Friday, July 12, 2013

Davey Pack: I Am Not A KOOK!

Davey does not want anyone to think he is a KOOK because of the kooky things he has written for the last several months.  No Sir!  Davey is NOT a kook!  A jackass maybe, but not a kook!

Always remember that you are not educated enough nor are qualified to understand the mantle I am taking on. Just submit and things will be OK.

Be careful you do not write me off as another “prophecy kook.” I am not a prophet and have never claimed to be. The fruits of my office show it to be different. With the passing of years, most ministers have grown confused about even some of the very biggest points of prophecy. Almost all have grown even worse with the details. Be careful you do not quickly dismiss a complex prophecy, one you are no longer equipped to readily grasp. Just think about how you probably could not even remember that Mr. Armstrong was the Zerubbabel of Haggai and Zechariah 4—never mind WHAT THIS MEANT.
Would someone get Davey some Coco Puffs.....


Byker Bob said...

In the inimitable words of Woodrito Woodpecker from Sunny Mexico, "Poo poo poo Caca!"

I hope everyone can see that the brown smelly stuff is literally dripping out of Dave's ears! Sweet mother of crap, there just aren't words adequate to describe this!

He's got to be putting on a show just for us because rational people are just not attracted to the types of things he is saying.


Capt. Crunch said...

Coca Puffs will never be the same.
Quit comparing Coca Puffs to Pack-ass. Its giving me an idea that my little brown stool shaped pieces of cereal are but tid bits of Dave Packs false prophecies. Its like saying the cereal is BULLSHIT!

Douglas Becker said...

Anyone who bases their religion on British Israelism is a kook.

Anonymous said...

I love Cocoa Puffs.

I love Captain Crunch cereal too.

But these messages from Wadsworth are NOT a part of this complete breakfast!

Anonymous said...

In 10-20 years, there's going to 1,000 plus people kicking themselves that they ever bought into Dave Pack's ludicrous antics. Especially after watching HWA's antics come to nothing. Some people never learn though. Eventually their splinter cults will leave them all high and dry, and then they'll be forced to recognize they've been thoroughly and completely conned.

Anonymous said...

Signs of a wolf:

1. Prideful and arrogant
2. Rude and abrasive
3. Dismissive
4. Unrepentant
5. Refuses correction
6. Seeks to build a following
7. Wants others completely dependent on them
8. Abuses those who follow them
9. Picks a fight and then lets their followers defend them
10. Makes inflammatory remarks about Christians
11. Ridicules anyone who questions them
12. Claims to have a 'new' truth
13. Cleverly twists scripture
14. Reinterprets the Hebrew meaning of words
15. Manipulates others
16. Has to be in control
17. Has to be the center of attention
18. Creates division and chaos, instead of unity and harmony
19. Always points the finger at others who teach instead of themselves
20. Will never admit error