Thursday, July 18, 2013

David Nix: One Truly Crazy Armstrongite Who Claims God Spoke to Him About Hedges and Light Blasts

Here is a former Armstrongite that has went off the deep end.  Sadly, like so many of the false prophets and liars of Armstrongite mythology, this guy was able to dupe a group of followers.

God speaks directly through him and reveals all kinds of important things, like praying hedges around the unconverted and getting blasts of light from God.

Here is what he says about praying down hedges:

· A hedge of thorns prevents and works to lead a lost one home.
· Is the power to hedge up the way and make a wall around someone who leaves the path of the Lord.
· The hedge of thorns is rooted in love and it is the power to change hearts and lives.
· The power of the hedge of thorns is power only available to Christians.
· There are five steps to seeking the power of the hedge of thorns. 1. You must be in right standing and you must walk the clear paths of the Lord, so only one walking in the light has the standing to pray this prayer. 2. The person seeking the Lord to place a hedge of thorns around someone must be connected unto one of the people you pray the hedge for; this will not work on someone who is a stranger. 3. Your request must be rooted in love. 4. The power of the hedge of thorns is that it will change a person’s path and their desires will be frustrated so that they will turn their heart back to the Lord, so you can not bind that which is against the Lord’s will, so you must seek the Lord’s will before seeking the hedge of thorns. 5. The request must be spoken in prayer and must be ongoing; this is not a single prayer but something that you must pray through.
· With this prayer you are seeking God to cause the person to lose their way, their direction so that they will seek God once more.
· Involves relationships, and the person or persons who are influencing the person you are praying for will lose interest.
· The hedge of thorns will not be placed upon Christians who are walking in the light of heaven. You cannot hedge in two people or multiple people who walk in the light of the Lord. Is only unto those who have left the desire of the Lord to walk a path of their own choosing.

Now if that makes absolutely no sense to you, the following is even weireder:

A blast of  light and mercy can only be sent by the Lord God or the Lord Jesus. The blast is their thoughts that are placed within someone and is sent as a light of yearning and it is a desire to believe and to hear.
· God opens a person’s mind to believe that which God desires them to believe. He opens their mind to receive, and in his blast of yearning he can make men believe truth or rumor, and the person will do as God’s blast of yearning desires.
· With his blast of light and mercy God does not remove free choice, but a blast of light opens the mind of men to believe that which he desires them to believe.
· The blast of light and mercy influences both thought and behavior so it is a tool of very great power.
· As with the hedge of thorns, you must be in right standing, "To have us move when you seek a blast of light, you must be righteous,” so we must be people of truth and purity to use the great power of the blast of light and mercy.
There are three steps or requirements for seeking a blast of light and mercy from the Lord. 1. You must be in right standing to even request a blast of light; your words must be pure and your motives must be pure. 2. You must be a person that the Lord delights in, and the Lord delights in the just and upright. 3. You must be pure, and you must only seek a change in someone that is of the light, and your request must be of the Lord’s will. This does not mean that the person you want the blast  · of light to be sent unto has to be of the light, it means that the change you seek must be one of light and of the will of the Lord. This is important, the person that you seek the blast of light to come upon does not have to be a Christian, but the change you seek must be of the light and of the will of the Lord.
· A blast of light will never be sent to lead someone upon a path of evil or to sin.
· Our position in the light affects the power of our prayers, and for the blast of light we must be nigh unto the Lord. "There is great power in prayers that move us, and to send a blast of light and mercy you must be nigh and you must have righteous desires.”
· The blast of light and mercy are to be requested in prayer.
· Whispered words are not the same as a blast of light; evil whispers place thoughts within  but do not affect conduct; all sin is a choice, and a blast affects thought and conduct, and a blast of light never leads to sin.
· A blast is sent by God and will be sent if he desires and will be sent when he desires, but once sent a blast of light and mercy will result in immediate action or action within a short period of time for his blast is great power.
· The blast of light and mercy is of God’s breath and spirit, it is his thoughts placed within men to move them. Job 4:9  "By the blast of God they perish, and by the breath of his nostrils are they consumed.” The word ‘perish’ in this verse means, ‘to wander away, to lose oneself, to be undone.’ His blast influences thought and behavior. The word ‘consumed’ means, ‘to bring to pass, to end, complete, prepare, to accomplish. Therefore this verse can be rendered in this way, "By the blast of God they lose themselves and become undone, and by the breath of his nostrils are they prepared, and his will is accomplished and brought to pass.”
· A blast dries up the root of resolve and causes men to think the desires that the blast of the Lord gives unto them and his blast removes the root. The Lord explained that  the root may be a philosophy, a set course, or location.
· A blast from heavenly light and mercy can cause men to seek a new course and it can literally cause them to move to a new place.
· The purpose of the blast of light and mercy is to cause change in thought and behavior, so this needs to be considered in our prayers.
· We must seek their will. "It is the blast of light and mercy, but it is the blast of my will for I or my Son only send a blast from heaven when what is sought by my people is of our will and desire.”

 Both God and Jesus speak directly to Nix:

"I am the Great and Mighty God above all things, I am before all and I am above all and I speak unto you Meionickie from the place of my most excellent glory. You are called and chosen and unto you I reveal mysteries and the mysteries of heaven shall unfold for much shall be given in the days ahead. You shall come to know great truth and mysteries shall be made known. My blast of light and mercy is great power but my truth must be accepted and obeyed. The hearts of my people are pure but they are as children playing with a sword. I shall give you words tomorrow and Wednesday as shall my Son and you are to go to Woodruff on Wednesday to teach and guide my people. I give you verses to guide you. "

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and most tender shepherd. I bless you this day with words of revealing and words of power. My Father told you that this day and tomorrow you will be blessed with words to better understand the blast of light and mercy. More will be given but before you learn more of the power of our blast of light, you must learn more of our hedge for the hedge and blast of light can be joined. Your mind is open David and you see the three aspects of the hedge but there is actually a fourth purpose that shall be explained unto you. Of this you will speak on our Sabbath day.


Joe Moeller said...

Nix on Nix

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

Know what is really hilarious? Other teachers from the wacky world of Armstrongism would probably insist that they are somehow different from this guy, as if somehow they are actually balanced and to be taken seriously. Like it's perfectly normal to prophesy that your competitive leaders are going to die so that everyone will come to you, or to teach that the end is so close that you should stop having children or sex, or to promote an improbable theory such as British Israelism, or to teach that a miserable example of humanity is a modern day apostle and that everything he said trumps everything that any other man of God has taught forever and ever, etc, etc, etc; the list goes on and on.


Anonymous said...

Can't find anything about this guy. Does anyone know where he is? He was at Blessed John 23rd in Ft Collins but he's nowhere to be found. Also, what is the source that David Nix really stated the above?

Christopher Hunt said...

This is not Father David Nix. I listened to some parts of sermons by the person, and it is definitely not Father Dave.