Friday, July 19, 2013

Davey Pack: Do NOT Miss My Next Two Articles!!!!!!!!!!!! Unexpected Miraculous Things To Soon Happen

Davey promises that he only has two articles left till the great reunification.  He wants you to pay close attention to these next articles.  They will be filled with "shocking" scenarios of "climatic" events to soon happen.

Finally, do NOT miss the final two Friday announcements! I will cover many other scriptures related to the Haggai prophecy that I have only broadly referenced up to now (most not at all). They clarify some central parts of the prophecy that have not yet even been touched upon. They include serious—and shocking!—climactic events within God’s plan to successfully reinstate thousands to His Church. God must GET THE ATTENTION of people who are largely now not paying attention—brethren who think they have no reason to pay attention. Surely by now, if you have been reading regularly, you realize that things miraculous are scheduled to occur. But what they are remain completely unexpected. There is SOBERING news inside the GOOD news of God’s awesome purpose for His people in the immediate days ahead.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious Dave knows what the whole "announcement" is and is playing games with people. He could just tell the whole story and promote it, but his tendency to "never quite ever to have this information explained quite like I am going to eventually as I play my games before" crap is once again evident.

Dave loves the drama and the mystery of it all. I still think the man has bills to pay and the sun finally dawned on him that you can only ask the locals to send it all in ONCE. After that...there ain't no more to send.

As noted elsewhere, I think the man realizes or it has come in some way already that his 35 brain sucking admissions to get past the gate would harm his plans more than help them. Dave can't stand for everyone to know his power and authority, which is why he made it public. The problem is once you see the power and authority he takes to himself , no one wants anything to do with him.

It's an enigma wrapped in baloney with cheese....

mruscan said...

Hey, is that supposed to be God spanking Satan!

God looks like Jerry Garcia.

I would love to see Jerry beat the snot out of Davey.

That would be soooo awesome man.

Head Usher said...

The more specific the picture Davey paints of what things are going to be like after the miraculous events leading up to August 31, the more likely I would think people would be to walk when NOTHING he's claimed will happen, actually does happen. I would think he's shooting himself in the foot with these Friday Fireside Chats. OTOH, the credulity of some people knows no bounds, and maybe he's already winnowed his group down to just the essential core of stupidity already. Under any circumstances, it is going to be entertaining watching Davey "spiiiiritualize" away the contents of these Friday pronouncements in just a little under six weeks.

Douglas Becker said...

We have no reason to pay attention.

Byker Bob said...

Ah, now Davey is beginning to get some further education from his Friday evening reading here! Up until mrrussian posted what he did above, Davey probably never even heard of Jerry Garcia! The resemblance is most definitely there, though.

Folks, I think what has happened to Davey, is that soon after he had his ribbon cutting ceremony for his new building complex, he was power walking through the park in Wadsworth listening to an old Gerald Waterhouse sermon on his ipod, and one of his bankers suddenly came up behind him and gave him the Melvins! It cut off the blood supply to his brain, and that led to one of those rare Eureka moments in life, one that changed everything. That's about as good an explanation for what we've been watching unfold as any that I've seen. To quote the Dead, "All a friend can do is say 'ain't it a shame?'"


Anonymous said...

I think his 2009 Clarion call to go for broke and pull big triggers as he said, coincided with his "understanding" of him being Joshua of Haggai "4 years ago". God must have told him to sit on that one. It's probably taken four years to put some distance between that gave it all time and a restart of big ideas. I also think his "strange ideas" sermon warning the brethren about him going off the deep end was around this time and reflected his caution.

Only one of his agreers disagreed with both the massive building program for the soon coming Jesus work and the idea of Joshua and that agreer got a blast from DCP and fired. Other than that, the agreers agreed 100% with everything Dave can come up with.

Well, no more caution. Disaster ahead.

DennisCDiehl said...

BB said:
People wonder what was so important and remarkable about Dave Pack that he would also feel compelled to write an autobiography.... it would seem a logical conclusion that Pack, who has enjoyed an almost universally negative reputation, except in his own mind, saw a need to humanize himself, attempting to break through his ministry's major glass ceiling."

Bingo...BB Excellent observation. I have known Dave since he was 20 years old and having been around him as a pastor and also as him being pastor to the church my 30+ relatives attended , few if any had good things to say about his personality and thought processes. He has always been as we see him now. Somewhat of a bully. Filled with himself. Unable to think outside very small boxes that he creates for himself and his churches and transferred time and time again to get him out of an area that had come to hate him. It was rare for a man to be assigned to another minister to be given time to get his act together or else, but that was what happened to Dave in NYC. He tells it differently and never never never acknowledges that he has always been a big problem.

He simply does not get it. He may thrive on the drama or he may be a hurt little boy underneath that wants payback time. I don't know. Your observations about why he many have needed an autobio are spot on IMO. He may have needed it for him. No one with such a small following or a church pastor type need bother with such a thing in the real world.

Anonymous said...

zealots spend way too much time imagining what is probably not about to happen or soon to happen than what is acually happening


Douglas Becker said...

This is something you should try as I have been attempting to do:

Avoid all narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, nutjobs and cons.

This is difficult but the rewards are worth it and there is a huge ROI.

However, it is also therapeutic to mock from the sidelines: It intensifies sanity by contrasting reality with the distorted perceptions of the dysfunctional.

Anonymous said...

Why, if Dave Pack was a problem in all the churches that he pastored, did the church just let him go?

Anonymous said...


You must have known Davey about the time his training for the '68 Olympics came to an end. It consisted of him swimming on his high school team. Apparently he was getting some interest from a few colleges (at least in Pack's account) but chose Ambassador college in the end.

I just get a kick whenever I see that blurb that he was a great swimmer and "trained for the Olympics". That should tell you all you need to know about his ego.

Byker Bob said...


There are simply too many of those people. That would be like attempting to get rid of all of the "unclean" ingredients from one's groceries. Best advice I could give would be that people pick out the worst narcissist, the worst sociopath, the most negatively influential one in their lives, and flush him from the bathrooms of their heart. For some people we know, that's going too be every bit as intense a project as addiction recovery! But, there will be awesome R.O.I.


Anonymous said...

Wonder how weired out RCG members are with all the new HD security cameras that Pack installed to observe every inch of his campus? They are, no doubt, directly linked to the NSA.

Just think, Pack (like Flurry) can now archive all work/fellowshipping, and visitor footage for the record.

Anonymous said...

007 Christian

No meant for disrespect, but why do Mr. Dave Pack keeps on saying that the RCG's maximum suspension of members is 6 weeks? They suspended a family in Asia for 9 months for missing the Feast of Tabernacles. Does he know what his regional ministers are doing? Sad, sad.