Friday, July 19, 2013

Davey Pack Warns About "Tares" and "Flatterers" That Will Seek To Join Up And Spy On Him

Davey wants you to know that his HQ staff is working overtime on the reunification.  He also wants you to know that "tares" and "flatterers" will attempt to join up with the reunification just to see what is happening.  He warns the enlightened ones to be on guard for these people.

Second, 96 current staff members (soon to be 102) at our Headquarters, working alongside our worldwide ministry, are readying in every way possible that human beings can to prepare for the remnant to join us. Christ’s continuous help is also powerfully evident in this regard. Realize that we will have our part to do in learning about those who come with us to try to eliminate as many “tares” (Matt. 13:24-30) and “flatterers” (Dan. 11:32-34) as possible. Think of these as people who never belonged in the Worldwide Church of God, do not belong today even in the splinters, and certainly do not belong in God’s Church going forward. While some will choose not to come—generally the “beautiful people” who see loss of position looming—certain others (possibly many) will “follow the crowd” due to the normal human “bandwagon effect.” (Some of these will get in, so say the verses above.)


mruscan said...

Uhhmmmm, maybe if I didn't have a life, I'd join and spy on him. Hell, I'd even give up makeup one day a week just to get some good comedic material to put on the internet. But then, they would probably start raking me over the coals for money. I wouldn't give them one red cent.

Joe Moeller said...


No need to worry on me dude. I will NOT be attending your church, and most CERTAINLY , I will NOT BE FLATTERING YOU!

I am not in the least bit curious about you and your megalomania. I want credit for being upfront with you.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

Paranoia. Hello. Yet another symptom. Hope the people that need to are taking notes! Paranoia is not one of the fruits of the Spirit!


Anonymous said...

Dave Pack is the tallest tare in a worthless field of weeds.

Douglas Becker said...

Hey, Byker Bob, paranoia may not be one of the fruits of the Spirit but it is certainly the first step to sanity with people like Pack.

Maintain your skepticism: The truth is not out there.

But this stuff is out there -- way, way out there.

Sweetblood777 said...

No Douglas, the truth is out there, its that you haven't seen/heard of it yet.