Saturday, July 6, 2013

Davey Pack Declares He Is Ready To Give Absolution To Wayward COG Members When They Return To His "True" Fold

Davey has it in for the men in charge of the various splinter groups.  While it may revolve around what some of  them teach, it runs far deeper.  Davey is still incensed that church members are giving their money to these groups.  He hates that with a passion.  Every single letter he writes has to have this pointing it.  that money belongs to Davey and he cannot understand why no one else in the various COG's understand that.

On top of all this, brethren foolishly sent tithes to God’s enemies who were teaching them “damnable heresies.” The men leading PCG, LCG, UCG and COGwa are God’s ENEMIES! (You have actually read this in these announcements from Mr. Armstrong’s own pen.) God’s people assumed they were following faithful leaders when these men were in fact “evil men and seducers” who were growing “worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived” (II Tim. 3:13). Also weak and confused themselves, many ministers have been participants with false leaders over the groups. God must deal with these leaders—and you will see in a few weeks how prophecy reveals He will! For now, you at least know how soon this will happen.

Davey's god is so pissed off with the COG's that he has deliberately left them in a state of turmoil.  No one in the splinter groups has listened to Davey or his god.  That has ticked Davey off big time.

Davey's god though is ready to bring back the wayward apostates in the COG's into the loving arms of St Dave who will forgive them of the adultery, lying, stealing and Sabbath breaking they are all guilty of.
God left His people in this terrible condition so they would “learn from affliction” (Psa. 119:67, 71). Much like the prodigal son, who blew everything before he woke up, God’s people had to learn bitter lessons and repent from their wrong conduct and false beliefs. They had to “consider their ways.” Only then could they return to God’s Church. (I have written an entire announcement outlining the meaning of “consider your ways,” along with how to do it.) God has been trying to get the attention of brethren in the splinters about their condition by sending desolation upon them. It has not worked, and Haggai shows that God knew it would not. Although He has not yet been working with large numbers in these “houses” of men, He soon will through His Spirit. As a loving shepherd, God will regather the non-resistant part of His flock back to His Church, REINSTATING THEM, just as any good local pastor would do with one who was disfellowshipped for adultery, lying, stealing tithes, Sabbath breaking, etc.


Douglas Becker said...

But who's going to give Davey Absolution for his unpardonable sins?

Acts 12:22-23

Joe Moeller said...

I the EXALTED and MOST HIGH Joe Moeller...

with righteous claim to the following titles as Duke and Prefect of Cody....

The Unconquered Spider of the Virtuous Forest,
The Gauntlet of Glorious Glorifying,
The Excellent Jade Father
The Undefeated Granite Lion Prince
The Monkey of the Heavenly Heavens
The Wrathful Mind of the Ten Thousandth Sunrise
The Death Finger of the Eighth Rat
The Copper Fist
The Amber Wolf of the Wrathful Diamond
The Virtuous Lord Of The Morning Kissing Exercise
and the Chieftain of General COG Mirth Making...

Do hereby declare that in light of the prophecies of the book of Second Maccabees, in which I am specifically identified...

That the sins and transgressions of one "David C. Pack" are hereby forgiven, and discharged should he resign form his throne, renounce his titles, give away his wealth, shut down his church, and pursue gainful employment as a window cleaner.

Thus saith and declared, this 6th of July, 2013.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

Wonderful. Just wonderful! The Nazi is willing to give absolution to the Jew if he returns to Dachau.

One of the signs that WCG was God's true church, according to Herbert W. Armstrong, was that anyone who left or became disfellowshipped automatically became incredibly bitter, and angry. Now, reality is that HWA and his church required so many sacrifices, so much modified behavior, and a lifestyle of balancing fear of the Germans against fear of the WCG ministry, giving up and often shunning one's natural family, and often the sacrifice of one's education and career, that when one discovered that this was all extracted under very false pretenses, that these charlatans were not who they said they were, of course people became angry.

It is becoming apparent that Pack's target audience is not the enlightened ones, those who see him and other wolves for what and who they really are. It is the ones who continued to keep the doctrines preached by HWA as best they could, only as a possibly conflicted member of a non-RCG group, or as an unchurched spiritually homeless "lone ranger" type, observant in the privacy of one's home.

1). Does such a group even exist? If so, how large is it?

2). It is impossible for humans to remain static. People cannot "unlearn" the many things they have learned and experienced in their quests for explanations over the past 15+ years.

3). Independents who are not restricted from having a voice on the internet cesspool (Pack's terms) have often shared that they believe in the doctrines, but can never again share in the mentality that they must check their brains at the door, or allow unChristlike cruel and intrusive man made authority into their relationship with God. What can Pack possibly offer this part of his target audience?

4). Pack is going to set off a horribly confusing war throughout the ACOGs, the likes of which we've not yet seen. Others who have taught that God has selected them as His earthly agents are going to go into extreme defense mode, pulling out all stops to defend their people from what they see as a vicious wolf. Even if the actuarial tables catch up with some of these leaders, their seconds and thirds will rush to defend and preserve.

5). Pack's track record and reputation as a shepherd will severely work against him. There are those who will automatically conclude that there is no way God would choose and use such an ego-filled despotic individual to preside over and and orchestrate a reunification. They would be looking for a loving and Christlike individual that God could work through to do this.

Of course this is all bogus anyway, because the entire discussion is hypothetical, and based on Pack's false premise that HWA was God's endtime apostle, and that he restored true religion throughout his life. Problem is, Pack may be able to devour a certain percentage of those who also blindly believe those two things of HWA.


Byker Bob said...

There's another thing, too, folks. Pack's own people did an on site investigation of Petra, and seemed to conclude that it was no longer some desolate, unknown, forsaken area of the desert. It is not only known, but is also studied, and some development has taken place in the days since Loma read National Geographic.

Clearly, this is not going to be the site where the ACOGs are supernaturally reunited, their leaders left to duke it out amongst themselves. Time has not weighed in on their side, the window having apparently already closed. Not having their place of safety automatically removes their role as gatekeepers for this place of safety, a role created by and exploited by HWA in his evangelistic efforts.

Still, if the mitochondrial DNA didn't kill off their British Israelism, it's doubtful that they'll be willing to give up their Petra fantasy.


Head Usher said...

And when September 1 rolls around and none of his supposed prophecies have come to pass, where will Davey Joshua Christ Pack be? An even bigger laughingstock than he already is? Another Ron Weinland? Another Harold Camping?

Assistant Coffee Maker said...

"God must deal with these leaders..." = God will kill the worst of these leaders before Aug 30 this year prompting the mass influx of members into RCG.

Anonymous said...

I can't see myself taking correction from him on Sabbath keeping......

David C. Pack