategy. Isn't there some kind of wacky yet secretive group who call themselves "Gideon's 300" or some such thing who have arisen within COGWA, but not in agreement with it? I've heard they have some kind of connection with Malm now, or perhaps I'm mistaken.

Who is this lunatic Malm anyway? What's his background? He comes across as more of a rank amateur than even Bob Thiel does. I know he's a terribly poor writer. Occasionally I've read some of his dreadfully unbalanced observations and pronouncements (mostly on this site) and he seems like such a fanatical ultra-Pharisee zealot who insists that members can't eat out on the Sabbath, that matzos be made from a certain list of ingredients, etc.

And from what I can tell isn't there now THREE different dates within COGdom for the "proper" Passover to begin? This gets so confusing after awhile! But I guess the groups have to have some kind of excuse to keep splitting into smaller, less effective yet evermore elite COGlets. Their ardent passion to "outrighteous" each other is leading them to extinction. They are textbook case studies of the law of unintended consequences in action.

Anonymous said...

Endeavoring to harmonize the topic of Passover and Jesus death in the Gospels is impossible. The reason, different authors understood the story differently and did not match each other. It is unresolvable as long as one insists on Biblical inerrancy

Anonymous said...

The new law requires you to keep perpetual sabbath, and you, because you are idle for one day, suppose you are pious, not discerning why this has been commanded you: and if you eat unleavened bread, you say the will of God has been fulfilled. The Lord our God does not take pleasure in such observances.
-St. Justin, Dialog with Trypho 12

In other words, Christians realize such actions as eating unleavened bread alone does not please God, and may in fact displease Him if done with a misguided heart. Christians need to remember the reason for the observances and live them out spiritually and in the heart, mind and soul daily rather than as a form of celebration as part of some schedule. Many early Christian leaders constantly were calling us to lay aside our old ways as with old leaven and start anew, in a metaphorical sense. We are not called to remain unleavened (i.e., weak, inactive) but to take up new and godly activities with others, such as spreading he Good News of the Gospel.

Lay aside, therefore, the evil, the old, the sour leaven, and be ye changed into the new leaven, which is Jesus Christ.
-St. Ignatius, Magnesians 10

The Epistle of Ignatius to the Magnesians is very clear on this; beware of Judaizing.

We should follow the new way of Christ and the likes of Apostle Paul instead. Whether we do it in preference or addition to the old ways of the Jews and the Mosaic Law is up to each individual. In the end it doesn’t matter as our loving God will reward all who worship Him and go through Jesus Christ despite our imperfections. The new covenant overrides to the old. The law of faith and grace overrides the Mosaic Law of works.

Leonardo said...

Interesting how everybody and his brother claims to know the mind of God - the only problem is that no two people can seem to agree! This seems especially true of Bible-thumpers, as each and every reader seems to have a slightly different interpretation as to what particular passages actually mean in practice. Amazing.

Ignatius - isn't that the guy who said if he saw a ball that was obviously white, and God told him it was black, then he'd be completely willing to abandon the direct evidence of his senses for God's pronouncement?

Douglas Becker said...

Have we all ended up in a Franz Kafka novel?

Pam Dewey said...

I was surprised to discover this morning that the Jehovah's Witnesses are keeping the same date as Malm this year, rather than lining up with the traditional Jewish calendar. (I'm pretty sure that at some time in the past they used the Jewish one, but at some point must have gone with what they do now, Nisan 1 is the first observable new moon closest to the spring equinox.) And thus their "Lord's Evening Meal" memorial which they schedule for the beginning of Nisan 14 will be today (Tuesday) in the evening. A JW came to my door with a flyer about 10 AM this morning inviting me. They USED to be paranoid about anyone but members or extremely serious potential members attending, or even knowing about where the observance--considered their holiest event of the year-- would be held. But I looked it up on the Net this morning and discovered they changed this policy several years back. And in particular this year, it looks like they are attempting to practically "invite the whole world" to come, with a BIG door to door push.

Of course, they bring out bread and wine for this event, but virtually no one in attendance actually TAKES any of it, including life-long members. It's only for a special "class" of JWs, those of the 144,000, who have the "Heavenly Hope." (They go to heaven and reign with Christ in spirit bodies FROM THERE forever and ever.) Everybody else is just slated to be a second class eternal citizen (with a body of flesh that doesn't decay...) of the earthly kingdom coming.

And for a long time, this meant that only people who were part of the Watchtower group when "the beginning of the End" came in 1914 were eligible for that Heavenly Hope... and thus eligible to actually have some of the "emblems" at the Meal.

As the years went by and the group of those who'd been around in 1914 got smaller and smaller, everyone else just took the trays and passed them on down the row. (This vast majority are said to thus be "respectful observers" rather than "partakers." ) I think a few of those Special People were believed to have fallen away and thus their "slot" in the 144,000 became available for somebody younger. So in later years sometimes a newbie would declare himself "one of those with the Heavenly Hope."

When the guy came to my door with my invite this morning, I was sorely tempted to tell him I'd be interested in coming, but he needed to know that I had the Heavenly Hope and would expect to be served the "emblems" ... and ask if that would be a problem. I assume if I said that to him he would have turned a whiter shade of pale and stumbled over himself getting off my porch. :-)

As you can see, the COGs have NO corner on the weirdness market. They've just had their own idiosyncratic brand of it.

Velvet said...


Velvet said...

"Endeavoring to harmonize the topic of Passover and Jesus death in the Gospels is impossible. The reason, different authors understood the story differently and did not match each other. It is unresolvable as long as one insists on Biblical inerrancy."

Insisting on Biblical inerrancy = otherwise known as biblioatry (idolatry).

Velvet said...

"Ignatius to the Magnesians"

Very good, Anon, your trolling quality has improved immeasurably, I must say. Good to see you have a teachable heart!

Seriously, dude. What's next, "the epistle of Peptus to the Bismuthians" ??

Velvet said...

"I assume if I said that to him he would have turned a whiter shade of pale and stumbled over himself getting off my porch."

Y'know, I have yet to catch the SDAs who stuff their flyers in my doorjamb, in the unwholesome act; I pity them, if that day actually arrives. :-)

Anonymous said...

For years, Malm has promised to do YouTube videos. If he ever comes through with his declaration, I shall call it 'Malm Time--with milk duds and popcorn'.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the ghost of Passovers future. It is now 2023, and I'm so sad that Mr. Flurry is no longer with us, and that PCG has splintered. I'm reading so many things about our beloved PCG from bitter people on the internet. It's so heartbreaking, because none of the bad stuff people are saying EVER happened in our PCG congregation. I think they are probably either exagerating or Satan is making them lie! That's what happens to people when they leave God's church.

Rolando Pondolphian said...

The majority of the church kept the passover bread and wine on Sunday night and last night, Monday, was the night to be much observed.
Today, Tuesday was the first holy day.

Leonardo said...

Pam wrote: "As you can see, the COGs have NO corner on the weirdness market. They've just had their own idiosyncratic brand of it."

I think most folks here would agree with you 100%. I certainly do. It's just that I never got involved with other varieties of weirdness like I did with the WCG. Being raised in the Mid West as opposed to Berkeley or San Francisco probably had something to do with this I would imagine. Later I found out that a number of WCG members had a long line of past connections with all sorts of odd gurus, Esalen, Transcendental Meditation, 28th Street Fire Baptized Pentecostals for Christ and other assorted bizarre views of reality. It seems to me many people see religious experience as little more than sampling various forms of entertainment, just to see what kind of a rush it provides them.

And in my naivety I just always assumed people were only interested in discovering what is ultimately true and certain! But I now realize that folks bring all sorts of motivations into their religious dabblings.

Anonymous said...

Today, Tuesday was Preparation day. The Son of God died on Preparation day, the 14th of Nisan, which is Passover.

Anonymous said...

The majority of the Church takes the Passover on the night when the Son of Man was betrayed.

Synagogues of Satan, I would say.

Anonymous said...

James D. Malm rebelled against Herbert W. Armstrong and left the Worldwide Church of God in 1985.

Trying to think for themselves has not worked out well at all for either James Malm or his ex-wife. His wife got into that sacred names nonsense and divorced him, and James got into calendar confusion.

Dean said...

Rolando said: "...Monday was the night to be much observed..."

That's another HWA tradition I never saw Biblical evidence for! If there ever was a NTBMO it'd be the night Christ was betrayed i.e. Passover or Lord's Supper NOT the next night when He was already dead and buried! Duh! And isn't this NTBMO tradition based on a single verse in Exodus 12 (and a very ambiguous verse at that!) in which the context of the entire chapter is the night of the Passover NOT some other night?

Anonymous said...

Get your astronomy and math wrong and you are out of the Kingdom of God. The God of the COGs is one tough SOB.

Plasma Dude.

Anonymous said...

Like Leo'tard said:

"blah, blah, blah [snooze ....]"

Velvet said...

"Trying to think for themselves has not worked out well at all for either James Malm or his ex-wife. His wife got into that sacred names nonsense and divorced him, and James got into calendar confusion."

I think that accurately sums up most of the smaller splinter groups, Anon. Just pick up any copy of The Journal!

Leonardo said...

Hey Plasma Dude/Anonymous 7:01(?) - back again I see with the brainless tweets! Only it seems now that you have to wait a few days to work up the synapses in your brain in order to contribute the typical relevant statements and penetrating analysis we've all come to expect from you. And that last tweet! Astonishing!! You were able this time to type an entire SEVEN WORDS of profundity before your mind lost interest and fell asleep again. Amazing! You are definitely making progress.