Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bob Thiel Thinks Pack Has Named Him As One of the Three COG Leaders To Die

Bob Thiel, the non-ordained self-appointed leader of the Continuing Ed Church of God thinks soooooooooooooooooo highly himself and his huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge ministry that Dave Pack has surely named him as one of the three COG leaders that will die before August 31, 2013.

I can almost guarantee that Dave Pack is not considering Thiel as one of these leaders.  If Thiel were to die, who will jump ship to Dave?  15 people in Arroyo Grande and a few hundred around the world?  That minuscule number of people will NOT be bringing in huge amounts of money, so this essential puts Thiel outside the boundary of The Three. 

Thiel's so called ministry is at the bottom of the totem pole in regards to the 700 splinter groups. A few hundred members and a crappy video program does not constitute a worldwide ministry.  He has not been able to draw in any non-COG folk into his mini group.  No one cares.

Although I have not listened to David Pack’s recent sermons (and more details are in the post RCG’s David Pack declares that ‘three shepherds’ will die on August 30, 2013. Is Bob Thiel one of them?), the above seems consistent with certain statements that he has posted.

The 24th of Elul is August 30, 2013.  If I, Bob Thiel, am actually one of the three that are supposed to die, and I am supposed to die with the other two, this is even more extreme delusion on the part of David Pack.

When I learned about this, I thought I had a pretty good idea who the three might be (and conveyed that to another COG group that had interest). According to the same source that provided me the transcript, supposedly I (Bob Thiel) may be one of the three shepherds that David Pack 100% believes will die by the end of August 2013. However, as David Pack did not clearly state that in a source I have been able to verify, he, presuming I remain alive which I will be, will likely deny he was referring to me as one of the three.

If David Pack is 100% certain then I challenge him to publicly so state. I am 100% certain that I am not going to die then and hopefully this will prove to RCG supporters that he is wrong about this and many other matters. Even if I am not one of the three (and my writing this may get him to make another disparaging comment or two about me), does David Pack have the courage to name names this close to his August 30th date?


Byker Bob said...

The only factor Thiel could be basing this on would be his exaggerated opinion of his own future potential. The funny thing is, it is the self-promoting ACOG guys with the big egos who end up attracting all of the attention, and becoming financially successful (at the expense of their victims!). Oddly, it seemingly doesn't matter when they have totally unlikeable personalities. Armstrongism is the only religion on earth where arrogance and cruel abuse of authority are considered to be fruits of their anthropomorphic version of the Holy Spirit.


Former RCG said...

I am guessing Pack is talking about 3 large "splinter" leaders. This would include Meredith, Flurry, & Franks (I think he is still over COGWA). Thiel is a joke...he's not even a minister.

Anonymous said...

Boob Thiel is the last person anyone thinks of when the subject of "COG leaders" comes up.

In fact, to consider him as a COG "leader" would be extremely generous, if not extremely delusional.

Douglas Becker said...

Oh, the hubris!

And there's a mental disorder for that!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dr. Thiel you nut. Out of 3, you make up only
.0074586735437586967533637 % of the worthy of death from the Packatollah Joshomeaneee

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Bob Thiel said, "I am 100% certain that I am not going to die then and hopefully this will prove to RCG supporters that he is wrong about this and many other matters".

MY COMMENT - I don't see how anyone can say with 100% certainty that they aren't going to die within a certain period of time. Maybe 98% certainty, but not a 100%certainty.

My brother passed away last month. It was sudden and very unexpected. I could have said the same thing about my brother with 100% certainty a day before he passed away - AND, BE COMPLETELY WRONG!

The reality is we don't always know when the end of our days will be. To say with 100% certainty that he won't pass away is both rather arrogant and ignorant. Of course, if Thiel were to pass away unexpected, it wouldn't be because of anything Dave Pack said.


Anonymous said...

Thiel can't die, he has a new book coming out in 2015, nor can the Tribulation begin until he's good and ready.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear of your brother's unexpected passing.

My family members and I expect our father to pass away soon. He's in a bad way physically and mentally.
He was a staunch armstrongist, but with his advanced Alzheimer's, he's even been liking Christmas again the last few years!

So, us kids have sent him Christmas presents and even a Santa cap to wear!

Anonymous said...

Thiel: "I am 100% certain that I am not going to die then"

James 4: 14 Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. 15 Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.” 16 As it is, you boast in your arrogant schemes. All such boasting is evil.

Thiel thinks he is so important to his god that his god can't possibly let him die. Instead, the book Thiel claims to follow calls him evil.

Anonymous said...

Bob can't die. He has to pull down his barns and build bigger ones for his globe girdling work.

Gee...we pagans here on Banned know more about what the Bible says than Bob...lol

Joe Moeller said...

Thiel cannot claim hundreds.

Remember, a lot of international COG folks, like in Africa , India etc. will claim membership in MULTIPLE groups so as to get aid from several different COGS.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"Thiel cannot claim hundreds.
Remember, a lot of international COG folks, like in Africa , India etc. will claim membership in MULTIPLE groups so as to get aid from several different COGS."

That's right. The WCG's splinters would all be more honest if they put a "who knows?" asterisk after their numbers for members residing in the continent of Africa when bragging about their membership volume and 'growth'.

One hand washes the other, though. The supposed members get a little assistance from the "Church", and the "Church" gets numbers and 'growth' to brag about.

And, it's funny how such stupidity can come back to bite a Herb-splinter in the ass! - It was merely the UCG's "bovine benevolence" in Zimbabwe that ultimately caused half of it's ministers worldwide(no pun intended) to leave for greener pastures, LOL!