Friday, July 12, 2013

Davey Pack: Every Single COG Member Outside the RCG Have Been Disfellowhipped By God

 Davey wants to make it clear to every COG members out there, that since you left the WCG to form your own group that his god has disfellowshipped you.  Only the frozen chosen in RCG are in fellowship with God.

Never fear, Davey's god MAY be ready to take you back into the fold.  It all depends on whether you are in a good attitude or not and are willing to be reeducated.

We saw God’s people will soon be reinstated into His Church after having been disfellowshipped for about 20 years. Recall what Mr. Armstrong taught YOU about the status of the disfellowshipped. None of the WCG ministry ever believed that a disfellowshipped person was still a member of the Body of Christ. We all understood and taught that such individuals did have God’s Spirit but were outside His Church. If the person did not eventually return to God’s Church, to be reconnected to the True Vine, he would gradually lose the Spirit of God. God has mercifully reserved thousands until many or most of these would “consider their ways” and be able to be reinstated by the “Great Shepherd and Bishop of their souls” (I Pet. 2:25; Heb. 13:20). God MAY be ready to reinstate YOU—even though you now almost certainly do not believe such reinstatement is necessary. This is about to change.


Anonymous said...

Disfellowshiped? How can they be sure?

How would HWA or Davey Joshua Seepack know what a fictional supernatural comic book character has or has not done? How would they know if "god" was "ready" to "reinstate" anyone after 20 years on the lam? How would they know if a fictional "god's" fictional "holy spirit" had dissipated over 20 years away from his awesomeness or not?

This is all just so much cult mind control tactics designed to (hopefully) put people in other COGs into a compliant and submissive frame of mind. Too bad most COGers aren't even receiving DJCP's mind controlling broadcasts. I think when DJ began his padewan training he was already too old. Go back to the NLP drawing board, DJ!

Joe Moeller said...

PACK Buzz factor at the UCG...

(including around the country via many friends I have)


Not even discussed or gossiped about. At best , a slight sigh of pity and disgust, and even then very rarely.

Pack is not a factor at all amongst the UCG membership or ministry.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY