Friday, July 19, 2013

Davey Pack On The Most Important Aspect of the Reunification

Now we get to Davey's most important reason for this!

Davey is moving into the 21st century and open plate offerings are soooooooooooooooooo passe.  Davey will be using electronic transfers for all tithes and offerings.  That way he has immediate access to your money.  No more long delays for checks to clear or credit card companies transfer payment.  It's Davey's money and he want sit NOW!

Finally, all must know where to send tithes and offerings. This must be understood from “day one.” Exact details will be worked out when the time comes, but here are some overall points. For those living in the United States or Canada, an online banking bill pay option is available. Upon reunification, brethren may also contact our Headquarters for wire transfer information. For international brethren, The Restored Church of God has some regional offices around the world. These offices can be used as a hub to receive tithes and offerings—Canada, S. Africa, Nigeria and the United States. At least four other countries are in the process of seeing corporate entities come into existence. Again, additional details regarding electronic wire details and banking information for our regional offices will be made available.

Many of our donors, co-workers and members use various online options (for instance, PayPal), which can be made available in the future to others. It is also common for members to deposit funds directly into the Church’s bank accounts.


Byker Bob said...

Why would it be important in any way for a false church started by a false teacher or prophet to reunify, especially under the leadership of another false teacher or prophet?

Forget them, and all memory of them forever and ever, Amen!


Unknown said...

Suppose a giant of a miracle like the fantastical reunification that Pack is imagining takes place.

Yet, here , Pack is worried about how people will be transferring money to him electronically, or giving tithes and offerings AS A FIRST PRIORITY!

Heck, if Pack was right, (and he most certainly is insane and way off here), I would be planning for MANNAH from heaven if I was him, not how to subsist on more suckers money.

If anyone is "shortening the hand of God" it is Pack.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Would any true old-school Armstrongite embrace electronic money transfers?

Wouldn't they note to Mr. Pack the "cashless society" leads to the mark of the beast?

Anonymous said...

Anon Said: Wouldn't they note to Mr. Pack the "cashless society" leads to the mark of the beast?'

Dave would not question the Mark of the Beast as long as it was his Mark and he was the Beast.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Apparently never heard about "Thou Shalt not covet".

Anonymous said...

Pack, thou shall make a fool of yourself with many words. "The garden of Eden is open for business" was the ending of the article for his ribbon cutting ceremony. I wish you were about the true Father's business instead of your own. Den of robbers!
Having fundraisers every month along with talent shows and dances like the world. His members have no time to seek God above and read the scriptures for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Tithing is unbiblical. God did not tell ANYONE to start a church, OR did He promise to fund anyone's grand ambitions.

Anonymous said...